The Latest Brinkman Adventures Giveaway!

Brinkman artYou know we are huge Brinkman Adventures fans around here, so I am very excited to bring you the newest season from this missionary-based audio series!

Brinkman Adventures Season 3

Brinkman Adventures are exciting, mission-minded audio adventures the entire family can enjoy.  The audios are high quality and very reasonably priced.  Your family will be hearing about modern-day missionaries as well as missionaries from the past, along with stories of how families can be missionaries right where they live!


Season 3 features acting by Steve Saint (Nate Saint’s son) and Mincaye (the Auca Indian who speared Nate Saint).  How exciting to hear first hand from lives changed so dramatically by the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Steve Saint & Mincaye - both act in Season 3 of The Brinkman Adventures - Order your copy today!

Audio dramas are a great way to spark your child’s imagination.  Audio dramas featuring the spread of the Gospel ignite a fire in your child’s heart that will last a lifetime!  This is truly the perfect Christmas gift!

Today, I am giving away two copies of The Brinkman Adventures Season 3!  But, don’t hesitate to order your copy now because if you win, you will be reimbursed!  I promise, you will not be sorry.  May you have a blessed Christmas with CHRIST at the center!


Note: Giveaway will end at midnight EST on Thursday. If you are reading via email, click this link to find the giveaway.
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Extension of the WishBin Giveaway!

Win $100 Worth of your WishBin items!I’ve decided to extend the WishBin Giveaway for all of you to give more time beyond the Thanksgiving weekend to build your WishBin and get it stocked!

There are several ways to win this giveaway –
1. Comment
2. Create a WishBin
3. Add a child (or several!) to your WishBin
4. Visit WishBin on Facebook
5. Share YOUR WishBin on Facebook

Remember, you could win $100 worth of whatever is in your WishBin, so don’t delay!  Winner will be announced on Friday of this next week!

(To see more details about WishBin and how it works, visit THIS POST – you can enter the giveaway from there or the widget below!)

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Simplify Your Christmas Gift Giving with WishBin and Win Your Wish List!

When I first heard about, I was beyond excited!  Then, I found out it was free AND all my kids could be added – they had me hooked!  You are going to love this!

Put your gift wish list in WishBin - any site on the internet, all your friends and family can see exactly what everyone in your family wants!WishBin is a browser plug-in that allows you to drag and drop gift ideas from any site on the internet into a Wish List.  That means you can have items from Amazon, Cabela’s, and JM Cremp’s all in one wish list with one link for your loved ones to peruse!  Perfect!


And you don’t even have to WishBin items that can be purchased online.  Like that beautiful purple bohemian skirt you saw on Pinterest?  If you can Pin It, you can Bin It!

Here’s the other great thing – I was able to add individual WishBins for ALL of my children!Create a WishBin wish list for each of your children - drag and drop their gift ideas into  their wishbin where friends and family can see and purchase!

WishBin isn’t just for Christmas either!  You can separate each event – Birthday, Baby Shower, Mother’s Day – with a separate WishBin!  There is a Public or Private mode so you can keep gift items a secret from everyone except those with an access code, and you can set Reminders so you don’t forget any special events coming up.


And here’s the really exciting part…

You could WIN $100 worth of your WishBin items!

Win $100 Worth of your WishBin items!That’s right – just in time for Christmas!  What an amazing blessing!  All you need to do is install the plug-in, start adding to your WishBin, and if you win this giveaway, you will get up to $100 worth of your WishBin items!  See the Giveaway Widget below to enter to win!

This giveaway will end Friday night, so HURRY and get those WishBins filled!

(Reading via email?  Click HERE to enter!)

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