Educational Games Sale from SimplyFun – Today & Tomorrow only!

SimplyFun Educational Games Annual Sale - Give gifts that teach!


I am a firm believer that gifts should be well-thought out.  Junky plastic toys and mindless entertainment don’t rank high on my list of “must-buy” items for Christmas and birthdays.  For one thing, I don’t need the clutter in my house, and for another, I want my children to actually be learning something from the gifts they receive.

That’s why the annual sale at SimplyFun is an event I like to promote!

SimplyFun is a company that offers high quality, educationally-minded games.  Your children have fun AND learn!

Here are some of the games included in the sale… (click here for more info on the games!)

SimplyFun Annual Holiday Sale - High Quality Educational Games!

Consider the subjects your child struggles with in school.  What might a game do to help them grasp the concept?  Think about playing that game alongside your child!  Think about the entire family joining in and reinforcing learning while having a blast together!

Don’t waste money on junk this year!  And don’t waste time and miss this sale!  It runs TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY!


Discount Reminders + Giveaway Winner!

Simplified Dinners ebook with recipes! (giveaway winner)

Congratulations to our winner – Rebecca!  
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Pink Stork Morning Sickness Solutions

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Solutions is offering 25% off STOREWIDE for Raising Arrows readers!  Don’t miss this awesome chance to try their products completely risk free and at a discounted price!


Got Morning Sickness? Get Pink Stork!

Got Morning Sickness?  Try Pink Stork!

Amy Upchurch had Hyperemesis Gravidarum with all four of her pregnancies.  She was admitted to the hospital for a total of 47 days due to this condition.  She was skeptical that anything would help.

Anyone who has ever suffered from this form of severe morning sickness (myself included), knows exactly what that is like.  You give up.

Except Amy didn’t give up.

Before she really got bad with her 4th pregnancy, she was able to start implementing a regimen of products she had worked to develop.  With the help of a team of experts and women who had suffered through HG, she took a total body approach and found herself experiencing a pregnancy that was completely different from the others!  In fact, it worked so well, she and her family poured their savings into starting up a business based on these products:

Pink Stork Solutions

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Solutions

I only wish I had found out about them BEFORE I was past the morning sickness stage this time!  While I did not deal with HG this pregnancy, Pink Stork has morning sickness products for mild, moderate, AND hyperemesis.

And here’s the really great part – there is no risk when you buy from Pink Stork (that’s how confident Amy is that the products work!).  It is a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, AND they pay the return shipping!  Even if you use the entire product and it doesn’t work for you, you can still return the empty bottle – no questions asked!

Morning Sickness Solutions

Pink Stork’s 30 day plan is always the recommended place to start because treating morning sickness is a whole-body approach, and morning sickness rarely has one specific cause.  (Remember, the morning sickness solutions come in  mildmoderate, AND severe.

You also might be interested in their super popular – Cocolaurin.  Derived from monolaurin, which is naturally found in a woman€™s breast milk, Cocolaurin is a natural immune booster and is especially effective against H. pylori and other €œgut€ conditions that are linked to hyperemesis gravidarum and morning sickness.  Pair this with their probiotic and you are well on your way to repairing any damage done to your body that might be causing your morning sickness.

And don’t miss their Folate – it€™s in liquid form, so it€™s more bioavailable and easily digested.

folate from Pink Stork Morning Sickness Solutions

Pink Stork is graciously offering a 25% STOREWIDE DISCOUNT just for you!
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Standard shipping is only 2 days!  Trying Pink Stork products is totally risk free, you get a great discount, AND you get it fast!  You will definitely want to give them a try or even gift the products to someone you know who is suffering through a rough pregnancy.  (Maybe someone should send a care package to Kate Middleton!)

And a big shout out goes to reader, Diana, for letting me know about Pink Stork Solutions!  Thank you!

How To Simplify Your Dinner Routine

How to Simplify Your Dinner Routine {using Simplified Dinners} |

Meal planning is one of those things that seems like it should be a breeze, but in reality, can quickly become a nightmare.  Some weeks, I really enjoy meal planning, but as soon as life gets busy, meal planning becomes a chore that feels nearly impossible.  Not to mention the fact that I am a stay at home homeschooling mom.  I have no less than 8 people (sometimes 9, soon to be 10) eating 3 meals a day on any given day!  Add to that a steady flow of guests, and you can imagine what one little hiccup in our routine will do to a meal plan.

In fact, I can totally relate to what Mystie Winkler has to say in this video:

Simplified Dinners ebook with recipes!

Get $3 off Simplified Dinners when you use coupon code: raisingarrows

Are you burned out on meal planning?

