Week 22 Pregnancy Update

baby development

Is anyone else ready for Autumn?

It has been a HOT week here and it seems more of the same is to come.  August is always hot here, so I’m certainly ready for September and {hopefully} cooler temps!

Take a look at that ticker, would ya!  11 inches!  Baby is nearly a foot long!  So amazing!  I am really getting anxious to meet this little one.  In fact, this past week, I’ve done some early nesting projects.

1.  Working on rearranging our bedroom to accommodate the baby.  In the process, I hung up our BABY sign and the mother and baby sketch by Breezy Brookshire.

Baby sign & sketch from Breezy Tulip Studio

You can read about how we make a special place for baby without a nursery in this post.

2.  Washing up baby clothes, sunning them (because they always end up stained after being stored no matter how clean they were when you put them away!), and going through cloth diapers.

I really pared down my diaper stash this past year (thank you, Vanessa, for helping me sell them!), so I’m looking for a few more to add, plus, make a few of my own just for this baby.  I’ll probably add a couple of Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers (they are my favorite little baby covers) and maybe some Kissaluvs (I used to own a couple of these and loved them!).

The diapers I make will be a cotton print or flannel outer and sherpa or cotton velour inner.  I’ve thought about purchasing the Very Baby pattern, but haven’t quite convinced myself (anyone want to convince me?).

3.  I’ve been canning & preserving like crazy!  Despite the fact my hips lock up regularly while working in the kitchen, I have still managed to do up hundreds of tomatoes and sandhill plums.  Next week, I’ll have a post linking to all the recipes I have used this season!


4.  I’m also trying to declutter the house.  There just seems to be too much stuff in this house!  This week, I’ve gotten rid of 2 large garbage bags of stuff and I’m hoping for more!

I really need to go through our basement, but that feels almost impossible.  We had a flood earlier in the summer and everything was thrown onto pallets in haste.  I’m not sure where anything is and going down there just stresses me out.  Ty and I joke about cleaning it the next time we move…but, frankly, that’s not very funny.

Baby is moving well.  Garin, our 3 year old, loves to feel baby move and talk to baby and tell baby he loves him/her (he waffles between the two genders ;) ).  I always tell him baby loves him to, and he always asks how I know.  I tell him to put his ear to mommy’s tummy and listen closely.  He thinks that is very funny…which makes his dimples show…which makes his mama smile.

Garin on trampoline in Colorado

(these are photos of Garin on our recent vacation to the mountains -
the trampoline made his hair all crazy)

The Ultimate Guide to Morning Sickness Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Morning Sickness Remedies | RaisingArrows.netBefore I became pregnant with my first child, I could count on one hand the number of times I had thrown up.  Now, I am quite familiar with the nausea and vomiting that seem to plague my pregnancies.

While I do not think there is one answer for every person out there, I do think there are things that work for some and things that at least ease the morning sickness for others.

This post is a compilation of things I have tried, things I have heard of from others, and also general coping tactics for those weeks when the couch holds you hostage.  I’m going to include my own personal notes, but please know this morning sickness thing is super personal and what works for one might not work for another and vice-versa.  (Note:  any ideas and suggestions you have will be added to the list…well, as long as they aren’t too off the wall ;) )

My only disclaimer is that I’m not a doctor, I’m just a mom who has lived through this thing called morning sickness 9 times over in the last 16 years.

Expert?  No.  Field tester?  Most definitely!

And frankly, for some of us this thing called morning sickness is a trial that must be endured.  I’m not in the camp of people who believe every ailment our human bodies go through is fixable.  Sometimes morning sickness is that “thorn in the flesh” Paul speaks of in the Bible, and that is where faith meets fire.  From there, it is up to us to be willing to make a sacrifice of love toward this new little person being knit within.

(Another Disclaimer:  Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a serious condition in pregnancy.  If your vomiting is continual, you are losing a significant amount of weight, and cannot keep anything down for 24 hours or more, please see your doctor.)

