True Education is Not About Making a Living

There is so much more to education than "employment preparation".  Give your children a LIFE!  Homeschooling is a perfect opportunity for this - do not squander it! | RaisingArrows.netYears ago, I picked up a used copy of Clay & Sally Clarkson’s Educating the Wholehearted Child.  I was fascinated by the content and implemented as much as I could in our little homeschool.  Since that day, I have recommended this book to homeschoolers everywhere, and even given it special mention on my Homeschooling page here on Raising Arrows.

About a year ago, I picked up a copy of the new edition.  I could readily see there was more content and I knew I needed a refresher course.  Finally, during vacation this year, I was able to begin reading.

Boy, did I need the words contained within those pages!  Ty and I spent hours discussing what I had read.  The kids and I spent hours discussing what I had read!  There was so much to chew on.  I am continuing to chew even today!

One discussion that came from my reading was concerning a sidebar comment on page 98 entitled The Education Nation:

“Secular public education in America has evolved into what is essentially an elaborate employment preparation and social indoctrination mechanism.”

And I realized even I was getting caught up in the mindset of “employment preparation.”

You see, I have a 16 year old who is very close to finishing up all of his required high school credits in our state.  The natural conveyer belt of our society says the next step is college, but Blake isn’t sure he wants to go to college.  He’s a very intelligent, very driven young man and although I wanted to respect his decision, I felt myself lurching inside.


Would he be able to get a good job without a college education?

Isn’t every smart child supposed to go to college?

How would people react to him not going to college?

(notice how that last one is all about MY pride?)

Government education has truly become a system of institutionalized thinking.  There aren’t many “outside-the-box-ers” these days.  The goal does seem to be to get a child through high school so they can get through college, so they can get a better job than their parents, but if you look around you will see a lot of college graduates struggling to do just that.  And often, their answer is to go BACK to college for another round.  Piles of information, good test taking skills, and very little to show for it in the way of real world experience.  In the words of Kevin Swanson,

“It’s like taking 12 years of bike and never getting on one.”

Common Core is supposed to help change some of this, but all I see there is more of the same…fill heads with information they won’t retain and teach a test so hopefully they’ll get a good enough grade to get into college and…then what?

As I continued to read in the Clarkson’s book, I found myself deeply convicted to stop secretly wanting my son to be like everyone else (I say secretly because I would NEVER have admitted that I even remotely wanted any of my children to be INSIDE the box) and use these young adult years to give my son even more opportunities to become who God has created him to be because “true education is not about making a living but about making a life.” (<— this is a topic explored even more within the pages of Educating the Wholehearted Child.)

How we educate is important.  It runs much deeper than filling heads with information.  It runs much deeper than college prep or employment skills.  It starts when you child is very young and you allow them to be children full of wonder and curiosity for God’s great grandeur.  It continues as you cultivate a home environment that is full of love and respect for the individual image-of-God child, as well as plenty of free space and time to explore personal interests and and God-gifted leanings.  And as your child nears the end of childhood and adulthood is in sight, it becomes a time in which you guide your child toward using those interests and leanings where making a living becomes a reality because they’ve made a life.

Might I gently suggest you look into not only Educating the Wholehearted Child, but also a website I have mentioned before that goes hand-in-hand with what I am saying here:

10K to Talent free ebook and courses to help you give your child the opportunity to not just make a living, but live their dream! |

This website is full of information and guidance to take your child’s leanings and help them build a “real” life from those talents.  Using the principles we have learned from Jonathan Harris, our son has taken his interest in airsoft guns and built a website.  He’s learned to work on airsoft guns, produce and edit quality videos, and write with passion and clarity.  Our daughter is also working on her videography and photography, as she moves toward her own 10,000 hours of talent. offers courses to guide you and your student into using your homeschool time wisely by building a curriculum around their uniqueness in Christ.  This isn’t cookie-cutter homeschooling, and it will revolutionize how your entire homeschool paradigm!

I encourage you to really pray through all of this and catch a vision for how amazing the homeschool experience can be in the middle school and high school years!

