The Large Family Homeschooling eBook is Here!

The Large Family Homeschooling eBooks is Here! |

Are you homeschooling a growing family?  Are you looking for ways to get it all done without losing your mind (and your joy)?  Do you need ideas for putting together all the pieces that make up your homeschooling day?

This is the ebook for you!

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Large Family Homeschooling eBook | by Amy Roberts of RaisingArrows.netThis 170 page ebook includes :

*How to homeschool the hearts of your children.
*How to have enough of you to go around.
*How to keep your home clean and your homeschool organized.
*The best methods for homeschooling your growing family.
*Ideas for planning and record keeping.
*How to afford the large family homeschool.
*How to organize the large family homeschool
*How to handle babies and toddlers during school hours.
*How to homeschool through morning sickness and other difficult circumstances.
*How to tweak homeschooling methods to make them work for large families.


This ebook will give you tons of ideas and practical advice you can start implementing immediately!

It will give you the encouragement and confidence to homeschool your family with joy and gentleness!

Plus, within the pages of this ebook are some wonderful surprises just for you!

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Large Family Homeschool eBook Resources | Amy Roberts -


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7 Things a New Homeschool Mom Needs to Know

7 Things a New Homeschool Mom Needs to Know | RaisingArrows.netThere are a lot of moms out there who are just beginning their homeschooling journey and have tons of questions.  Some have yet to start and are in the planning and pondering stages.  Quite a few have already gotten started, but feel like they don’t really know what they are doing.  And there are still more who have been doing it for a while and still feel completely lost.

This homeschooling thing is a daunting task.

While there are plenty of things I wish someone had told me about homeschooling, I also realize many moms just need to know they are going to a good job.  The specifics will sort themselves out.

That said, there are a few things you should consider in the early days of your homeschooling efforts – perhaps even before you get started.

1.  Why are you choosing to homeschool?

I’m going to tell you straight up – the answer to this will probably change over time.  It did for me.  Ultimately, you need to know why you are doing this.  You will get questions from others.  You will even get questions from yourself.  Homeschooling isn’t all sunshine and roses, so you need to be firmly planted when the storms come.

2.  What are the laws in your state?

This is one of those things I really don’t like to talk about because it drains the joy out of nearly every homeschool mom.  However, you really need to know the laws in your particular state because every state has different laws regarding homeschooling.  Most home schools are considered private non-accredited schools.  HSLDA has state-by-state information regarding homeschooling so you can be certain you are fulfilling the requirements of your state.

My word of caution here is to not let your state laws stress you out.  Many homeschoolers believe their state laws to be more stringent and confining than they actually are.  I live in a very lenient state that does not require much in the way of reporting; however, many homeschoolers I run into here believe our state requires testing and other things it actually does not require.  HSLDA can help you make sense of your laws and keep your homeschooling experience from being a nightmare.

3.  Where will your support come from?

Homeschooling is not easy.  It is important you prepare now for the support you will need later.  Support can come in all sorts of forms:  your husband, your mom, your church, a local support group, blogs, online communities.  And never, ever forget, the best support for you is the Word of God.  When everyone else seems against you, God’s Word stands firm and builds you up in running the race and striving toward the goal ahead.  Don’t walk into homeschooling unequipped.  (Two books that speak to the homeschooling mom are Psalms & Proverbs – read them often!)

4.  What are your daily goals?

It is important to know where you are going every day with your homeschooling efforts.  Know what subjects you want to teach, know what your teaching style is, know what you would like your days to look like, and know what you want to accomplish.  Also, know life happens and you will always need to be reevaluating your daily goals.

5.  What is your end goal?

Daily goals are great, but they become meaningless if you aren’t looking toward an end goal.  What are you hoping to have accomplished by the time your children are finished with their homeschooling years?  Where do you hope they will be in their relationship with Christ?  Are you looking toward college, trade school, something else?  Are you preparing now for where you want to be at the end?  Run toward the prize – it will help you stay focused.

6.  What is your budget?

Have you counted the cost of homeschooling?  This isn’t just about your financial budget, but also concerning your time and energy, your relationships with others, as well as those within your family.  Homeschooling costs.  Even if you find a way to homeschool for free, you still must understand that there are other costs involved, and learn to budget for those costs.

Don’t let your marriage fall apart because you are too busy homeschooling the children.

Don’t let your relationship with your children suffer because you are too busy being a schoolmarm.

Be prepared for friends and family who don’t homeschool to question what you are doing. Remember a gentle answer turns away wrath.