Over-the-Counter “Traditional” Remedies:
Um…neither of these worked…at all.
Unisom & B6 combo – Unisom at night, B6 in the morning, many people swear by this.  It did help me some.

Prescription Medicines (always use with well-informed caution):
ZofranI have a friend who considered this her “miracle drug.”  While it allowed me to actually sit up, it by no means stopped the vomiting.  You can read about my experience with it last pregnancy HERE.  By the way, it does cause constipation.
ReglanCauses severe drowsiness and did not work for me.
ProchlorperazineSome say it is safe, others say no.  I took one pill of Compazine and had a panic attack.  And no, the vomiting did not stop.
Decletin – Common in Canada, but a lot of controversy surrounding its safety.
B ShotI thought it worked for a bit.  Then, it didn’t.

Natural Remedies:
Ginger - I drank ginger tea with a couple of my babies.  It helps while you drink it.  Afterward, not so much…but it does give you something to throw up.  Sorry, just being honest.  My favorite was from Earth Mama.  You can also buy Ginger Gum.
1 TBSP of hydrated Bentonite clay in the morning (with a cup of water or juice) - the idea of this grosses me out, but I had a reader say it worked.
Baby Bliss - I really wanted this to work.  It didn’t.
Higher Protein Diet
Lemon Ice - Fill a blender jar/pitcher with ice, peel and seed a lemon, add a little water or sprite and then blend to snow cone consistency. Eat small spoonfuls. (from Betty at Peace Creek on the Prairie)
MagnesiumYou can read how this was working for me at 9 weeks and how I was using it – magnesium oil, Epsom Salts, supplements.  This did help, but it did not take the vomiting away completely and it was very easy to get “behind” on keeping my magnesium stores full.
Juice Fastagain, this is something I just don’t think I could stomach, but I do know someone who benefitted from this greatly.
Acupuncture/MassageWhile I have never used acupuncture, I can attest to how much better I felt when my oldest daughter would give me a back and neck massage.  She would often do this at night to put me to sleep – which frankly, was often the best morning sickness reprieve.
Giving into your Cravings - for me, what I craved was often the only thing I would keep down.
Ocean MineralsI don’t really know anything about this, but a reader suggested them as a big help to her.
Preggie Pops (or other hard candy) – I am NOT a hard candy fan, but it does help me during pregnancy…especially when I have to be in a car.  One reader mentioned mint flavors helping, and I agree.
Avoid sugar & caffeine - honestly, neither one of these appeal to me when I’m feeling sick.
Beans – um…I hate beans…pregnant or not, but one commenter says they cured her morning sickness when she ate them every couple of hours.
Peppermint Oil – I’ve heard mixed opinions about whether or not peppermint oil is safe during pregnancy.  I chose to use it as aromatherapy only.  It was not uncommon for me to  go to sleep at night with a bottle of peppermint oil in my hand because I would lay there and take occasional whiffs of it.  A diffuser necklace might be a good idea here.
Kombucha Tea – This is a fermented tea that we drink fairly regularly, but when I’m sick, I don’t do a good job taking care of my scoby.  Might have to rethink this next time.
Alkalizing your body – This I had not heard of, but you can find more information in this post from Sacred Mommyhood.
Lemon/Lime – I did eat quite a few lime juice freezer pops.


Homeopathic Remedies:
Pegasus Homeopathics v.m.t 30C

Soda (some say particularly Coca-Cola) 
- This helped me for about a week and then it just made me sicker.  It’s like my body gets used to a remedy and decides it doesn’t work anymore!  One reader mentioned Virgil’s Root Beer as a huge help to her.

