Family Finds – April 12, 2014

Family Finds (4/12/14) - Digital Scrapbooking, Hair Clips, & Tabasco! |{affiliate links included}

A year after Emily passed away, I wrote on here about the little pink scrapbook that was hers.  Scrapbooking became nearly impossible for me because of the memories surrounding the night before her death, where I sat scrapbooking with a friend while my  little girl slept in the room next door.  I was oblivious to the fact that my whole life would change the next morning.

For years I agonized over never scrapbooking again.  I had enjoyed it so much.  And the children loved to thumb through the books, but I just could not bring myself to do it anymore.

And then I found Mixbook.  It was an online scrapbooking program that I could turn into keepsake books with very little effort.  I found I was able to do that without the pain traditional scrapbooking brought to my grieving heart.

Mixbook is having weekly sales, and the one that ends on Monday (4/14/14) is up to 50% off everything.  Take a look around and see if this might be an answer for you the way it was for me.  Not necessarily because you are grieving, but maybe because you can’t find the time to scrapbook or because you can’t have the mess of it where little hands can reach.  Use code MDY14.

I also want to alert you to a wonderful (and FREE) webinar for new and seasoned homeschoolers alike to help you understand the different methods of homeschooling and which one fits best with your family dynamic.

Kerry Beck from How to Homeschool My Child offers this free workshop to encourage other homeschool moms to educate their children with confidence!  I hope you’ll take the time to listen at your convenience and enjoy!

The ABC Bible Memory Verses DVD Giveaway has ended and the winner has been contacted, but you can still get the DVD for your family (and other Moore Family Films!) on their website!  Your family will really enjoy these!

Lilla Rose sale

Today is the last day to purchase some of the beautiful crosses and spring designs from Lilla Rose!  These will be a beautiful addition to your Resurrection Sunday attire!

And on a completely random note…

This stuff is GOOD!  As in, buy it in the half gallon good!  My husband brought this Chipotle Tabasco home from the store the other day and we now use it on EVERYTHING – hamburgers, nachos, rice, anything that sits still!  DELISH!

Have a blessed weekend!

Scripture Memory for Children Through Stories (+Giveaway!)

Wherever people get together, there are often stories to be shared, and usually the stories have relevance to the conversation and the message we are trying to get across.

Scripture Memory for Children Through Stories (+Giveaway!) |

We read and tell stories to our children for various reasons.  Sometimes it is to spend quality time with them, sometimes it is to broaden their knowledge and vocabulary, sometimes it is to teach them an important lesson…just as Jesus did for His followers while He walked this earth!

So, if children (and adults!) can learn important lessons through stories, why not use stories to teach Scripture memory verses?!
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This is precisely what Moore Family Films has done with their latest DVD, “ABC Say It With Me Bible Memory Verses.”

Moore Family Films are a staple in our household.  My children enjoy them so much, and the films have sparked many conversations.  ABC Say It With Me is no different.

Scripture Memory Through Stories +Giveaway! | RaisingArrows.netmy boys can’t get enough!

Each letter of the alphabet has a memory verse that corresponds with it.  The Moore children say the verse and Scripture reference which is followed by a short “story” that helps to illustrate and explain the text.  At the end, the Scripture and reference are repeated again.

The “stories” include things like a clip of the children looking for a lost sheep, a silent film sketch showing what happens when greed gets a hold of you, and a funny skit of a patient family and a very clumsy waiter.

The film is a favorite of my little boys (ages 1, 3, & 5), but it was enjoyed by my 8 & 9 year olds as well.  They can say many of the verses right along with the Moore children!

Scripture Memory Through Stories +Giveaway |

Scripture needs to permeate our children’s lives.  It needs to be living and breathing.  They need to see it in action.  ABC Say It With Me gives understanding to your child’s memorization of Scripture without compromising the message.  It digs deep, and I appreciate that immensely!

This week, I’m giving away a copy of ABC Say It With Me!  See the giveaway widget below:

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Family Finds – April 5, 2014

Family Finds - April 5, 2014 {lip balm, Bible Bee, free ebook, military, much more!} |{affiliate links included}

Vanilla Dust Lip BalmI got an email this week from Renee at Hard Lotion about some new products she is adding (I’ll be reviewing a couple soon!). One limited edition product is the Vanilla Dust Lip Balm – a hint of vanilla, a hint of sparkle. The last time I checked there were only 13 left in stock.  I really like Renee’s lip balms & tints, so this would be a great addition to your Spring & Summer!

YWAM Spring Sale

YWAM is having a HUGE sale just in time for you to stock up for next school year!  These missionary books are a favorite in our family.  We often read them right after devotions in the morning, and my kids always beg me to read more!  There are a lot of sale items, but look for the Mix & Match, and the 47-50% entire sets!  And don’t miss the history curriculum built around the books – really neat product!