Learn to budget your time and energy to avoid burnout.

Be strong in the Lord!

7.  Keep learning about your children!

Your children are blessings that keep on growing!  They are not static and unchanging, so don’t school them that way.  Watch for those sparks of interest.  Feed the good stuff, avoid feeding the not-so-pleasant things.  Talk with them often.  Learn who they are, and who they want to be.  Never, ever forget in Whose image they were created!

Looking for encouragement as a homeschool mom?  Check out my Homeschooling page here on Raising Arrows!

Homeschool Convention Time! {Welcome Home Wednesday}

Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention 2014

Tomorrow morning, I hop a plane to Nashville for our first homeschool convention of the season! I am so excited! I always get giddy when it comes to homeschool conferences because it means refreshment and refocusing for me.  From the moment I attended my first homeschool convention back in 2002, I’ve been hooked!
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Over the years, Ty and I have attended many different conventions.  They each have their own flavor.  Teach Them Diligently has quickly become a favorite of mine because of its focus on families.  It’s not just about academics, and as a veteran homeschool mom, I appreciate that.  I need encouragement that goes far beyond the rigors of textbooks and spelling lessons.  This Nashville weekend is going to be a breath of fresh air!

I am also presenting 3 sessions of my own in Nashville!

Creating a Peaceful Home
Your Perfect Schedule
Large Family Homeschooling – based on my soon-to-be released ebook by the same name!

Large Family Homeschooling eBook releases April 1! |

I will be offering these same sessions in Dallas later in the summer.  If you are attending either conference, be sure to look me up!  I love meeting readers!

I also want to give you a FREE gift to help you plan and prepare for a homeschool conference.  They can be overwhelming and a bit like drinking from a fire hydrant.  I’ve compiled some posts I’ve written on attending homeschool conventions into a small ebook you can download by clicking on the icon below:

FREE Homeschool Convention Survival Guide |

I also want to note that in last week’s link up, Amy from Plain and not so plain offered a FREE Kindergarten & First Grade Curriculum, and Jennifer from A Heart for the Home gave some wonderful tips for How to Handle Homeschool Burnout.

The #1 clicked post from last week was from MamaGab, and yes, it was about babies – or rather No More Babies.  I ended up pinning this post to my Grieving Mother Pinterest Board because while Gabby’s fears did not stem from losing a child, her words echoed many of the same words in my own heart.  These are fears any mother who has had a traumatic experience must some day face.  A worthwhile read.

Now, it’s your turn! Link up as many as 3 posts from your blog and enjoy the other links left here!  {If reading via email, please click over to see the links and leave yours!}

Welcome Home Wednesdays
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Wanna Know What I’m Working On?

You might notice I’m not online as much.  You might notice my posts here are a bit more spread out.  And you might have noticed that sneaky little announcement in my sidebar…

Coming Soon - Large Family Homeschooling by Amy Roberts of RaisingArrows.netThat’s right!  I’m in the midst of pounding out a brand new ebook that I know you are going to love!  This is one meaty book full of practical ideas to homeschool your large (and not-so-large) family!

I’ve been keeping it a secret, but I just couldn’t contain it any longer!  I am so excited to be able to share all in one place the many things I have learned over the years and am still learning.  I pray this is a resource that reaches homeschool moms right where they are and gives them hope and joy in their homeschooling journey.

And please note – this is NOT a book ONLY for large families!  There are tons of tips and ideas that are perfect for any family size!

So, when can you expect Large Family Homeschooling to hit the virtual shelves here at Raising Arrows?  Next month – March 2014!  Just in time for my session at the Nashville Teach Them Diligently Convention on the same topic!  Yippee!

Will I See You in Nashville?

Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention 2014 Nashville{affiliate links included}

The deadline for the early bird registration for the Nashville Teach Them Diligently homeschool convention has been extended through this Thursday, February 13th!  I am so excited to be speaking in Nashville again this year.  There are going to be so many wonderful speakers and sessions there – it will truly be a time of refreshment!

On Thursday night, there will be a new homeschooler orientation session that will help you prepare to navigate homeschooling and homeschool conventions.  And don’t forget the wonderful children’s program and a concert with modern hymn writers, Keith & Kristyn Getty!  All of this wrapped into a weekend full of Gospel-centered homeschooling, parenting, homemaking, Christian-living encouragement!

Will I see you there?!