Blog articles, websites, and books on morning sickness and handling every day life:

The Protein/Morning Sickness Connection from Raising Arrows
Morning Sickness and My To-Do List from Raising Arrows
Homeschooling and the Morning Sickness Factor from Raising Arrows
Suffering in Pregnancy (an anonymous guest post on Raising Arrows)
My Morning Sickness Story from Artful Homemaking
Coping with Morning Sickness from Sacred Mommyhood
MyMorningSickness.com - If I remember right, years ago, the information on this site was free; however, it looks to me like it is now in ebook form, but there is still a lot of free content on the site.
Trust & Obey (used to be Whining Puker) – her left hand sidebar has all the information from her posts on hyperemesis gravidarum (my spell checker doesn’t even want to accept those as words, but trust me, they are)
Morning Sickness Survival
from A Mama’s Story
How to Spiritually Survive Morning Sickness from The Modest Mom Blog
How to Physically Survive Morning Sickness from The Modest Mom Blog
Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize – I have not read this.
Pink Stork – Site with products dedicated to relieving morning sickness.

I also have a chapter on morning sickness in my ebook Large Family Homeschooling because let’s face it, if you have a lot of kiddos and you homeschool, chances are, you’ve homeschooled with morning sickness. ;)

Large Family Homeschooling - releases April 1!

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves about any of these “remedies” and anything else you may have found that helps.  Or, if nothing else, feel free to commiserate with one another.  ;)  Some day, you won’t feel so awful anymore, but I know in the midst of it all, it feels as if that day will never come.  ((HUGS))

Week 21 Pregnancy Update

baby development

Baby weighs almost a pound according to the ticker above!  Yippee!!

This past week our family took a vacation to Colorado.  I didn’t sleep real well, but I did have plenty of time to read and relax and enjoy the cooler mountain air.  I have lots of food for thought that to share that will most certainly make it to the blog sometime in the coming months!

Amy_Ty North Clear Creek Falls

I’ve hit the point in pregnancy where people assume I am due any day.  I am often asked when I’m due, and my answer is always, “Not until December.”  I’m not sure when December won’t seem so very far away, but for now prefacing my answer with the words “not until” seems like the thing to do.

The topic of baby names has begun to be something we’re kicking around.  We already had a couple of boy names picked out (I guess when you have a string of boys, you tend to think you’ll only have boys and that’s what you naturally gravitate toward?), but we are starting to come up with a few girl names as well.  We don’t really like to share the names we are considering because there’s really no sense in people giving us their opinion of our choice prior to baby’s birth.  Once baby is here, they can’t do much about the name we’ve chosen. ;)

Oh, and for those of you who are desperately wondering if we found out what gender baby is at our 19 week sonogram, the answer is…sort of.  Those of you who have followed Raising Arrows through several pregnancies know that we never let the sonographer tell us what the baby is, but we always look for ourselves.  It leaves that “shadow of a doubt” in our minds and keeps us still wondering until baby arrives.  Do we have an inkling?  Yes.  Am I going to tell you?  Nope.

Now, what do we do about our inklings?  Well, I tend to make up a few diapers and other little things in that gender.  I also pull out just a few gowns and onesies that are gender-specific.  However, the bulk majority of items I prepare for baby are gender neutral.  We have plenty of these to keep us stocked until mama feels like rifling through clothes tubs to find the more gender-specific items after baby arrives.

Such an exciting time!

So, do you find out if you are having a boy or a girl?  How do you handle prepping baby things?  

Week 20 Pregnancy Update

I know this update is going to seem like it came on the heels of last week’s update since I waited until my mid-week sonogram, but hey, 20 weeks is something to celebrate!

baby development


20 weeks always sort of sneaks up on me, but it is such a wonderful surprise!  Like I said last week, I begin to finally feel like planning for baby’s arrival at 20 weeks.  It’s all downhill from here, and often it goes really fast (at least it does until maybe the last month :) ).  So, you’ll probably see me pinning things to my Pregnancy & Baby Pinterest board:

Pregnancy & Babies Pinterest Board from Amy @ RaisingArrows.net

You’ll hopefully find me in my sewing room too!  I always like to make a little something handmade for the new baby.  Sometimes it is a simple quilt or some cute little cloth diapers, but whatever it is, it is specifically for the new baby – never owned/worn/used by another child in the household.

I also got a nursing pillow through NursingPillow.com:
Use Promotion Code raisingarrows9 TODAY!

