Week 23 Pregnancy Update

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This past week has felt very busy, but a good busy. Because of the Simplified Organization eCourse, I’ve been steadily working through the difficult areas of our home with my husband and children. There are boxes my husband is going through that haven’t been gone through in several moves!  It feels so good to be finding homes for everything!

We also had our carpets cleaned by a friend from church who does that type of thing professionally.  When we moved into this rental, the carpets had been “cleaned”, but sadly, I think our landlords got taken by whatever company was doing the job because the job was not done.  The carpets look so much better now!

I was so thankful that we were already well on our way through the decluttering and organizing process when we had the carpets cleaned because moving furniture and other items was not nearly the chore it would have been had nothing had a home.

Now, everything feels fresh for baby’s arrival…even though we are still 4 months out!

I have a doctor’s appointment this week.  Many of you know from previous pregnancies that we travel quite a distance to go to an obstetrician who will VBAC me.  I am a VBA2C (Vaginal Birth After 2 Cesareans), so not many doctors will even see me.  (You can read my Birthing Story HERE.)

I always look forward to my appointments because they help to mark the time until baby arrives.  We have also been blessed with doctors who are more like friends than doctors.  And of course, the windshield time driving the distance to the appointment with Ty is always welcome. :)

A couple of pregnancy-related things I’ve noticed this past week…
1.  If I don’t take my magnesium, I get Restless Legs something fierce.
2.  I am having pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel this pregnancy.

Both of these things I’ve had in the past to varying degrees.  The carpal tunnel actually started following my 2nd child’s birth.  My family doctor at the time informed me that pregnancy hormones will create carpal tunnel like issues that eventually resolve themselves.  Sure enough, a few months later, the symptoms were gone.

This time around, the symptoms started coming on this past week – 22 weeks.  Any repetitive motion tends to aggravate it.  My best tip is to pretend you have a rubber band strung between your thumb and pinky and stretch your hand in and out to relieve the tingling.  It always makes me very grateful I only have to deal with this during pregnancy.  I feel for the people who deal with this all time.

Restless Legs (RLS) is much the same way.  There are people who deal with this condition outside of pregnancy.  I know mine has a stopping point no matter how crazy I feel.  For those who live with it day in and day out, I would highly suggest looking into a magnesium deficiency.

I don’t have any decent photos from this past week because I was too busy working on the house, but you can imagine me with my hair piled on top of my head, humming to The Piano Guys, with tomato-stained hands sifting through years of junk in boxes we keep moving form house to house!

Have a blessed and productive week!

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8 thoughts on “Week 23 Pregnancy Update

  1. I love to read your updates, Amy!
    Yay and congrats on reaching week 23! :)

    I second the use of magnesium. It helped me so much with the restless legs (not so much with the all day sickness but oh well! Its worth it! :) ) and it was such a blessing! Also helps me to sleep more soundly.

    I misread your last line to say “have a blessed and reproductive week”! Had to laugh!! :)

    Blessings to you and your family! (& hooray for cleaning out stuff! I need to do more of that!!)

  2. I had terrible carpal tunnel with 3 of my 6 pregnancies, it isn’t fun! I found that sleeping in wrist braces was the only thing that really helped- it let the blood flow easily through the night so there was a lot less pain during the day. It might be worth trying. The braces I used were less than $10 each and worked wonders.

    • I did wear a brace when my dr. first diagnosed it years ago, but I don’t think I have it as bad as some people. There isn’t really pain involved, only tingling and numbness when I have written a lot or when I am scissor cutting my boys’ hair or other repetitive motions like that. I’m glad you found some relief with the braces! It surely is a bizarre feeling.

  3. I wish I could say we have cleaned out and got rid of some stuff. Need to do that. That would be a good feeling.

    • I have a friend who does too. She will often heat water and put it in 2 liter bottles to put at the foot of her bed because that has helped her at times. It is such a strange condition and makes you feel very crazy.