Bible Bee

The Bible Bee just opened its family registration for 2014!  Last month, I took a look at the Sword Studies they use to teach Scripture and was thoroughly impressed.  These books take your entire family through the same book of the Bible, but at a level each age can digest.  At the end of the week, you do a project or family activity that solidifies what you have been learning that week.  You can take a look at their website to see where your nearest Bible Bee will be held and start digging into Scripture!  You can also purchase the Sword Studies for personal use without being a part of the Bible Bee.

Bible Based Homeschooling ebook

Yesterday, I downloaded a copy of Bible Based Homeschooling by Karen DeBeus.  This ebook is FREE, and is a great place to start learning how to use the Bible as your main text for homeschooling!

And finally, some recent Amazon purchases…

Heaven by Randy Alcorn
I’m going to tell you upfront – I am not a fan of books on Heaven.  I don’t trust them.  With having lost a child, I don’t really want my head filled with nonsense and speculation, but this book came highly recommended, and I was willing to check it out.  I have really liked it so far!  In fact, so much so that I purchased a copy for Ty’s Granny.

Digital Photo Frame
These were supposed to be Christmas presents to my mom and my father-in-law, but I just got around to ordering them! *blush* (sorry guys!)  Several years back, I bought one for Ty’s office and he loved it!  So, this year we decided to buy these for our parents and load photos on a thumb drive to run through the frame.  If YOU decide to buy one of these, don’t take as long as I did to get it to your parents! ;)

Patriotic Patch Quilt
This was a purchase for our new bedroom! I was so excited when Ty told me to go ahead and order this! I was even more excited when it came and I could see the QUALITY of this product! There are only 2 left in stock of this pattern, but I imagine any products from this company would be well worth the price.

Pic Stick
Here’s one I bet you haven’t seen! This was my son’s order. He works at a shooting sports lodge and quite often he has to pick up spent shells. This Pic Stick has a super strong magnet on the end of it that can pick up a lot of shells at one time. He can’t wait to use it today at work!

Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer Insoles
This was on my husband’s list. He was introduced to these insoles while in the Army. He will not buy any other insole. In fact, he changes out insoles in every pair of shoes he owns as soon as he buys them. (Yes, they are that good.) He recently purchased another couple of pair of these for his new military boots – yes, that’s my sneaky way of announcing my husband is back in the military – Army National Guard to be exact.  I’ll elaborate more at a later date. ;)

Have a great weekend!

The Large Family Homeschooling eBook is Here!

The Large Family Homeschooling eBooks is Here! |

Are you homeschooling a growing family?  Are you looking for ways to get it all done without losing your mind (and your joy)?  Do you need ideas for putting together all the pieces that make up your homeschooling day?

This is the ebook for you!

Only $7.99

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Large Family Homeschooling eBook | by Amy Roberts of RaisingArrows.netThis 170 page ebook includes :

*How to homeschool the hearts of your children.
*How to have enough of you to go around.
*How to keep your home clean and your homeschool organized.
*The best methods for homeschooling your growing family.
*Ideas for planning and record keeping.
*How to afford the large family homeschool.
*How to organize the large family homeschool
*How to handle babies and toddlers during school hours.
*How to homeschool through morning sickness and other difficult circumstances.
*How to tweak homeschooling methods to make them work for large families.


This ebook will give you tons of ideas and practical advice you can start implementing immediately!

It will give you the encouragement and confidence to homeschool your family with joy and gentleness!

Plus, within the pages of this ebook are some wonderful surprises just for you!

Freebies & Exclusive Coupon Codes from:



Finding Joy in Depression by Amanda Pelser

Simplified Dinners and Paperless Home Organization by Mystie Winckler

Circle Time by Kendra Fletcher

The Homemaker’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule by Amy Roberts

Scholaric Easy Online Homeschool Planning

Total Transcript Solution

Large Family Homeschool eBook Resources | Amy Roberts -


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Making Your Mealtimes More Leisurely

Leisurely MealsHaving kids sort of sucked the joy out of mealtime for me.  It meant no longer focusing on myself and my own food.  I now had the full time job of cutting up meat, cleaning up spills, and trying to have an adult conversation over the din of childish chatter.  The thought of having a leisurely meal was laughable, and rather discouraging to boot.

But several years ago, I was blessed to learn from another family what taking leisurely meals with a lot of little ones actually looked like.  It was like a ray of sunshine in my day!  I realized I really could have a wonderful mealtime with my family, but it would mean letting go of a few preconceived notions and a whole lot of anxiety.

A glimpse of Heaven…

When we sit down to fellowship over food with our family, we need to keep in mind that this is a foretaste of our fellowship in Heaven.  Things are not perfect here, but they can still give us an idea of what we can expect when we are truly Home.

