Week 22 Pregnancy Update

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Is anyone else ready for Autumn?

It has been a HOT week here and it seems more of the same is to come.  August is always hot here, so I’m certainly ready for September and {hopefully} cooler temps!

Take a look at that ticker, would ya!  11 inches!  Baby is nearly a foot long!  So amazing!  I am really getting anxious to meet this little one.  In fact, this past week, I’ve done some early nesting projects.

1.  Working on rearranging our bedroom to accommodate the baby.  In the process, I hung up our BABY sign and the mother and baby sketch by Breezy Brookshire.

Baby sign & sketch from Breezy Tulip Studio

You can read about how we make a special place for baby without a nursery in this post.

2.  Washing up baby clothes, sunning them (because they always end up stained after being stored no matter how clean they were when you put them away!), and going through cloth diapers.

I really pared down my diaper stash this past year (thank you, Vanessa, for helping me sell them!), so I’m looking for a few more to add, plus, make a few of my own just for this baby.  I’ll probably add a couple of Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers (they are my favorite little baby covers) and maybe some Kissaluvs (I used to own a couple of these and loved them!).

The diapers I make will be a cotton print or flannel outer and sherpa or cotton velour inner.  I’ve thought about purchasing the Very Baby pattern, but haven’t quite convinced myself (anyone want to convince me?).

3.  I’ve been canning & preserving like crazy!  Despite the fact my hips lock up regularly while working in the kitchen, I have still managed to do up hundreds of tomatoes and sandhill plums.  Next week, I’ll have a post linking to all the recipes I have used this season!


4.  I’m also trying to declutter the house.  There just seems to be too much stuff in this house!  This week, I’ve gotten rid of 2 large garbage bags of stuff and I’m hoping for more!

I really need to go through our basement, but that feels almost impossible.  We had a flood earlier in the summer and everything was thrown onto pallets in haste.  I’m not sure where anything is and going down there just stresses me out.  Ty and I joke about cleaning it the next time we move…but, frankly, that’s not very funny.

Baby is moving well.  Garin, our 3 year old, loves to feel baby move and talk to baby and tell baby he loves him/her (he waffles between the two genders 😉 ).  I always tell him baby loves him to, and he always asks how I know.  I tell him to put his ear to mommy’s tummy and listen closely.  He thinks that is very funny…which makes his dimples show…which makes his mama smile.

Garin on trampoline in Colorado

(these are photos of Garin on our recent vacation to the mountains –
the trampoline made his hair all crazy)

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13 thoughts on “Week 22 Pregnancy Update

  1. Omg!!! I am counting down the days till Autumn!!!! Lol. I have also been canning a lot this summer. I see you have a whole bunch of tomatoes there! I planted 100 tomato plants this yr in hopes that I would end up with a good bit as well, but they didn’t produce hardly at all this yr! As a matter of fact no one had a good turn out for tomatoes this year. In fact, a man that I know planted a whole bunch of tomato plants and every single one of his plants burned up with it the first two weeks!!!! :O I’ve put away a loooot of watermelon jelly and rind preserves and peaches, pears and apple pie filling. (The apples were not local I just bought quite a few and did it that way.) Anyway, that pregnancy is just marching along!!! :)

  2. I’m so over summer. Well, not the actual ‘lazy days of summer’ part, but definitely over the just stepped into a sauna feeling every time I go outside. I used the Very Baby pattern several times to make cloth diapers. They were nice and went together easily. I was actually just going through all of my sewing supplies and have a ton of fabric and the very baby pattern to try to sell. Diaper making never makes it to the top of my to-do list anymore. :-(

  3. I’m trailing right behind you, at about 19 weeks now.

    I’ve had my first real hip lock, went to use the bathroom middle of the night, and whammo! Couldn’t move, excrutiating pain… fear (b/c DH was travelling and I was alone). I asked the Lord to take it from me so I could lay down and then use the restroom… I managed to “throw” myself back into the bed, and lay very still if awkwardly. So, it did pass. Glad that’s over, hope I don’t have many more.

    I’m seriously lacking motivation and energy. Typically during the second trimester I get some energy back, but I am exhausted. We also had a flood, as soon as we moved into this new house, and had just gotten the kids’ rooms set up nicely, and organized, and had made a good head start on the school room… the boys’ room flooded. We had to empty the room (into the school room!), tear up the carpet, tear out drywall, lay tile, repair the walls, install baseboard and paint. It took almost three months. Three months of disorganization, crowding, and morning sickness. YUCK, not a good way to move into a new house.

    Well, I am getting things back in order, but BOY HOWDY is it slow going with my lack of energy and mental focus. I become confused when I look at the school supplies and plans! LOL… so little by little I am making a dent.

    I wonder what school will be like this year, since I have no motivation, no energy, and no enthusiasm.. I hope the kids don’t notice!!

    Good for you for all that canning and baby prep!! I am trying to figure out where we will put baby for the first few months. I waffle between the living room and the school room. Living room would be nice in the day time, school room at night (though it might be too far to easily hear the baby crying, so that might mean the livingroom wins out.) But if we put baby in the living room, when DH and I want to watch a movie, it will probably keep the baby up. But in the school room we might keep the baby up in the day!

    I can’t decide. I’d love to actually have a mini-nursery like you do, but the most the last three or four babies have gotten is a cradle and room divider. :)

    Keep enjoying life!

    By His grace,

    • It’s not much of a “nursery” – one small wall in our bedroom. There is a sort of nursery attached to our bedroom, but we have all the little boys in there. I don’t think baby would fare well in that room! lol

  4. You’re more than halfway there Amy!!! It sounds like your energy is returning (canning & such…wow!) Hope the last half passes more quickly for you :)
    Your three year old is super cute!
    Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

  5. I am definitely with you on being ready for Autumn! School started in our community today, (though our family won’t start until Sept) so I feel like that means the hot weather should end. I did see the forecast for Saturday is a high of 62, so I’ll take that! I’m 11 weeks pregnant with my 4th and I am ready to be able to wear comfortable clothes like hooded sweatshirts. :)

    I’m so impressed that you were so productive this week! I love your baby room decor. It got me thinking that we should paint our baby’s room. Well, my husband should anyway! :) ha ha

  6. I never thought my energy would come back, but today at 18 weeks, I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m just finishing up canning 17 quarts of tomato sauce and will be making salsa tomorrow. I would try and do it tonight, but after this batch processes it will be 2 am and tomorrow is a long day. I’m sorry about your hip. I feel your pain. I’ve had that problem since number 4. Praying that it doesn’t happen often.

  7. When I was pregnant with my fourth I bought a basic wooden stool that is counter height and it is my lifesaver in the kitchen! Now pregnant with #6 and as the weeks go by I use it more and more. I still need to “shift” quite a bit to keep from getting sore but it is so nice to be able to sit down and still prepare meals. There are some evenings it made the difference between home cooked and ordered in.:)