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Moore Family Films Discount Code - good through September (think Christmas presents!)With the cooler weather coming, I’ve begun to think about Fall!  For our family, Autumn causes us to focus toward the Holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas as well.  With Baby #9 due near Christmas, I am thinking ahead to gifts and buying them a bit early so I am prepared.

Even if you aren’t having a baby this Christmas, it might be a good idea to think toward gift buying now, and take advantage of the discount code the Moores are offering on their films through the month of September!

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Moore Family Films September Discount Code

A couple of our favorites are More than Making Maple Syrup and ABC – Say It With Me!

maple syrup movie

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Win See the Light’s Crossmaker Ultimate Gift Set! {plus coupon code}

I am so excited that the Lenten season is upon us!  This is a time of looking forward, renewing our life in Christ, and reaching toward a future with Him.  Don’t let this amazing season pass you by!

One thing you can do to make this time special is to use the art lessons from See the Light’s Crossmaker!  And this week, I’m giving away a Crossmaker Ultimate Gift Set!

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See the Light's Ultimate Gift Set Giveaway on Raising Arrows!

The CROSSMAKER ULTIMATE GIFT SET is one of See the Light Art’s most popular gift sets! This is a great way to enjoy Resurrection Day and the season leading up to it!

Included in the Ultimate Gift Set:
DVD w/ 150 minutes of content
CD w/ music and story
black light
fluorescent pencils
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During the month of February and March the Crossmaker Ultimate Gift Set is only $25.00 which includes FREE SHIPPING for US residents.  Use Coupon Code: STL to get this awesome deal!

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To enter to win this giveaway, simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below!  {If reading via email, click here to find the widget.}

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Free St. Patrick’s Day Irish Supper Recipes eBook!

Previously, I have offered our Irish Supper recipe booklet as a Subscriber Freebie, but now you can download this St. Patrick’s Day feast without signing up!

FREE St. Patrick's Day Irish Supper Recipes! |

These are the recipes we use every year to celebrate our Irish heritage on March 17th!  Included in this ebooklet are recipes for:

Crockpot Corned Beef & Cabbage
Irish Soda Bread
Dessert ideas

Won’t you join us this year?


Just Walk It {why I’m not writing a New Year’s post}

Just Walk It {why I'm not writing a New Year's post} | RaisingArrows.netThis time of year bloggers write New Year’s posts.  They talk about what they are planning for the upcoming year.  They talk about their word of the year.  They “clean house” and move forward.

But this year, you won’t find a New Year’s post on my blog.

Now, don’t think for a moment I don’t like planning and decluttering and organizing and ringing in a new year.  I do!  But, this year God has me in limbo.  I can’t make any plans.

All I can do is walk.

I have been given just a little light on my path.  I walk one step and wait.  I walk another and wait.  I know eventually there will be more light on the path, but even then, it won’t be much.

But it will be enough.

This year, I’d encourage you to just walk it.  Make your plans, but don’t idolize them.  Be purposeful, make changes, clean and declutter, prepare and learn, but don’t get sidetracked by the little stuff along the way or the big picture you can’t see.

Let God be God.  Rest in Him.  Let Him light your path and then walk it.

“…for we walk by faith, not by sight.”
2 Corinthians 5:7

May your 2014 be filled with faith!

Just Walk It {why I'm not writing a New Year's post} |

Don’t Miss Your Christmas Eve Candlelight Service!

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (free guide) | RaisingArrows.netTonight’s the night! It’s almost as if the whole world is holding its breath in anticipation.  We are snow-packed here which I think only adds to the beauty of this moment.  Tonight, our family will gather around the Christmas tree and celebrate Christ’s coming with Scripture readings and Christmas hymns.  Celebrate the fulfillment of our anticipation, God’s Promise in the flesh, with your own Candlelight Christmas Eve Service just like the one we’ll be celebrating tonight as a family.

Sign up below and within the hour an email will arrive in your inbox (don’t forget to check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive!) with the link to the Christmas Eve service in it.  May you have a blessed Christmas!
Amy & Family

Get your Christmas Eve Candlelight Service here!

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Christmas Without Emmy

Emily Christmas DayEmily’s first and only Christmas was 6 years ago.

Not a Christmas goes by that we don’t think of her, celebrate and grieve at the same time.  Her stocking is still hung with the others, in between her two brothers…a gap only we see.  Her ornaments still bedeck the tree, some celebrating her life, some commemorating her death.

From the photo above, taken on Christmas Day 2007, you can still see how swollen little Emily is from the IV fluids.  The hospital tag is still on the carseat because we had only brought her home the night before.  My sister had taken my children shopping for gifts and my sweet Megan, only 7 at the time, had chosen the bear.  The quilt was given to us by the Pediatric nurse who cared for Emmy during all her hospital stays; the nurse who 7 weeks later came to a funeral none of us were ready for.  The bibs are a typical 1st Christmas present in our home; the same present little Creed is receiving this year for his 1st Christmas.  Emmy, in her usual contentedness, sucks her thumb.  There have been no thumb-suckers since..a fact which saddens me.  My children ask for another sister for Christmas.  every. year.  The Lord has not seen fit to grant their wish…nor mine.  My little boys hugs my leg and kiss my cheek and I tell myself it doesn’t matter because I would not trade any of them.

but Lord…perhaps…some day?

Christmas is a celebration of birth, but as a grieving mother, I see the death that is coming…and the HOPE that will follow.  All my longings hinge on a promise, the promise that starts here.

So, while I’ve talked specifics of what holidays are like without a loved one, without a promise and the hope of that promise being fulfilled, we are missing the Truth of our circumstances.  Do I hurt?  Yes.  Do I miss her with all my being?  Yes.  Do I write these words through tears?  Yes.  But next week I will celebrate the Promise.  I will cling to the Hope.  I will walk in Truth.

And some day…yes, some day…