Simplified Dinners is Mystie’s creative answer to a busy mom’s frustration with meal planning.  It implements a master grocery list along with versatile recipes to create a method of meal planning that is streamlined and easy to use.  It even creates a pantry and refrigerator/freezer that can accommodate someone who isn’t used to running your kitchen – say a young cook, dad, or Grandma.

In fact, I decided to have my 13 year old daughter read through the ebook to see if she understood the concept and thought she could implement it on her own.  Her words were, “This is really neat!  I could definitely do this!”

Simplified Dinners - even my 13 year old can do it! |

So, how does it work?

Every recipe in Simplified Dinners gives you a starting point.  This is your “base”.  From there you add in other options to create a variety of different meals from that starting point.

For instance, let’s look at the Slow Cooker, No Defrost Chicken section (because, let’s be honest, how many busy moms actually get around to defrosting the chicken before it goes in the crock pot?)  The starting point is the chicken, a sauce, and a crock pot on low 8-10 hours.  From there, Mystie gives you 6 different kinds of sauces, along with notes on serving ideas and additions.  

This is how ALL the recipes are!  Tons of options, all laid out for you – easy peasy!


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code expires 10/20/14

None of the ingredients are crazy weird.  There is a shopping list included, so you could potentially always have everything on hand, no matter which starting point and which addition you choose.  The entire process is Simple, Simple, Simple!

But, let’s say you DO want to plan a little more than just opening the ebook.  (By the way, I printed out Simplified Dinners and put it in my Food Notebook so I don’t even have to open my computer to grab the recipes!)  Why not snag Mystie’s menu planner?

It’s FREE and Totally customized for use with the ebook!

Download Mystie’s Simplified Dinners Menu Planner & Master Grocery List!

This is especially helpful if you have someone coming into your home to care for your family and they might need a bit of help knowing what to feed everyone.

Simplified Dinners is also fabulous for new moms!  You know that newborn fog?  Don’t worry about it!  Lean on the recipes in Simplified Dinners!  Give the shopping list to your husband or other family member and you are all set!  In fact, most of the meals in Simplified Dinners are perfect freezer meals!

So, give yourself a break and order a copy of Simplified Dinners!

(Don’t forget that coupon code!  raisingarrows gets you $3 off! - code expires 10/20)

Simplified Dinners ebook with recipes!

How to Use Your Family’s Existing Goals to Accelerate Your Child’s Talent

Today, I want to introduce Jonathan Harris of

Jonathan Harris of 10KtoTalent shares how you can get a jumpstart on your child's career long before they ever leave high school |{affiliate links included}
I have mentioned many times the wonderful information and help he has given our family, but I know many of you still have questions about what exactly 10KtoTalent is.  I decided to ask Jonathan to guest post here on Raising Arrows to explain the vision of guiding your child toward gleaning 10,000 hours of a skill to facilitate a productive youth leading into a productive and passionate adulthood, long before they ever begin to consider a college degree.  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section or email Jonathan directly via his website: - help you unlock your child's passion and potential

How to Use Your FAmiy's Existing Goals to Accelerate Your Child's Talent | guest post by Jonathan Harris of 10KtoTalent on RaisingArrows.netHi. I€™m a homeschooling father of eight children, all of whom are still living at home. I would describe our family as exhibiting a very warm and supportive environment, where both my wife and I are very committed to a homeschooling lifestyle. We bring to the family the benefits of having grown up in Christian households and, therefore; we enjoy the peace of being on the same page. We both have college degrees and feel comfortable being able to navigate and choose from among many wonderful curricula and courses available on the market today. All in all, homeschooling is and was going great for us, but there was a missing element that bothered me as a father€¦

There were two main areas that concerned me as I looked at acquaintances and friends who had children ahead of us who were entering college or the workforce after finishing high school at home. Do you think it was the fear that I had not grounded them enough in Godly spiritual instruction? Or do you think that I was concerned that as soon as my son would drive off to be on his own, he would throw himself in to a debauched lifestyle and succumb to the first temptations available to him? No, those were not my fears.
This is what I noticed: young people, especially young men, entered into adulthood with a gradual gloom and growing low funk during their early twenties, trying to find a purpose for all their education while looking for a way to move out of the cycle of low-paying jobs or the prospect of continuing more years of formal college education with no end in sight.

The problem seemed clear and simple: they had plenty of good general character formation but they seemed ill-equipped to take on the marketplace. As a result, career frustration and very often, years of delayed marriage, take their toll on the joy of working. The problem seemed simple – but how do you incorporate a solution to the problem into your homeschool life to avert having the problem in the first place?

I give you the plain answer right here: you must have your child start building an amazing talent early that will bring great value to others by the time he is in his early twenties. This means garnering 10,000 hours of practice and study starting early on in a talent that will bring him great career satisfaction and generous financial rewards to help provide for the family.  Building serious talent in your young person€™s life is the answer to the various difficulties your homechooled child will face: a fiery motivation to keep learning, an emotionally satisfying adult work life, and a financial support to him in his adult life.

