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Week 32 Pregnancy Update

baby developmentSo, I’m going to be perfectly honest here…

I think I’ve hit the pregnancy wall.  It’s that place where you aren’t sure you can keep going, yet you know you have to.  Problem is, it seems a little early for that, don’t you think?

We have a lot going on behind the scenes that shall be revealed very soon.  I am sure much of what I’m feeling stems from that.  (aren’t I awful for making you wait to find out what’s going on??!!)

Additionally, the diastasis recti is making carrying this baby a bit challenging.  I carry very low because of the lack of stomach muscles.  So low, in fact, that baby “sits” on my lap when I am sitting down.  A baby sitting on your lap in utero is NOT as wonderful as a baby sitting on your lap and in your arms…just in case you were wondering. ;)

This weekend starts our holiday festivities.  We will be having an early Thanksgiving with my side of the family.  Then, next week, I have my gestational diabetic counseling and an OB appointment.

And again, no updated photo.  Life here is moving so quickly that if I took a photo, I would just be a blur.  A very round blur. ;)

Week 31 Pregnancy Update

baby development

We were too busy with traveling and company to snap any photos for this week’s update. Suffice it to say, I am huge and baby feels as if he/she weighs much more than the 4 pounds my ticker says.

I was asked multiple times this week if I was having twins.  Several people also commented on the fact that I am all belly.  This is due not only to the diastasis recti, but also to the fact that I am extremely short waisted.  There’s really no place for baby to go but out in front.  Hiding pregnancy is not really something I do well. ;)

My friend, Amy, who happens to be one who does not show early and never gets very big at all has given me some great perspective this pregnancy.  She revels in every second of her pregnancies (she’s due a week after me with their #8).  She loves looking pregnant, and I’d almost venture to guess she wouldn’t mind one little bit if she got as big as I do.

Getting this big used to bother me a lot.  In fact, I once rushed out of a store because of the comments I could hear being made behind my back, yet within my earshot.  While it does get extremely old defending that I know FOR SURE I’m not having twins, and that I also know FOR SURE that my due date is December 22, and that I am well aware of the fact that I shock people when I turn around because from the back I don’t look pregnant, I am still thankful to be growing the newest member of our family…and thankful for a friend like Amy, who keeps me from having too many pity parties.

I will say, with every passing day, I grow slower and slower.  It’s been a difficult adjustment going from 90 to nothing so quickly.  Thankfully, I have a lot of willing helpers who help ease my workload.  My 16 year old son even sat down the other night and gave me a foot massage because I looked tired and so did my feet.  What a guy!

Oh, and some not so great news…
The nurse told me I had passed my 3 hour glucose test, but a few days later, she called and started the conversation with, “You are going to hate me.”  I actually did NOT pass.  She had misread the numbers.  My beginning and ending numbers were in the 70s, but my middle numbers were above range.  For now, my OB is just having me watch my diet.  (yes, Trim Healthy Mama it is)  I will be 33 weeks when I go back for my next appointment, so we’ll see then what she is thinking.  She is super low key, so that could be the extent of “treatment” for me.  I definitely feel like this is doable.  I’m just disappointed that after losing weight and watching my sugar intake these past couple of years, I am gestational diabetic for the first time.  bah.

So, how are all my pregnant mama friends out there?  Would love to hear YOUR updates!

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Amy Upchurch had Hyperemesis Gravidarum with all four of her pregnancies.  She was admitted to the hospital for a total of 47 days due to this condition.  She was skeptical that anything would help.

Anyone who has ever suffered from this form of severe morning sickness (myself included), knows exactly what that is like.  You give up.

Except Amy didn’t give up.

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Pink Stork Solutions

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And a big shout out goes to reader, Diana, for letting me know about Pink Stork Solutions!  Thank you!

Week 30 Pregnancy Update

baby development

30 weeks

Wow!  I went from superwoman speed to turtle speed in a matter of a couple of weeks.  Baby is head down, which has put a lot more weight on my hips it seems.  They tire out very easily.  I remind myself of a lumbering bear.  Everything I do is slow and, well…lumbering. ;)

I wish I could give you an update on my 3 hour glucose test, but as of last night, the lab at our local hospital had not sent the results to my Dr’s office.  So…you and I will just have to wait.

This past week we picked up our puppy, Kip.  He’s been at the trainers because remember…I train children, not dogs.  He’ll be with us until mid-December and then he’ll go back to get in his hunting training.  (He isn’t just for looks.  He’s a “working’ dog”!)

