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No More Knocking Myself Out!

No More Knocking Myself Out!  Why I'm done trying to be a top blogger | RaisingArrows.net

When I started blogging there wasn’t such a thing as social media.

Yes, I’m a dinosaur in blog years.

I’ve sort of “grown up” with blogging.  I watched things change at the speed of the internet, and I’ve had to adjust how I do things to accommodate the ever-changing online world.  In the process, it sucked the joy right out of it.

When I started blogging, no one had Pinterest-friendly images.  When I started blogging, there was no right time of day to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  When I started blogging no one was trying to be better at blogging than the next guy (or gal).  Blogging was just writing, and most people happened upon your blog by accident.  If they stayed, it was because of your content, not because you spoke the loudest or the longest or because you were seen in all the right social media platforms.

I’m not against change.  And I’m definitely not against reaching out to people.  But I am against knocking myself out to do so.

So, I am done with the rat race to be a top blogger.

Social media is a great tool, but I am no longer going to bend over backward so Facebook will see my posts (which means it can’t contain any links or say any words like “blog”, “giveaway”, or “post”.)  I won’t be pinning my posts on Pinterest at the “right time” or begging Google to see my posts as important.  I won’t be stalking all the blogging gurus trying to figure out all the latest tips and tricks to make my blog bigger and better.

I just don’t care any more.

I’m ready to get back to writing for MY audience, not searching for someone else’s.  I’m ready to get back to the heart of blogging – sharing information meant to edify, encourage, endure.  Sharing my heart with my faithful readers and those who happen upon Raising Arrows and stay because they find a home here.

You’ll still see me around social media, but it will be on MY time.  And you can always get Raising Arrows in your inbox and read it on YOUR time.

God has some big things going on in our family, and I am excited to share the journey with you!  I am so thankful He brought me to the understanding that knocking myself out to be a top blogger wasn’t a part of this journey.

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.
Galatians 1:10

What is the Television’s Place in Your Home? {Ask Amy}

What is the Television's Place in Your Home? | RaisingArrows.netI had a reader ask me how our family handle’s television in our home.  She wasn’t asking the particular shows we watch, but more our rules and regulations on the television, and whether we even had one.  (and if we ever use it as a babysitter *gasp*!)

It really boils down to what place does the television have in your home?
(and how do you keep it there?)

Below is a brief video explaining our thoughts on television in the home.  (You can subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE.)  Below the video is a little Q&A with more of our thoughts on television.

Q:  Do we have a television in our home?
A:  Yes.  But, it doesn’t have any channels on it.

Q:  What do we have against “real” television?
A:  Bottom line – the content you can’t control.  The worst being the commercials (which now seem to permeate a lot of streaming video as well, especially the YouTube and Hulu variety.

Q:  What do we use our television for?
A:  We have it hooked up to a VCR/DVD player and we also hook up our computers to it from time to time to stream from the internet.  We also watch old family videos on it.  We use it for school (mostly history) and entertainment.

Q:  Do we have Netflix or something like that?
A:  We have Amazon Prime because we wanted the free 2 day shipping.  There are some good videos available there, but you have to search and you have to be discerning.  Look for kids’ shows and documentaries.  The best part about Amazon Prime is NO COMMERCIALS!

We also have VidAngel.  This is a service that edits streaming video, and it works flawlessly!  There are certain movies like Schindler’s List that we would like our children to see, but do not want them to see ALL of it.  VidAngel handles that.  You can get a FREE month to try it out HERE.  (Note:  The ads for Vidangel that pop up on YouTube are awful.  They feature little kids saying bad words that are bleeped out, but you hear the very beginning sound of what they are saying – not appropriate, in my opinion.  Just wanted you to be aware of this.)

Q:  Have you ever used the television as a babysitter, and would you recommend this?
A:  I bet you are thinking, “There’s no way she’s ever done that, and there is definitely no way she’s going to recommend that!”  You’d be wrong.

While I cannot stand calling it a “babysitter,” sometimes that is the role it can serve.  And yes, I have done it.  However, YOU have to be in control of it.  You cannot let it control everyone’s life, and the moment we see our children craving watching something on the iPad or computer or television, we shut it down.  (This is especially the case with our 3 & 5 year olds who don’t understand moderation.)  Craving tends to come in the form of boredom, or never getting enough television time, or not even wanting to go outside and play because they would rather watch something.

