Week 35 Pregnancy Update

baby developmentI’m sitting amongst boxes as I type this, but by the time you read this, we will be well on our way to the new house. I’m sure much of the 5 weeks (4.5 by the time you read this ;) ) I have left in this pregnancy are going to feel rather quick! There will be so much to do to get ready – for the holidays AND the new house! Talk about whirlwind!

The photo I have for you today is a little grainy because it was taken with a phone at night, but I wanted to show you one of my favorite holiday outfits:

35 week pregnancy update with baby #9 | RaisingArrows.net

This black sweater and pants have been a comfortable ensemble this year.  I like to accessorize with a scarf around my neck (when it is chilly enough outside) and silver jewelry.  It seems very little fits and is comfortable these days, so I am thankful for this outfit for holiday gatherings!

I’ve slept pretty well this past week.  Several of the children have gotten to feel little baby kicks.  My 10 year old keeps asking baby to come out.  My 4 year old takes every opportunity he can get to just say “hi” to baby.  My blood sugars are great, and so far, the move has been pretty seamless and painless.

I was feeling quite a few contractions (I always start to dilate around this time frame), but a friend reminded me that I needed to be drinking during this whole moving process.  She was absolutely right!  So, I’ll remind all of you pregnant (and nursing!) mamas –

Drink your water during this next week!
You need it and so does baby!

Week 34 Pregnancy Update

baby development

6 weeks to go!  That feels a bit surreal.  I’m excited to meet this little one.  With the upcoming move and holidays, I don’t have a lot of time to sit around and think about it, but when I do, I am very anxious to find out what this baby’s birth story will be.

Oh, and guess what?!  I actually managed to get you a photo this week!

34 Week Pregnancy Update | RaisingArrows.net

Now, I’m afraid looks are deceiving.  From this angle, I don’t look all that huge.  In fact, this is more how I “think” I look.  But, let’s take a different angle…

34 Week Pregnancy Update | RaisingArrows.net

That’s a little more accurate; although, I think in person, my baby belly is much more “dramatic.” ;)

I had my Gestational Diabetes counseling last week.  I prick my finger 4x a day and every week send in the results.  My A1C came back perfectly normal (meaning my sugars have not been out of balance in the past several months), and so far, my daily numbers have been within range as well.  Now to make it through the holidays!

Toward the end of pregnancy, I like to read pregnancy-related books.  The one I’m reading right now is by my friend, Misty Marr…

(affiliate link)

I have to be very careful what I read when I am this late in pregnancy.  In fact, Facebook has been a place I have had to really be wary of because there are so many stories, and not all of them are encouraging.  I don’t handle death of children very well, and at this stage of pregnancy, fears easily boil to the surface.  So, I guard my heart, and ask the Lord to help me to continue to minister to grieving mothers without being consumed.

On a final note, the movers come next week to start the process of relocating our family.  This week is full of preliminary projects.  Next week will be full of nitty-gritty details and work.  I’m sure I’ll be super busy and probably super tired, but I am looking forward to the entire process bringing us to a settled place before baby arrives.

Have a blessed week!

Week 33 Pregnancy Update

baby developmentBaby is definitely growing!  I am really feeling just how big baby is getting.  I’m wearing my pregnancy brace more and more to keep my belly in a better place.  I’m not really comfortable wearing it all the time, but when I’m really hurting, it is a huge relief!

I mentioned last week that we were going to an early Thanksgiving dinner.  Well, that fell through.  A light case of the stomach flu quickly ran through our house, starting that morning, so we stayed home.  I did let the kids listen to Christmas music as a consolation prize. ;)

Its been 5 weeks since my last OB appointment.  With everything that has been going on here (more on that later in the week), I had to stretch the visit out further.  My doctor is pretty easy-going, so it wasn’t a big deal.  However, this Wednesday, I do have my OB appointment AND my Gestational Diabetes counseling.  It’s going to make for a long day.

Still no updated photo.  Honestly, between not feeling good from the flu and not having any place to be where I needed to dress up and “fix myself up”, I wouldn’t have had any good photos anyway.   At this point in pregnancy, getting a flattering photo of yourself takes planning!

One last thing I wanted to tell you about is the sale going on right now for an ebook I’m an affiliate with…

Sweeter Side of Candida 20% off sale!  Gear up for your holiday sugar-free "sweets"!The Sweeter Side of Candida is a fantastic book to have around for the holidays.  Many of the recipes in the book are sugar free, gluten free versions of holiday favorites!  I am going to be relying heavily on this ebook in the next few weeks.

Now through November 8th, you can get the ebook at 20% off!  


Have a blessed week everyone!

Week 32 Pregnancy Update

baby developmentSo, I’m going to be perfectly honest here…

I think I’ve hit the pregnancy wall.  It’s that place where you aren’t sure you can keep going, yet you know you have to.  Problem is, it seems a little early for that, don’t you think?

