Week 36 Pregnancy Update

baby developmentLast week, I totally missed the fact that the baby above is in the final block of the ticker! Woot!

36 Week Update on Baby #9

In many ways, this pregnancy has flown by.  With all I have going on right now, these final weeks are going to end up being a blink of an eye I am sure.  However, I do find myself despising nights.  I just feel “off” at night.  I itch.  I feel a little panicky.  I don’t sleep well.  And I long for the day I get to hold this little one on the outside.  While I do not have cholestasis (a liver issue that causes itching in pregnancy), I am going to try the medication they use to treat cholestasis.  It is sort of a shot in the dark, but I am willing to try it.  I’ll let you know if it works!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and thankfully, I’m not lifting a finger.  While I think I could find something to cook with in my new kitchen, I don’t know that I have the energy to actually make something that would taste good.  I find myself saying, “next year” a lot.  And while I really hope the Christmas season doesn’t pass us by without our family being able to enjoy some of it, I know that it just isn’t going to be like other years — and we are all going to have to be ok with that.

Some of you may remember that 6 years ago I was due at Christmas with Baby #6.  I was actually due ON Christmas Day and I spent that day wondering if the little twinges I was feeling were real or not.  I ended up not having him until New Year’s Day (yes, he was the first baby of the year in that hospital!).  I don’t really anticipate going past Christmas this time since I am due the Monday before Christmas and typically, my due date is pretty spot on, but it does remind me an awful lot of how I was feeling back then.  So much wondering about when baby would come, what Christmas would look like, how we would celebrate if I was in the hospital, etc.  There is a lot to consider when you are due this time of year!

Yesterday, I had my GBS screen.  I’ve been positive twice, so I’m anxious to see the results.  I also had my Gestational Diabetes appointment.  My blood sugars have been great, so I’m hopeful this will all right itself once baby is here.  I will say that since being diagnosed, I’ve only had a couple of sodas.  One thing I’ve noticed is that soda BURNS as you swallow when you aren’t used to it!  It was NOT the enjoyable experience it once was.

I am dilated just a bit, which is normal for me.  Baby is head down, but a little off sides – again, pretty normal for me.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.  By the time I update next week, I will be in Baby Month!  Yippee!!!

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