The code on the graphic above gives you one for FREE (you’ll have to pay shipping, but it was so worth it!).  I’ve never had a “real” nursing pillow, so I’m looking forward to trying it out!

By the way, August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month.  While I’ve never had any issues with being able to nurse in public, I know people who have.  Honestly, breastfeeding my babies is one of my favorite parts of having a new baby, and I count it as a privilege and a blessing to do so.  (If you’ve never read my article about breastfeeding Emily, I’d encourage you to do so.  I’ve also written about my Breastfeeding Journey in a series of posts HERE, but it could use an update since it ended with Baby #7).

What’s your favorite part of having a new baby?  I’d love to hear what things about that newborn stage are precious to you!

Week 19 Pregnancy Update

I waited a bit to do this week’s pregnancy update, so I could include this…

Baby #9 Week 19 | RaisingArrows.net

I love sonogram week!  I get a glimpse of that little person living inside of me, and I get all giddy!  It’s the point in my pregnancy when I start to feel like it is time to start the planning phase – time to get ready to meet this new little one.

baby development
Speaking of planning, I recently ordered a FREE nursing pillow, and I’ll soon be ordering some other things as well.  Plus, I have my own Raising Arrows coupon code just to share with you!


(in honor of Baby #9!)

Use Promotion Code raisingarrows9 TODAY!
Use Promotion Code raisingarrows9 TODAY!
Use Promotion Code raisingarrows9 TODAY!
Use Promotion Code raisingarrows9 TODAY!
Use Promotion Code raisingarrows9 TODAY!
Use Promotion Code raisingarrows9 TODAY!
Use Promotion Code raisingarrows9 TODAY!

This past week, I’ve felt wonderful!  Well, except for that little spill I took off a stagecoach.  Yes, I said stagecoach.  This stagecoach to be exact:


It was my fault.  I forget I’m not my usual sure-footed, nimble self when I’m sportin’ a big ole belly. *sigh*

Speaking of big bellies, here are a couple of photos of me, my belly, and Kip the dog.

Amy with Kip

Kip giving kisses

Week 18 Pregnancy Update

First of all, I was wrong about something I put in yesterday’s post…

Buy More & Save More at the Build Your Bundle - Homeschool Edition Sale - Up to 92% Off!

The Build Your Bundle Sale isn’t Buy 2, Get 1 50% off, it’s Buy 2, Get 1 FREE! EVEN BETTER!  Now, to figure out what I want!  But, that’s another post for another day.

baby development

So, an interesting turn of events this week.  I went from one sick mama to feeling GREAT!  As in, so great, I ran down the stairs last night without thinking about the fact that I was hefting a baby belly with me!

Yay for 18 weeks!

I am cooking again.  I’ve even gone back to eating Trim Healthy Mama style because it does such a good job of balancing my blood sugars and that always makes me feel better.

We are slowly catching up around the house, which included bringing up the better washer from the basement so I can keep a watchful eye on the laundry and buying 3 new bookshelves to control the book/homeschool chaos.

A note on the laundry…
Ever since we moved in February, we’ve struggled to find a good laundry system.  Nothing was really working well.  Then, I got pregnant and sick and let’s just say laundry began to stink…literally.  Our remedy for laundry that ends up that way is OxyClean.  I know, not super all-natural, but it works.  It takes clothes that smell like wet-dog to clothes that are fresh as a daisy (as my sister likes to say).  Using a lot of that stuff these days as we catch up. ;)

Honestly, now that we are back to one washer (and it’s upstairs), I think we’ll have an easier time with our laundry system.  We will probably go back to the same one we had at the other house.

On the down side of all this 2nd trimester goodness is that all of my lovely first trimester fingernails have broken.  This happens every pregnancy to me.  I don’t have very nice fingernails to begin with.  They don’t grown long unless I am newly pregnant.  But once the pregnancy hormones level out at around 12 weeks, that’s it.  No more nails.  Boo hoo.

Oh, by the way…guess who has a sonogram coming up in a week?!  Cannot wait!