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How SimplyFun is Making Games Fun for Kids with Autism

If you have a child who would be considered “on the Spectrum”, you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of homeschooling them.  Most homeschool resources are tailored for some other child – not yours – and you sometimes wonder if anyone out there understands what your homeschool day looks like…what your life looks like.

When SimplyFun contacted me about their Autism Initiative, I knew immediately I wanted to share what they were doing with all of you.

SimplyFun's Autism Initiative helps you choose games that capitalize on your Autistic child's strengths so you can play games the entire family can enjoy!

A lot of games aren’t particularly autism-friendly.  In fact, the idea of a Family Game Night can strike fear in the heart of a mom whose child has autism – no matter where they fall on the Spectrum.

SimplyFun wanted to change this.  They wanted to give you tools to help you choose games your ENTIRE family can enjoy!   They wanted to take the focus off what autistic children can’t do and find ways to capitalize on their strengths instead.

They gathered a team of experts to categorize many of their games by strengths autistic children may exhibit, so parents could find the right game for their child.

Click the Autism Tab on the description page of SimplyFun games to learn if the game is a good fit for your Autistic child.

The Autism tab on many of the SimplyFun game descriptions includes information on how the game might meet your child’s specific strengths and interests as well as information telling you if the game would need to be modified and how it fits with characteristics an autistic child might exhibit.  There is also a special Advanced Search to help you find the right game for your child by asking you a series of questions and then matching your needs to specific games!

SimplyFun wants to keep the fun in game-playing.  They want children to build their strengths and stretch their minds in new ways.  They want parents to feel like they are succeeding, and families to feel connected.

I’d encourage you to take a look at what SimplyFun has to offer.    Even if your child doesn’t have Autism, take a look around the site and find games that fit your family.  I’m a fan of their math-based games (probably because I’m not a fan of math, so playing a game makes math a lot more fun).  They have quite a few New Releases, and information on how you can join the SimplyFun team and get discounts on their games as a homeschool mom.

Kudos to SimplyFun for making learning fun for everyone!

Click here to see all the educational games SimplyFun has to offer!

Free Homemaking eCourse!

If you need a little pick-me-up, get-the-week-started pep talk today, you’ll want to snag this FREE – yes, FREE – Homemaking eCourse.  This was put together by my blogging friend, Erin from The Humbled Homemaker, along with her mentor, Holly.  There are 4 short videos that give a few very simple tricks and tips to make your day run smoother.

As a large family homeschooling mom, I had to tweak a few of the things mentioned, but that’s the case with just about everything I do!  I’m sure you will find some great ideas you can adjust for your own family in these homemaking videos.  Plus, you’ll be introduced to The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle coming next week!  YIPPEE!  I am about to burst at the seams in anticipation of letting all of you know what will be in it.  This is my absolute favorite bundle of the year, and next week you’ll see why!


Homeschooling Made Simple – A Wonderful New Series!

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Recently, I wrote about homeschool information overload, and how hard it is to sort through all the homeschooling information out there.  You really can get lost!  When I found out Compass Classroom was releasing a series called Homeschool Made Simple, I was intrigued, but super skeptical.  There was no way I was going to share anything with all of you that was only going to ADD to your homeschool stress.

I asked if I could take a look at the videos before they were released, and they graciously agreed.  I am so thankful I did this, and thankful they allowed me the opportunity!  I am VERY pleased with what I saw, and am excited to be able to introduce you to it!

Homeschool Made Simple Series from Compass Classroom | RaisingArrows.netOrder Homeschool Made Simple for only $19.99 this week!
(April 8-15, 2015)

Homeschool Made Simple is hosted by Carole Joy Seid, a homeschool mom who has been helping families work through the logistics of homeschooling for nearly 30 years.  The set contains 6 workshops on how to keep a simple literature-based homeschool using your Bible and a library card (with a smattering of other resources thrown in).  Yes – it really IS that simple!

You can purchase the set as a download (the way I watched them) or as a DVD series.  Here’s a quick Introduction video you can watch to give you an overview of Homeschool Made Simple:

(If you are reading via email and can’t see the video, go to my blog via this link and watch it in the post.)

