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Tools to Get Healthy in 2015 Coming Soon!

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Several months back, I chose not to participate in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale.  I was coming off morning sickness with Baby #9, and was more in “survival” mode than “get healthy” mode.  But, here at the end of my pregnancy, I am ready to jump into 2015 with the tools I need to become a healthier me.

Thankfully, Ryan, Stephanie, and Erin of Ultimate Bundles are making the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle fully available again for 48 hours starting on December 29 at midnight!

The bundle sold almost 20,000 copies in the previous sale, and Ryan, Stephanie, and Erin worked hard to get permission from all the authors of this amazing collection of books, courses and resources to allow for 2 more days of this bundle to help transform your family’s health!

So, mark December 29 at midnight on your calendar!

As soon as that window opens, you will be given all the information you need to order during this 48 hour sale.  I’m looking forward to grabbing my own bundle this time!

Oh, and while you wait for the sale to start, sign up for the FREE guide:

Four Steps to Your Healthiest Year

P.S. In case you haven’t seen these already, here are the testimonials from the people who bought the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle in September.

39 Week Pregnancy Update

baby development Can you believe we are here? The final (at least that’s the plan) week of gestating!  One of my friends just had her baby, another will be induced this coming Monday, and I am trying to wait patiently for this little one to make his or her appearance.

At my 39 week appointment on Monday, my OB surprised us by telling us I was dilated to a 3.5 and 70% effaced.  I didn’t think the contractions I had been having were doing that much!  She had me set an appointment for 40 weeks, but says she really doesn’t think I’ll be there.  Of course, I hate to get my hopes up, but that was some awesome news!  She also made sure baby was indeed head down – thankfully, yes!

My doctor has asked me to come straight to the hospital even if I just *think* I’m in labor and even if they have to send me home.  That’s not something I like to do (the going home part), but after the last couple of births going so much quicker, she just wants to make sure I make the drive without too much trouble.  And frankly, I’m kind of hoping for a more “leisurely” birth.  (don’t laugh!)

Many of you know I travel quite a way to give birth in a hospital and with a doctor that is VBA2C (Vaginal Birth After 2 C-sections) friendly.  The hospital is about 45 minutes from my mom’s house, so I am currently staying with her, which is why this week’s update is a photo of my belly and her dog…

Bailey Dog & 39 week belly | RaisingArrows.net

Bailey has decided I am his new best friend and my belly makes the perfect perch!

So…here we go!  Anxious to see what this week brings!

The Latest Brinkman Adventures Giveaway!

Brinkman artYou know we are huge Brinkman Adventures fans around here, so I am very excited to bring you the newest season from this missionary-based audio series!

Brinkman Adventures Season 3

Brinkman Adventures are exciting, mission-minded audio adventures the entire family can enjoy.  The audios are high quality and very reasonably priced.  Your family will be hearing about modern-day missionaries as well as missionaries from the past, along with stories of how families can be missionaries right where they live!


Season 3 features acting by Steve Saint (Nate Saint’s son) and Mincaye (the Auca Indian who speared Nate Saint).  How exciting to hear first hand from lives changed so dramatically by the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Steve Saint & Mincaye - both act in Season 3 of The Brinkman Adventures - Order your copy today!

Audio dramas are a great way to spark your child’s imagination.  Audio dramas featuring the spread of the Gospel ignite a fire in your child’s heart that will last a lifetime!  This is truly the perfect Christmas gift!

Today, I am giving away two copies of The Brinkman Adventures Season 3!  But, don’t hesitate to order your copy now because if you win, you will be reimbursed!  I promise, you will not be sorry.  May you have a blessed Christmas with CHRIST at the center!


Note: Giveaway will end at midnight EST on Thursday. If you are reading via email, click this link to find the giveaway.
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Preparing for a Peaceful Christmas – Week 11

Preparing for a Peaceful Christmas:  Week 11 - Final Shopping & Wrapping Week | RaisingArrows.net

Follow along with the series!

How did you do with the Week 10 To Do List? Hopefully all the items have been completed and you are now ready for Week 11!

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Just a quick reminder before we get started: These Weekly To Do lists are directly from The 12-Week Holiday Planner. Those of you who have purchased The Holiday Planner will have all the forms that go along with the To Do Lists. If you have not purchased the planner, then you will need to make your own forms or buy your own copy!