Homeschooling Omnibus Sale – Tons of Resources for $25!

2014 Omnibus Homeschooling Sale - 105 Resources + FREEBIES & COUPONS for only $25! |


The 3rd annual Homeschooling Omnibus Sale is this week – AUGUST 18 – AUGUST 24!  You get a ton of resources for only $25, plus, there are a few special things about this year’s sale…

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2014 Omnibus DVD

I don’t want to clutter up this post with ALL of the resources available in this sale, but I do want to highlight a few I think will be of particular interest to Raising Arrows readers:

*My ebook, Large Family Homeschooling – I’m sure ALL of you already own a copy of this 170 page practical homeschooling tome, but just in case… ;)

Large Family Homeschooling - releases April 1!

*Raising Rock Stars FULL Preschool Curriculum – This is a fun curriculum for your little people, and gives you some much needed one-on-one time with those precious preschoolers in your home.

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*Circle Time – I’ve raved about this book and concept for quite a while, so you’ve probably heard it, but I’ll say it again…this book gives you the practical advice you need to bring ALL your children together corporately during the homeschool day, and get in those subjects you miss, as well as combine subjects you don’t need to be teaching separately.

Circle Time by Kendra Fletcher

*A Seasonal Start in Fall Chalk Pastels from my friend, Tricia Hodges.  The art in this book is beautiful and totally doable for a wide range of ages.  But what I love the most is that it features my favorite time of year – AUTUMN!  (Tricia’s Beach Pastels book is also in this package!)

Pastels by Tricia Hodges

*Essential Chefs – This ebook is absolutely fascinating!  Learn how to use essential oils in your cooking for health and taste!  50 Recipes included!

Essential Chefs - Using Essential Oils in Your Cooking

*Gloria:  A Christmas Hymn Study – This ebook, from my friend Kim, will be a wonderful addition to your holiday season with studies of favorites like O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Away in the Manger, Silent Night, and many more!  I can’t wait to share it with my children this year!

Gloria:  A Christmas Hymn Study

*Notebooking Success – One of the books that gave me the confidence I needed to start notebooking with my children.  (If interested, you can read more about how we use notebooking with a large family.)

Notebooking Success

*The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance – This is from my dear friend, Heidi St. John.  Her wit and wisdom have endeared her to me for years, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same reading this ebook (and your husband will thank you as well!).

The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Romance by Heidi St. John

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2014 Omnibus Sale August 18 - 24

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You Don’t Need to Win the Argument

You don't need to win the {homeschooling| argument |

When you start homeschooling, you may find yourself in an uphill battle with people who do not agree with your decision.  I find this tends to come most often from concerned family members and flabbergasted friends.  Depending on your personality, you may feel compelled to “fight” with them over your decision and spout all the latest research and statistics on homeschooling, but let me urge you to refrain from doing this because…

“You don’t need to win the argument; just make the point gently and with the confidence that you are doing God’s will for your family.”
~Educating the Wholehearted Child by Clay & Sally Clarkson

There truly is no need to become defensive about your choice to homeschool.  But, if you are feeling battered and bruised by those around you who are opposed to your decision, let me suggest a few reasons why this might be the case and a few more reasons why I still firmly believe you ought not engage in a verbal home school versus public school war.

First, a few questions to ask yourself when you feel offended by others being bothered by your choice to homeschool:

1.  Do I feel God has asked me to do this or am I still questioning the validity of my choice?

2.  Do I know why I am homeschooling my child or am I still unsure as to why I am wanting to do this?

3.  Does the offense run deeper than both of us realize?  Am I offended because I feel attacked or belittled or inadequate?  Does the other person feel attacked because I have chosen something different than they have chosen and in doing so, I’ve suggested they are inadequate?

4.  Was my tone prideful?  Am I approaching homeschooling as something I do because I am superior?

5.  Is there fear clouding either my thoughts or the thoughts of the other person?  If so, what does the fear stem from, and how can the Lord turn that fear around for His glory?