I literally devoured these workshops!  Many things Carole said resonated with my soul.  Her heart for homeschooling is very much in step with mine.  I also learned a lot (yes, you CAN learn something new even after homeschooling for 12 years!).  She had a fabulous idea for a survey of world history, and I loved her thoughts on math.

The only caveat I have is that she recommends specific curricula.  It’s only about 3 different times she mentions specifics, and while I’m sure it will be helpful for some people, I also know there are homeschool moms out there who might hear her suggestions and think they need to replace what is working for them with Carole’s suggestions – just in case they aren’t doing it “right”.  However, I do not think this small personal issue of mine is worth scrapping all the wonderful information Carole shares in these workshops.

Homeschool Made Simple addresses both small and large families and their unique circumstances.  She gives extremely practical, doable advice that is spot on.  Everything is presented from a Biblical worldview and is centered around discipleship of your children.  This series is what I would recommend to any mother struggling with burnout.  I’d also recommend this to new homeschoolers to give them a solid start without a lot of extras.  And I know I will be watching Homeschool Made Simple over and over again because it refreshed my soul.  I came away from the time I spent watching the videos feeling so relaxed and calm about our homeschool day.  I am very thankful Compass Classroom decided to produce these videos.  They are a tremendous asset to the homeschooling community.

If you’ve never heard of Compass Classroom, I highly recommend you check them out.  We own their Economics class (taught by R.C. Sproul, Jr.) and Modern Parables (you can read my review of it HERE), and their Visual Latin program has garnered rave reviews.  They have history, Bible, logic, Greek, and so much more!  It’s been fun to watch their company grow, and everything they have added to their site has been thoughtful, Biblical, and very easy to use.

Right now, they are having a Big Spring Sale April 8th-15th!  Homeschool Made Simple is only $19.99 and all of their other titles are also deeply discounted!  (After the sale, Homeschool Made Simple will be at the introductory price of $29 until the end of April.)

If you end up buying this series, I would love if you would come back and comment on this post and let me know some of the things you enjoyed about the workshops.  And if you know a homeschool mom (young or old) who could use some encouragement, snag a copy for her!  It will be such a blessing to both of you!


See the Light Bible Story Set Giveaway!

(If you click the links below and purchase any of the See the Light products, our family will receive a small commission – thank you!)
See the Light | RaisingArrows.netI’ve been telling you for several years about my favorite homeschool art program – See the Light Art.  It is DVD-based and takes the guess work out of art for the homeschool family.  It was a huge relief finding such a great program!  Since that time, See the Light has come out with even more wonderful art programs that not only teach art concepts, but how to use them to minister to others!

Find all the See the Light Art products here.

Today, I am thrilled to be able to bring you a fantastic giveaway for the

Win the See the Light Bible Story Set on RaisingArrows.net

First, let me tell you a bit about this set:

The Bible Story Set includes 5 DVDs –
The CrossMaker – (great for Resurrection Sunday!)
God’s Special Surprise – (the story of Moses)
Gift of Love – (The Christmas Story)
Shipwrecked – (adventures with the Apostle Paul)
God’s Runaway – (the story of Jonah)

These DVDs include stories, special drawings, 3 art lessons, and ideas for sharing the Gospel with others.  This set would be a fantastic art program for your homeschool this year and for years to come!

I’d also really encourage you to sign up for See the Light’s brand new newsletter before the end of April!  You will receive a FREE Watercolor Butterfly project that is GORGEOUS!  (Click HERE, scroll down a bit to the box in the righthand sidebar, and don’t forget to tell them Raising Arrows sent you!)

Sign up for See the Light's newsletter and receive a  FREE Butterfly Watercolor project - tell them Raising Arrows sent you!You will also find tons of FREE resources in every newsletter!  This is one of my favorite newsletters to receive!  I will often forward them on to my artistically inclined daughter.

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Home School Hope Interview

Home School Hope Podcast interview with Amy Roberts of RaisingArrows.netThis past week, I was interviewed on a podcast called Home School Hope.  I really enjoyed the interview, and I thought all of you might like to listen to it.  It’s not super long, so you can start it while you cook dinner and be done before your food is ready!