We have a lot going on behind the scenes that shall be revealed very soon.  I am sure much of what I’m feeling stems from that.  (aren’t I awful for making you wait to find out what’s going on??!!)

Additionally, the diastasis recti is making carrying this baby a bit challenging.  I carry very low because of the lack of stomach muscles.  So low, in fact, that baby “sits” on my lap when I am sitting down.  A baby sitting on your lap in utero is NOT as wonderful as a baby sitting on your lap and in your arms…just in case you were wondering. ;)

This weekend starts our holiday festivities.  We will be having an early Thanksgiving with my side of the family.  Then, next week, I have my gestational diabetic counseling and an OB appointment.

And again, no updated photo.  Life here is moving so quickly that if I took a photo, I would just be a blur.  A very round blur. ;)

Week 31 Pregnancy Update

baby development

We were too busy with traveling and company to snap any photos for this week’s update. Suffice it to say, I am huge and baby feels as if he/she weighs much more than the 4 pounds my ticker says.

I was asked multiple times this week if I was having twins.  Several people also commented on the fact that I am all belly.  This is due not only to the diastasis recti, but also to the fact that I am extremely short waisted.  There’s really no place for baby to go but out in front.  Hiding pregnancy is not really something I do well. ;)

My friend, Amy, who happens to be one who does not show early and never gets very big at all has given me some great perspective this pregnancy.  She revels in every second of her pregnancies (she’s due a week after me with their #8).  She loves looking pregnant, and I’d almost venture to guess she wouldn’t mind one little bit if she got as big as I do.

Getting this big used to bother me a lot.  In fact, I once rushed out of a store because of the comments I could hear being made behind my back, yet within my earshot.  While it does get extremely old defending that I know FOR SURE I’m not having twins, and that I also know FOR SURE that my due date is December 22, and that I am well aware of the fact that I shock people when I turn around because from the back I don’t look pregnant, I am still thankful to be growing the newest member of our family…and thankful for a friend like Amy, who keeps me from having too many pity parties.

I will say, with every passing day, I grow slower and slower.  It’s been a difficult adjustment going from 90 to nothing so quickly.  Thankfully, I have a lot of willing helpers who help ease my workload.  My 16 year old son even sat down the other night and gave me a foot massage because I looked tired and so did my feet.  What a guy!

Oh, and some not so great news…
The nurse told me I had passed my 3 hour glucose test, but a few days later, she called and started the conversation with, “You are going to hate me.”  I actually did NOT pass.  She had misread the numbers.  My beginning and ending numbers were in the 70s, but my middle numbers were above range.  For now, my OB is just having me watch my diet.  (yes, Trim Healthy Mama it is)  I will be 33 weeks when I go back for my next appointment, so we’ll see then what she is thinking.  She is super low key, so that could be the extent of “treatment” for me.  I definitely feel like this is doable.  I’m just disappointed that after losing weight and watching my sugar intake these past couple of years, I am gestational diabetic for the first time.  bah.

So, how are all my pregnant mama friends out there?  Would love to hear YOUR updates!

Got Morning Sickness? Get Pink Stork!

Got Morning Sickness?  Try Pink Stork!

Amy Upchurch had Hyperemesis Gravidarum with all four of her pregnancies.  She was admitted to the hospital for a total of 47 days due to this condition.  She was skeptical that anything would help.

Anyone who has ever suffered from this form of severe morning sickness (myself included), knows exactly what that is like.  You give up.

Except Amy didn’t give up.

Before she really got bad with her 4th pregnancy, she was able to start implementing a regimen of products she had worked to develop.  With the help of a team of experts and women who had suffered through HG, she took a total body approach and found herself experiencing a pregnancy that was completely different from the others!  In fact, it worked so well, she and her family poured their savings into starting up a business based on these products:

Pink Stork Solutions

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Solutions

I only wish I had found out about them BEFORE I was past the morning sickness stage this time!  While I did not deal with HG this pregnancy, Pink Stork has morning sickness products for mild, moderate, AND hyperemesis.

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Morning Sickness Solutions

Pink Stork’s 30 day plan is always the recommended place to start because treating morning sickness is a whole-body approach, and morning sickness rarely has one specific cause.  (Remember, the morning sickness solutions come in  mild, moderate, AND severe.

You also might be interested in their super popular – Cocolaurin.  Derived from monolaurin, which is naturally found in a woman’s breast milk, Cocolaurin is a natural immune booster and is especially effective against H. pylori and other “gut” conditions that are linked to hyperemesis gravidarum and morning sickness.  Pair this with their probiotic and you are well on your way to repairing any damage done to your body that might be causing your morning sickness.

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