But, there are times when it is completely acceptable to use the television as a “babysitter.”  Morning sickness, needing to focus on schoolwork with your older children, needing to finish a project, or even taking couple time with your husband are a few times that come to mind.  I also allow grandparents to use the television as a tool to keep them from wearing out when they watch our brood.  Just be certain there are CONTROLS put on the content!  You wouldn’t let a foul-mouthed, rude, inappropriate babysitter in your home, so don’t let the television be that either!

Q:  What do you see as the #1 issue with having a television in your home?
A:  Again, it is not the television (or computer) that is the real problem.  It is how it is used and the lack of controls put on it.  The biggest issue I see with it is ESCAPISM.

Children and adults alike are easily drawn to escapism – some more than others.  The world of television takes us out of our reality and gives us a place to go where the troubles of our day are nonexistent.  And while there is nothing wrong with relaxing and taking a break, when we seek that over and over and avoid our responsibilities elsewhere, we are no longer relaxing.  We are escaping.

Note:  Chuck Black deals with this issue very creatively in his book Lady Carliss.  This would make a good read aloud or book for your teen and pre-teen.

Q:  How do you keep the television in its place?
A:  The television is a tool.  As with all tools, it shouldn’t be left lying out all day, every day.

*You don’t have to put your television in the main room of the house.  We keep ours in a guest bedroom.

*You don’t have to allow television time every day.  We have Movie Days – Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, typically in the late afternoon and evening.

*Keep your television inaccessible.  Cover it up.  Keep it in a cupboard.  Put it in a lesser-used room.

One thing we do a lot here is use our laptop or iPad connected to a projector in the living room.  The kids love having a HUGE movie projected on the wall!  A projector isn’t something that can just be left out.  We have to put it away after we use it.  This keeps us from just willy-nilly turning it on!

*Be sure responsibilities are taken care of before the television is turned on.  Is the house tidy?  Is school done?  Are other responsibilities complete?  Television is a time suck – be sure you have the time to give it.

*Never consider it neutral.  Herein lies the culmination of this entire post.  You cannot get complacent.  You cannot simply see the television as harmless entertainment.  It doesn’t matter what show you are watching, it IS teaching you and your children something.  You have to be aware of WHAT it is teaching and IF that is the kind of thing you want taught to your children.  I know all this thinking sort of takes the fun out of watching television, but trust me, in the long run, you’ll be glad you were paying attention.

Family Finds – April 12, 2014

Family Finds (4/12/14) - Digital Scrapbooking, Hair Clips, & Tabasco! | RaisingArrows.net{affiliate links included}

A year after Emily passed away, I wrote on here about the little pink scrapbook that was hers.  Scrapbooking became nearly impossible for me because of the memories surrounding the night before her death, where I sat scrapbooking with a friend while my  little girl slept in the room next door.  I was oblivious to the fact that my whole life would change the next morning.

For years I agonized over never scrapbooking again.  I had enjoyed it so much.  And the children loved to thumb through the books, but I just could not bring myself to do it anymore.

And then I found Mixbook.  It was an online scrapbooking program that I could turn into keepsake books with very little effort.  I found I was able to do that without the pain traditional scrapbooking brought to my grieving heart.

Mixbook is having weekly sales, and the one that ends on Monday (4/14/14) is up to 50% off everything.  Take a look around and see if this might be an answer for you the way it was for me.  Not necessarily because you are grieving, but maybe because you can’t find the time to scrapbook or because you can’t have the mess of it where little hands can reach.  Use code MDY14.

I also want to alert you to a wonderful (and FREE) webinar for new and seasoned homeschoolers alike to help you understand the different methods of homeschooling and which one fits best with your family dynamic.

Kerry Beck from How to Homeschool My Child offers this free workshop to encourage other homeschool moms to educate their children with confidence!  I hope you’ll take the time to listen at your convenience and enjoy!

The ABC Bible Memory Verses DVD Giveaway has ended and the winner has been contacted, but you can still get the DVD for your family (and other Moore Family Films!) on their website!  Your family will really enjoy these!

Lilla Rose sale

Today is the last day to purchase some of the beautiful crosses and spring designs from Lilla Rose!  These will be a beautiful addition to your Resurrection Sunday attire!

