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The giveaway is over, but the good news is that DrinkBands are super affordable!  Now is the time to order so you have them for filling Easter baskets or using with your Easter Dinner company!  (I highly recommend you check out the Bundles where you can get a couple of packs and save money!)

And now for the winners of the giveaway…

Shannon Griggs Elles


Sarah Kinkead


DrinkBands Giveaway in Time for Easter!

It’s time to start planning for your Easter celebrations!  One thing you should consider adding this year is a set of DrinkBands.

DrinkBands Giveaway on RaisingArrows.net

If you give gifts to your children for Easter, wouldn’t it be fun to add a personalized DrinkBand in their favorite color to their Easter basket?

Are you having guests over?  Keep everyone’s cups separate with a set of DrinkBands!

Win a set of DrinkBands! | RaisingArrows.net

There are tons of colors to choose from.  You can personalize any color with your child’s name or nickname.  You can also bundle packs together and save!  They are wonderful to have on hand for company, and they make great gifts.  Grab a pack to leave at Grandma’s!  Grab a pack to give to a friend!  Shipping in the U.S. is always FREE!


You know DrinkBands are a favorite here on Raising Arrows, so how about a giveaway?!

I’m giving away the DrinkBands shown above – a 9 Pack of Regular and a Party Pack (including the new Funky Tie Dye band!)  Enter the giveaway below (click here if reading via email):
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Winners of the Kings of Israel Board Game

So, did you enjoy this giveaway?!  I sure did!  I love being able to introduce you to new products that are this wonderful!  Remember, if you didn’t win, you can still purchase the game through Amazon HERE (affiliate link).  The game is currently marked down 20% because the coupon code for 20% off wasn’t working.  It will be on sale until April 16.

So, you want to see who the winners are?  Of course you do!  Here they are…

1.  Leah Calderon

2.  Pamela Langdon Testi

3.  Hannah Elrod


Did you miss my review and want to learn more about Kings of Israel?  CLICK HERE to read the review!

{GIVEAWAY} Kings of Israel – The Cooperative Board Game Your Entire Family Will Enjoy!

Kings of Israel Cooperative Game - Review & Giveaway on RaisingArrows.net

“This game is awesome!”
~Blake (17)

About a year ago, I asked you to help fund the Kings of Israel board game.  Today, that board game is available, and yes, it IS awesome!

Let me tell you a little about how the game works…

First of all this is a cooperative game, meaning you play against the game and not each other.  For our family, this means a couple of things.
1.  Our 14 year old daughter will play the game because she really detests competitive games…and
2.  Our entire family can play together (with help).
Note:  Kings of Israel is a mentally involved game where strategy is important.  Because of this, it is geared more toward teens; however, with a little help our elementary aged students have been able to play.



In the game, each player is a prophet of Israel trying to build altars to destroy sin as the team works together through the the timeline of the Kings of Israel.  Each player draws a card at the beginning of the game to tell them what special action they have that will help the other team members out.  (For instance, you might draw a card that allows you to destroy all sin in an area every time an altar is built there.)


There are 4 things you do each turn, and every player plays every round.  Sin builds with each round.  Where you are on the timeline of kings determines what kind of cards you draw that round.  The game is ever changing, and difficult enough that you will not win every time you play.  Because of the adaptability of this game, it will be a family favorite for years and years!

This has become a game Blake enjoys playing with friends.  He even took it with him on a recent trip!  The other children enjoy it a lot too, but Blake is definitely my kid with the strategic mind. ;)

As a mom, I am pleased with the quality craftsmanship.  I am also impressed that the makers of Kings of Israel (Funhill Games) have created a Biblically-based game that is intriguing, interesting, and intelligent.  I am always pleased when I see Christians working hard to create top-of-the-line products.  

By purchasing products like Kings of Israel, you are helping to support and promote these types of endeavors by fellow Christians.  And stay tuned to Funhill Games…I expect even more great things from them in the near future, including a Kings of Israel video game version!

Kings of Israel Coupon Code

Use coupon code: KINGSPRO when you buy from Amazon and get 20% off retail price.  This coupon code will expire on April 16, 2015. (affiliate link)


ANNOUNCEMENT:  The coupon code is not working properly on Amazon, so Funhill Games has reduced the price there so you do not need a coupon code.  When this issue is resolved, the price will go back up and the code will work.

Funhill Games is also generously giving away 3 Kings of Israel games here on Raising Arrows!  Follow the directions below to get your family entered into this giveaway.  Winner will be announced here on Friday!  (Reading via email?  CLICK HERE to enter.)
(Note:  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only due to cost-prohibitive shipping prices.)

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The Latest Brinkman Adventures Giveaway!

Brinkman artYou know we are huge Brinkman Adventures fans around here, so I am very excited to bring you the newest season from this missionary-based audio series!

Brinkman Adventures Season 3

Brinkman Adventures are exciting, mission-minded audio adventures the entire family can enjoy.  The audios are high quality and very reasonably priced.  Your family will be hearing about modern-day missionaries as well as missionaries from the past, along with stories of how families can be missionaries right where they live!


Season 3 features acting by Steve Saint (Nate Saint’s son) and Mincaye (the Auca Indian who speared Nate Saint).  How exciting to hear first hand from lives changed so dramatically by the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Steve Saint & Mincaye - both act in Season 3 of The Brinkman Adventures - Order your copy today!

Audio dramas are a great way to spark your child’s imagination.  Audio dramas featuring the spread of the Gospel ignite a fire in your child’s heart that will last a lifetime!  This is truly the perfect Christmas gift!

Today, I am giving away two copies of The Brinkman Adventures Season 3!  But, don’t hesitate to order your copy now because if you win, you will be reimbursed!  I promise, you will not be sorry.  May you have a blessed Christmas with CHRIST at the center!


Note: Giveaway will end at midnight EST on Thursday. If you are reading via email, click this link to find the giveaway.
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