You will find plenty of literature out there on the principles of building a world-class talent but I will let you in on a little secret:  homeschoolers have a natural advantage.  The authors of such talent-related books frequently mention that they are perplexed as to how to go about getting talent started at a young age, without it being by chance, family catastrophe, or lucky rebellion. You need time to get good enough at doing or creating something valuable so that it matters dramatically to others by the time you reach adulthood. If you wait too long to get critical mass, it will often not change your adult life as the distractions of college life and the draining of low paying jobs to put food on the table, will cause you to be passed by others who did not let themselves get distracted or who had a big enough lead on you in their childhood. As one young college friend who graduated with a music degree told me , (paraphrased):

€¦it was the dumbest thing for me to major in music. And it is the same for all the others in my graduation class, except for two individuals. The reason those two individuals are making it in the professional world is simply because they were already that good coming into the music program. They were already extremely good by the time they finished high school. Those two were already composing music and knew how to collaborate with professors. They already had massive talent to start with. The rest of us have to now find a real career or give up a normal family lifestyle by having to travel as an underpaid musician.

Bottom line: your child needs to get enough critical mass while still under your roof in order for his talent to wonderfully impact his future.

I am doing all of this so I can guide my children into a life-long passion early enough so they can avoid wandering aimlessly in their early twenties through unfocused college degrees or low-paying market skills. Passion, focus, discipline, creativity, productivity – why not get all those good things for our children before the age of 18? That is what I€™m doing for my children and I want to share with others the methods I am using to make that happen in a homeschool environment. Every family can do it for each of their children!

In my e-courses, I show you how you can find the talent focus without falling into the trap of a hobby for a talent. I show you how you can use your current school curriculum to support the development of your child€™s long term talent. I show you how you look at your own family€™s strengths and environment to find that meaningful, and unique, and affordable talent. I show you how developing massive talent in your child€™s life is in fact an easy and natural way to learn how to communicate at an early age on social media and on the Internet. It is the purpose of the communication that protects your child from wandering aimlessly into strange social situations. And the purpose is handed to you in the form of young man or young woman€™s passion for a particular talent.

Teach your child how to be purposeful with social media to hone their talents |

To give you a glimpse of what that means in practice in a homeschooling home, I want to share with you what the pursuit of talent looks like in our family of 10 (specifically the older three):
* Our 16 year old already has a growing business in our area that earns him good money, and he’s sought after by local realtors to shoot aerial footage for their websites. We’ve coached him to learn to develop his own website, edit and create his own videos, cold call potential clients, learn from the experts in his field, and fly a drone. My wife and I personally don’t have all those skills but our homeschooling freedom allows us to show him where to go to learn.
* Our 15 year old is active on bladesmith forums where the top performers hang out. His blog earned him entrance into those private spaces. Because he’s active on those forums, he was able to spend a day each with four professional blade smiths in their workshops in Holland and the Czech Republic this summer when my in-laws took him on their spring European vacation. He also used his knowledge of bladesmithing to write his first fiction novel based on the OYAN (One Year Adventure Novel) curriculum. He’s also working an e-book, “The Broke Bladesmith,” a guide to help beginning bladesmiths use safe, inexpensive hacks to jumpstart their bladesmithing talent. As parents of a high school student, we choose the appropriate science and history courses that build on his talent development, not replace the time he could be spending on it.
* Our 12 year old published his first e-book on computer programming (Raspberry Pi and Minecraft) last November and has sold a few hundred ebooks this year on Amazon. He recently published a follow up e-book with continuing instruction for the budding young programmer. He also has a podcast and he’s been talked about in presentations by software developers.

How to Use Your Family's Existing Goals to Accelerate Your Child's Talent | guest post by Jonathan Harris of 10KtoTalent on

So if you are looking for something in your homeschool that will create a future for your children significantly different and better than yours, then I want you to sign up for my newsletter for free tips. I will also keep you updated of any new e-courses that will help you accelerate the talent in your child€™s life. Currently, I have one particular e-course that will help you identify that elusive something that can be used to start this massive talent acquisition for your son or daughter. The hardest part of talent development is not the work (it is indeed work), the hardest part is finding something concrete enough that it starts driving your child forward today. There€™s usually no method or strategy. I have both clearly spelled out for your and that€™s where I can help you. I will show you as the parent how to discover and develop your child€™s first 100 hours of talent.

You can order my e-courses here and you can sign up for my free newsletter here (righthand sidebar).

God bless you on your exciting homeschooling journey.
Jonathan Harris
Talent Coach for