Start the meal calmly…

It is so easy to start a meal with chaos.  It happens all the time here.  If we don’t all sit down together, take a deep breath, and thank the Lord for His provisions, we end up resembling pigs at a feed trough!  Don’t expect a meal to be leisurely if you don’t begin it that way.  And if it does begin in chaos, it is never too late (unless someone has left the table) to start over.  Have everyone put their forks down, take a deep breath, and begin anew.

Be aware of your surroundings…

Sometimes we forget to even look up from our food, let alone take the time to notice and engage the other people at the table.  When you eat with adults, conversation typically naturally flows, but it isn’t the norm at a table full of hungry little people and tired parents.  You have to make the effort to look up from your food and smile at everyone seated with you.  Start with the littlest one and work your way up.  Ask each child a question or simply smile at them.  This is the start to healthy dinner conversations.

Expect mishaps…

Because this is not a perfect world, we need to expect mishaps and be as prepared for them as we can be.  Have a towel handy for cleaning up spills, and try to take the attitude that the little mishaps in life are not something to dwell on and fuss over.  Remember, a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver (Proverbs 25:11) – in other words, speaking calmly and kindly when mishaps occur is a thing of priceless beauty.  Don’t let your words be ugly over something as minor as spilled drinks, dropped forks, and the like.

Learn to be still…

This isn’t just for wiggly little boys, this is for wiggly mamas who jump up and head off to the next thing on her list after wolfing down the last bite on her plate.  Train yourself to stay seated after you are finished, or better yet, slow down your eating altogether.  Give your brain a moment to relax.  Put your fork down, take a deep breath, and wait.  You might even want to bring a book to the table that you can use as a read-aloud at the end of the meal to help everyone stay in their seats and learn to be still during mealtime.

Feast & fellowship…

We don’t often think of eating with our family as a time of feasting and fellowship, but it truly is!  It is a time to reconnect after everyone has been about their own business during the day.  It is a time for you to share and for you to listen as others share about their day.  It should be fun!  It should be a celebration!

That’s where my free gift to you comes in…

FREE 33 Family Dinner Games |

Our family has compiled 33 Family Dinner Games that don’t require a ton of forethought and preparation.  You can print out the list and instructions, and keep it handy in your dining room.  These 33 Family Dinner Games are FREE to subscribers of Raising Arrows and will be delivered to your inbox shortly after signing up so you can begin to enjoy your family mealtime tonight!

Get your Free Gift!

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Each game spans multiple ages and encourages an open and festive atmosphere for your meals!

Now, go and give those babies a big hug and kiss, do the same with your husband, and welcome them all to family mealtime tonight!

(Already a Raising Arrows subscriber? You’ll find the 33 Family Dinner Games on the Subscriber Freebie page!)

Family Finds – March 29, 2014

I’m no deal blogger, but our family likes to be on the lookout for things we think might be of interest to Raising Arrows readers.  There are many times we’ll run across something and immediately think of all of you!  So, today, I’d like to share…

Family Finds - 3/29/14 |

These are products and sales that have piqued our family’s interest this week.  Some are products we already own.  Some are things we’ve been looking to purchase.  Some we have recently purchased.  Some are things we think your family might be interested in.
{contains affiliate links}

A Sense of the Resurrection

You may have seen the ebook A Sense of the Resurrection floating around this season and wondered what it was all about.  I am so excited to tell you about this book and what it can mean for your family!  This year, we determined as a family to focus on Resurrection Sunday as much as we focus on Christmas.  I wanted my children to look forward to this season and understand what it means.  A Sense of the Resurrection can help you do this!

It is a 12 Day walk through the Easter season via your 5 senses.  There are Bible readings, crafts and experiences that will help your children gain an understanding of how much Christ’s death, burial, and Resurrection mean to mankind.

And you can get this wonderful ebook for 20% off through tomorrow! (3/30/14)

Use coupon code: OHEASTER


Cleaning & Declutter ebook saleDana White’s A Slob Comes Clean Spring Cleaning Bundle (28 Days to Hope for Your Home & Drowning in Clutter) is only $5.00 through the end of this month (3/14) with coupon code: SPRING14

This ebook set is not for the mildly messy – this is real hope for real slobs!


Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention 2014 SpartanburgLast weekend, Ty and I attended the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention in Nashville, TN.  I did 3 sessions, and thoroughly enjoyed my time there with my sweet husband!  If you are in need of some refreshment, join the TTD Team in Spartanburg, SC on April 3-5!  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER



DeafNation puts on an several Expos across the United States.  These are free and open to the public and a great way to immerse yourself in Deaf culture.


And guess what’s coming next week?

Large Family Homeschooling - releases April 1!

I am beyond excited!  This ebook has been a long-time comin’!  My prayer throughout the writing of this ebook was that it would be practical, encouraging, and immediately useful to homeschooling mothers no matter how many children they currently have!

Look for it April 1!