Kip on bed

He’s doing really well.  He’s still puppy (5 months old), but he’s pretty good about things, and really just wants praise and attention – and we have PLENTY of THAT to go around!

So, I told you I had really slowed down.  Despite that, I make a list every day to help keep on some sort of track.  I work through the list as best I can.  It helps me feel like I am accomplishing something.  This week, we finished decluttering a major part of the basement, I worked on my Holiday Planner, and I got ALL of the laundry done up…for about 5 minutes, that is.  You know how it is.

I am really getting anxious to meet this little one.  I keep sonogram photos in my pregnancy journal, and will often peak a glance at baby throughout the day.  *happy sighs*

Baby #9

Honestly, 10 weeks doesn’t seem all that far away.  I’ll probably think differently in a few weeks, but for now, I’m enjoying knowing “Baby Day” will soon be here!

Spa Pamper Party Package

Don’t miss the Spa Party ebooks and coupons!  (Read more about it in last week’s pregnancy update.)  This awesome Baby Shower (or Mommy/Daughter Day) idea is only available until October 17th!


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Week 29 Pregnancy Update {and a really neat idea!}

baby development

This week, I began to feel the 3rd Trimester.

I took a walk and wondered if I would make it back.  I woke up at 3:30 am wide awake and uncomfortable.  I went shopping and was very thankful for the shopping cart to help hold me up.

Oh, and that 1 hour glucose test?

Failed it.

Your body has to make 3x the insulin in pregnancy than it does outside of pregnancy.  I’ve noticed that any little bit of sugar I ingest is really hard on me.  My body just couldn’t do it in an hour.  I’ll take the 3 hour later this week.  No matter what, I will be watching my sugars closely.  I just can’t handle them, and don’t like how they make me feel.  You’ll probably see me pinning a lot of Trim Healthy Mama recipes on Pinterest. ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I had a friend ask me if anyone was planning a shower for me.  I sort of snickered and said, “Um, no…not when you’ve had this many babies!”  In our culture, Baby Showers are for first time moms and a baby of the opposite gender of what you’ve already had.  That’s it.  Anything beyond that is overkill and potential greed.  (I say that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.)

However, new babies should be cause for celebration – no matter what number they are!  And a pregnant mama deserves some pampering, especially if she’s had more than a couple of children.

Guess what?!  I’ve found a super fun Baby and Pregnant Mama Celebration that would be a great fit no matter how many babies you’ve had!

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A blogger friend of mine told me about the Spa Party Package this past week, and I immediately thought of how awesome this would be for celebrating pregnancy with your friends!

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I can think of all sorts of possibilities this Spa Party has besides a Baby Shower – Mother-Daughter Nights, Birthdays, homemade Christmas gifts – and none of it involves me ingesting sugar! ;)

Remember, this offer ends October 17th

(Hopefully, next week, I’ll have an update on the 3 hour glucose test – keep praying!)

Week 28 Pregnancy Update

baby development

Hello 3rd Trimester!

Yesterday, we met our Taco Friends for lunch and fellowship.  (They are called our “Taco Friends” because when we get together every few months, we always meet at a cheap taco joint.  My kids have always nicknamed our various friends to help keep them sorted out in their minds – so these are our Taco Friends.)

I always enjoy fellowshipping with these two families so much, and yesterday was no different.  It’s especially nice to get together with them because they understand the pain of losing a child, and what that means for subsequent pregnancies and babies.  Our conversation can be candid, yet encouraging.

They are also super good at making a very pregnant mama feel not so huge. ;)

Week 28 Pregnancy Update with Baby #9

(Excuse the shadow behind me – this was late last night after we got back from church.)

Most of the time, I hear a lot of shock in people’s voices when they find out I still have nearly 3 months to go.  Our Taco Friends are more like, “You look so good!”  If only more people were that encouraging to pregnant mamas!

I am still feeling really good (except for that night I had caffeine before bed – what was I thinking??!!).  I am trying to take more breaks, and take full-blown naps as needed.

This week marks the OB appointment where I take my 1 hour glucose test.  yippee.  I am actually pretty nervous because I flunked the 1 hr for the first time with my last baby.  I still passed the 3 hour with flying colors, but I don’t really want to have to do a 3 hour to prove I don’t have gestational diabetes.  The 1 hour is bad enough.  So, if you think of it, say a little prayer for me on Wednesday.  I’ll let you know the results next update.