So, what’s the other half of this?  Once we ask the questions, we have to face the answers and understand why engaging in a verbal battle is not the answer to “winning”.

The path we take in life is not about man and man’s approval. (Gal 1:10)  It is about walking with God and doing what He asks of us.  It’s not your job to convince others to homeschool or convince them that your choice to homeschool is legitimate.  Live a quiet life that is pleasing to the Lord.  Live a life that is under conviction of the Holy Spirit.  Live in a way that is in line with the how a disciple of Christ ought to live and behave.

You don’t need to be combative.  You don’t need to prove your point.  You don’t need to “win” the argument.

So, what do you do when someone takes offense to your choices and you find yourself being questioned?  Here’s our answer:

“We take Deuteronomy 6 very seriously and feel the best way to guide our children in the Christian faith is to have them at home with us as their guides.  We have been so blessed by our time spent homeschooling!”

We don’t become ANTI-public school.  We don’t put on our boxing gloves and start duking it out.  We don’t even give all the latest, greatest homeschool grad stats.  This homeschooling thing is personal.  I am very confident this is what the Lord has called our family to.  Because of this conviction, I have full confidence in the path ahead being for my children’s good and His glory.

There really is no argument when you look at it this way.  You can walk away from a fight, and not be bothered that you didn’t “win” because you have already won just by being faithful to what he Lord has called you to do!

Be confident – Not combative!

See the Light Art Offers a Unique Way to Integrate Art Into Your Homeschool

See the Light Sunflowers Unit Study | RaisingArrows.netArt is always a difficult thing to integrate into your homeschool.  Unless you were an art major or really work hard to keep art in your weekly lineup, it isn’t uncommon to let art and art appreciation completely slip from your homeschool year.

That’s why I’ve been wanting to tell you about something new from See the Light Art (our favorite Art curriculum) – Unit Studies!

See the Light has produced their first Unit Study based on Vincent van Gogh’s Painting, Sunflowers.  And unlike many unit studies, this one is ALL INCLUSIVE!  Meaning you don’t need to supplement any other material to make this a full unit study!  It has your math, literature, science, and even foreign language!  All for only $9.99!

Here’s a clip from Pat Knepley introducing the new unit study…

And this is the perfect time to do this month-long unit study!  It will provide a wonderful transition into your homeschool year during a time when sunflowers are abundant!


Don’t Forget Tonight’s FREE Homeschooling Workshop

I wanted to remind you that tonight, July 29, Kerry Beck will be presenting her Approaches to Christian Homeschooling online workshop.  I’m sure you’ll learn something, whether you are new to homeschooling or experienced teaching your kids.

{FREE WORKSHOP} Approaches to Homeschooling -

This is a FREE workshop you can listen to in the convenience of your own home.  All of the methods will be discussed from a decidedly Biblical point of view.  They will include:

  1. Classical
  2. Charlotte Mason
  3. Unit Studies
  4. Biblical Principles
  5. Traditional-Textbook
  6. Unschooling-Resource Rich
  7. Christian Leadership

Here are just a few secrets she’ll be revealing…

  • Simple techniques to match your approach with your family’s values & goals
  • One method to develop a LOVE OF LEARNING
  • 4 R’s of Notebooking with the Principle Approach
  • How to Use your Homeschool to Raise Christian Leaders
  • 3 Stages of the Classical Approach
  • How to be on the same page as your spouse
  • 4 R’s of a Successful Charlotte Mason Homeschool
  • How to watch the 7 workshops from earlier this year
  • How to Make your Homeschool relate to Real Life

Bottom Line …On this 60-minute online workshop, you’ll discover more about how to give your kids a SUPERIOR education so they have a firm Christian foundation.

It’s happening TONIGHT Tuesday, July 29th at 9:00PM (Eastern Time) especially for Raising Arrows readers!


Not only will you be able to hear Kerry talking about how to have a Christian homeschool, but you’ll also get to SEE and WATCH it happening in real time on your computer screen, complete with real examples! Don’t miss out!

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