And on a completely random note…

This stuff is GOOD!  As in, buy it in the half gallon good!  My husband brought this Chipotle Tabasco home from the store the other day and we now use it on EVERYTHING – hamburgers, nachos, rice, anything that sits still!  DELISH!

Have a blessed weekend!

The Motivation to Make a Home {Welcome Home Wednesday}

What is it that makes a woman happy to work in her home?

There are many factors and many answers to this question, but one thing that helps me to joyfully work in my home is when I have motivation and encouragement.  That was the whole reason behind the Welcome Home Wednesday Link Up – to bring motivation and encouragement to today’s Christian homemaker.

Well, I have a treat for you…

On April 23 (2 weeks from today) The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle will be released for 1 week only.  This is my favorite bundle of the year because the resources are so inspirational and practical, and cover ALL facets of homemaking.  Having these resources on hand MOTIVATE and ENCOURAGE me to joyfully make a home for my family.  They teach me to be a better wife and mother.  They focus my heart on Christ, and give me the energy to keep going.

I can’t share all the details of this bundle with you today, but I will tell you this bundle is AMAZING – from special opportunities to wonderful freebies and bonuses, to ebooks and ecourses that alone are worth more than the asking price of the entire bundle – this is something I would highly encourage you to put aside money for so you can snag the entire collection come April 23!  You will not be disappointed!

And now for the weekly encouragement found here at Raising Arrows…

**Last week’s #1 clicked post was “Do I Really Want to Be Alone?” from Just One Day at a Time.**

Now, it’s your turn! Link up as many as 3 posts from your blog and enjoy the other links left here!  {If reading via email, please click over to see the links and leave yours!}

Welcome Home Wednesdays
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Scripture Memory for Children Through Stories (+Giveaway!)

Wherever people get together, there are often stories to be shared, and usually the stories have relevance to the conversation and the message we are trying to get across.

Scripture Memory for Children Through Stories (+Giveaway!) | RaisingArrows.net

We read and tell stories to our children for various reasons.  Sometimes it is to spend quality time with them, sometimes it is to broaden their knowledge and vocabulary, sometimes it is to teach them an important lesson…just as Jesus did for His followers while He walked this earth!

So, if children (and adults!) can learn important lessons through stories, why not use stories to teach Scripture memory verses?!
{affiliate links included}

This is precisely what Moore Family Films has done with their latest DVD, “ABC Say It With Me Bible Memory Verses.”

Moore Family Films are a staple in our household.  My children enjoy them so much, and the films have sparked many conversations.  ABC Say It With Me is no different.

Scripture Memory Through Stories +Giveaway! | RaisingArrows.netmy boys can’t get enough!

Each letter of the alphabet has a memory verse that corresponds with it.  The Moore children say the verse and Scripture reference which is followed by a short “story” that helps to illustrate and explain the text.  At the end, the Scripture and reference are repeated again.

The “stories” include things like a clip of the children looking for a lost sheep, a silent film sketch showing what happens when greed gets a hold of you, and a funny skit of a patient family and a very clumsy waiter.

The film is a favorite of my little boys (ages 1, 3, & 5), but it was enjoyed by my 8 & 9 year olds as well.  They can say many of the verses right along with the Moore children!

Scripture Memory Through Stories +Giveaway | RaisingArrows.net

Scripture needs to permeate our children’s lives.  It needs to be living and breathing.  They need to see it in action.  ABC Say It With Me gives understanding to your child’s memorization of Scripture without compromising the message.  It digs deep, and I appreciate that immensely!

This week, I’m giving away a copy of ABC Say It With Me!  See the giveaway widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“I Love Having a Large Family Because…” {you fill in the blank!}

"I Love Having a Large Family Because..." {you finish the sentence!} | RaisingArrows.net

A Raising Arrows reader asked if I would ask all of you to list why you love having a larger-than-average family.  I did a Top 10 Reasons to Have a Large Family a while back for the fun of it, but how about a post that is a little more serious? One that offers tons of pro-family encouragement for moms out there who need a little pick-me-up today.

So, how would you finish this sentence…

“I love having a large family because…”

Leave your response in the comments section!

And don’t forget to snag your copy of Large Family Homeschooling:

Large Family Homeschooling - releases April 1! and 33 Family Dinner Games (free for subscribers!)

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