Finding Your Child’s Reading “ON” Button

Finding Your Child's Reading "ON" Button | RaisingArrows.netA lot of homeschool parents find themselves stumped by teaching their child to read.  Often, they will get through all the phonics lessons in a choice curriculum, only to realize their child still doesn’t read fluently.  Sometimes a child does quite well with learning to read, but fails to find enjoyment in reading anything they don’t have to.

The fact of the matter is this happens even in public and parochial schooling as well.  You’ve probably heard of the Accelerated Reader Program widely used in public schools to encourage students to achieve higher reading levels via monitoring software and incentives.  While this program can be helpful, it misses the heart of why we teach reading, and often causes more problems by encouraging kids to avoid books that are not AR approved because they will not receive “points” for those books.

The key to reading success is finding your child’s reading “ON” button.  This happens when everything you have taught them clicks and their reading begins to soar.  But you might be a little stumped about how to find that button and flip the switch.  Let me share with how you can guide your child toward fluent and voracious reading with a few simple tactics you can start implementing today.

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Study your child

Be a student of your child

First and foremost, you must know your child.  In particular, you need to know what subjects interest them.  This is easy to see in some children, but harder to figure out in others.

For instance, my 9 year loves all things domestic.  She’s a fan of cooking, hosting parties, keeping house, and is especially drawn to frontier living.  I know she’ll enjoy books like the Little House on the Prairie series or Life with Lilly series.

But what about my son who would prefer to fill his days with airsofting and hunting?  Currently, he is reading hunting magazines and Army field manuals, but we originally found his “ON” button via books about World War II.  He is looking for books that offer strategy and intrigue.  He is looking for books that are rarely found in the children’s section of the local library.  We had to think outside the box with him, and I am certain the AR program would not have met his reading needs in a useful way.

Finding Your Child's Reading "ON" Button |

Be purposeful in choosing reading material for your home

Once you begin to study and know your child, look for ways to bring purposeful reading material into your home.  Don’t limit yourself to the exact interest your child has, but rather dig deeper into the WHY.

Suppose you have a child who seems to prefer playing video games to just about any other activity.  Consider the games that are his favorites.  Why are they favorites?  Do they involve cars?  Consider piquing his interest with books about cars.  Maybe he likes games that involve treasure hunting.  Look into archeology books or books about pirates.

Be purposeful about the books you choose and where you choose to keep them in your home.  You want to spark imagination and light a fire that motivates your child to hunger for more information.

And don’t forget magazines, ebooks, and blogs as useful ways to get your child reading!  {You can check out my son’s airsoft blog HERE!}


Visit the library and look for specific topics

Don’t forget to utilize your local library.  Go to the library with purpose.  It is not uncommon for our children to head to the library with topics in mind.  One son really enjoys learning about knights.  We look specifically for books on knights.  And remember my son who enjoys airsofting?  He spends most of his time in the adult non-fiction section, looking for books on battles and military tactics.

Don’t limit yourself to the children’s section of the library.  In fact, I’ve been rather disappointed in the teen section of our local library and prefer my older children look in the adult section of the library for books that are meatier.


Don’t be afraid to start with twaddle
{but don’t stay there}

Some people will tell you to avoid twaddle at all costs, but if you have a struggling reader you may need to start with the easy stuff and work your way up.  A comic book here and there may be just what your child needs to get them interested in reading.  My only caution would be to avoid feeding an appetite for “easy” reading.  You want your child’s reading abilities to grow.

Finding Your Child's Reading "ON" Button

Now, what do you do with all these books you’ve acquired that are supposed to lead your child to proficient reading?  Here are some quick tips and ideas to get you started on the right path:

  • Leave books laying out in obvious places.
  • Have your child read aloud to you in small increments, building up as you go.
  • Have your child read a page and draw a picture, act out a scene, build something from it with blocks or Legos.  Get their mind and body working together and learning from the material.
  • Have a movie night after a book that has a corresponding movie has been read.  Ask them about differences and if they liked the book or movie better (you might be surprised!).
  • Explore things in books or magazines further.  Is there a website listed?  Check it out!  Want to know more about how something was made?  Look it up!  Encourage your child to keep digging for information based on what they learned in the reading material.

Ultimately, you are looking to foster your child’s drive to learn.  Reading is still one of the best ways to gather information and a skill every child needs to acquire and become adept at.  Be your child’s best encourager and keep looking for that reading “ON” button!


Want to know more about the Life with Lily series my 9 year old daughter enjoys?
Click the button below:

Life with Lily