This week we will finishing up any shopping and wrapping, as well as planning some fun family activities!

Week 11: Final Shopping/Wrapping Week

[ ] Last Minute To Do List! Using the calendar page provided, jot down last minute to do items to be completed, holiday parties, concerts, and family activities.


Once you have completed this list, come back here and tell us about it! Let’s encourage each other to plug away at these “to do’s” now so that our holidays can be less stressful and more focused on Jesus!

For the Heart of Your Homeschool

Today’s guest post is from David Nunnery of Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Conventions.  I have worked closely with the Nunnerys from the inception of the conventions, and can attest to not only what a wonderful family they are, but what an amazing homeschool convention Teach Them Diligently is.

David & Leslie Nunnery - Their heart for your homeschool and the mission behind Teach Them Diligently Homeschool ConventionsIf you choose to attend one of the conventions, you will not be disappointed!  I walk away refreshed and renewed every year, and I am certain you will to.

In today’s post, David addresses not only what the heart of your homeschool is, but also what the heart of Teach Them Diligently is.  {This post includes my affiliate link for the Teach Them Diligently Conventions because I am honored to be wholeheartedly affiliated with this homeschool convention.}

For the Heart of Your Homeschool from Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention

Homeschool Population is Growing

Homeschooling is exploding across America. The families that are just starting are
from every region and state in the US, and their motivations for homeschooling are
diverse. Whether embarking on this journey because of bullying, failing government
schools, common core, special needs, or a thousand other reasons, families that
homeschool are as diverse now as they have ever been.

We all have come to this same journey from different pathways. There is no
hierarchy to the inspiration for bringing your children home for school. But the
largest mistake most new and veteran homeschoolers make is that they never
answer the question of foundation. In other words,

Why are you homeschooling in the first place?

When doing an internet search, there are a wealth of strong
resources that all teach parents the hows and whats with reviews on what is good
and what is trash. In many cases, it can be overwhelming to new homeschoolers and
to veterans as well. For many, when things get tough and routines fall apart,
children struggle with Algebra, and uncles and aunts think we are hurting our kids,
our families struggle and these tensions overflow beyond simply education to
marriages, parenting, and every walk of life. Homeschooling is not easy, but it is

What is your Homeschool Foundation?

So for a moment, push all of the how-tos aside regarding homeschooling. When
building a home or new building, the contractor does not start with walls, or
plumbing. The contractor starts with a foundation, so the question I have is

What is your heart for your homeschool?

Is your goal to simply protect your child from a bully or unwanted influences? Do you just want your child to excel and graduate with honors and get into a stellar university? Are you homeschooling because you were homeschooled? What is your foundation? This is the question you must answer if your hope is to be successful as a parent-educator. What is your anchor? And, while academic or protection reasons are strong and compelling for homeschooling, they are secondary. Academics are what makes homeschooling an education just like walls are what make a house. They are important and should not be overlooked. However, start with the foundation and build up from there. The foundation is what puts everything in order and gives it clarity. Without an anchor, you are just floating and without that strong foundation, your structure will surely be compromised or fall.

How Does Teach Them Diligently Help Your Family and Your Homeschool?

Teach Them Diligently 250X125

We run a series of homeschool events across the country called Teach Them Diligently.
Our events are huge with great speakers such as James Dobson, Barbara Rainey, Ken
Ham, Stephen Kendrick, and hundreds of workshops on raising a family, health and
nutrition, every flavor of homeschooling with curriculum and resources, plus a huge
exhibit and resource hall.

We have the how-tos—the meat and potatoes of homeschooling—but the point of Teach Them Diligently is to speak to the heart of homeschooling. Our goal is encouraging parents in the discipleship of their children.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ
is the foundation that all the other
curriculum, flavors, and resources
are set upon.

We believe that homeschooling needs a foundation. And, answering this question of foundation and strengthening our hold on it changes everything. This is why so many families come to Teach Them Diligently. And, this is the reason that so many say that we are the best homeschool event they have ever attended. It is all about the Gospel, and we invite you and your family to join us there.

Click the links below to learn more about each venue!


ATL 2015 250X250

TTDSandusky 2015 250