Raising Children With a Strong Spiritual Foundation (+Free Resources!)

Raising Children with a Strong Spiritual Foundation - New book + FREE Resources! | RaisingArrows.net

Raising children is hard work.  There are so many things to consider, analyze, learn, and look for.  But, as Christians, we are not left to our own devices.  We have God’s Holy Word, and a spiritual power like none other to guide us through the raising of these precious little ones!

Raising Children with a Strong Spiritual Foundation (new book + FREE resources!)| RaisingArrows.net

Dr. Tony Evans has just released a brand new book, Raising Kingdom Kids, that helps to walk you through raising children who gain true wisdom and knowledge in the Lord Jesus.  Some of the practical spiritual advice included in this book are:

  • Create an atmosphere where your kids can maintain their identity in Jesus Christ despite the society around them.
  • Help you grow in confidence as you discover your worth as a parent on God’s Word and not on your kids’ actions.
  • Experience the freedom that comes from influencing your children, rather than the futility of trying to control them.
  • Gain new strength as you view the daily duties of parenting from a kingdom perspective.
  • Trade reactive parenting for intentional parenting and marvel at the freedom this brings.

The book is available for pre-order (find out more HERE) and if you pre-order by September 1, you receive some wonderful FREE resources!  (who doesn’t love free stuff!?!)

FREE RESOURCES – $80 value!

Kingdom Woman audio book ($20 value)

Kingdom Man/Kingdom Woman Devotional Sampler—20 Daily Devotions ($7 value)

Kingdom Family, a previously unaired and unreleased message from Dr. Tony Evans ($12 value)

One Family Under God, a Bible study by Dr. Tony Evans ($15 value)

Biblical Manhood, a Focus on the Family broadcast with Dr. Tony Evans ($9 value)

Biblical Womanhood, a Focus on the Family broadcast with Dr. Tony Evans ($9 value)

Courageous Parenting, a Focus on the Family broadcast with Dr. Tony Evans ($9 value)

30 Days to Financial Victory booklet ($3 value)

To get these resources, simply pre-order your copy of Raising Kingdom Kids (<—link tells you where you can do this), and then enter your information HERE.

If you have a moment, watch the book trailer below (or click through to the blog to see it if you are reading via email).  Great message!  Love how Dr. Evans talks about “Cotton Candy” parenting.  It’s time to change how we view our parenting, friends!

How I Became the Perfect Everything

How I became the perfect everything (because no method in the world is going to get it right) | RaisingArrows.netNot too long ago, I began to have the distinct feeling that I was wasting time. Every conference I went to, every conversation I had, every song I listened to, every Bible passage I read seemed to point me to the fact that I was seriously wasting time.

I didn’t mean to do it. In fact, I wasn’t even aware of it. But, when the same words continued to be spoken into my life, I knew I needed to take a hard look at what those words were saying.

The specific words weren’t, “You are wasting time, Amy.” They were things like:

“You don’t need to be Jesus to your kids. You need them to need Jesus.” ~Angie Smith

“I realized it had to be Jesus + Nothing.” ~Kendra Fletcher

“but just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not to please man, but to please God who tests our hearts.”
1 Thessalonians 2:4

“You gave me life worth dying for, but between the altar and the door, I bought the lies that promised more…All my deeds and my good name are just dirty rags that tear and strain to cover all my guilty stains that You already washed away.”
All You’ve Ever Wanted by Casting Crowns

To you, those words may not sound anything like, “You are wasting time.” But to me, that is exactly what they were saying. They were telling me that I have been focused for far too long on the details, always missing the big picture. They were telling me that in the process of managing a household, homeschooling a ton of kids, being a wife, and writing a blog I wasn’t allowing myself to be raw in front of anyone, so no one could see (including myself) that I needed Christ. These words were telling me that I was working and working and working for something that had already been taken care of.

It was almost as if I was on a hamster wheel – wasting time going in circles. Over and over again, I was rolling through the same stuff, working myself into a frenzy, but never getting anywhere.

And never acknowledging that Jesus had already taken care of it all.

We read blogs, talk to friends, ask questions on Facebook trying to figure out how to be the perfect parent, perfect wife, perfect homeschooler.  We hash and rehash conversations, searching for answers that only seem to be temporary.  We live a discouraged, beaten-down life.  Yet, we weren’t called to that sort of life!  We were called to victory, we were called to abundance, we were called to joy overflowing.

Where did we go wrong?

We tried to be everything.

Let me tell you something…

I talk a good talk. My bio photo even says “an abundant life,” but I wasn’t acknowledging that abundance in life has nothing to do with how quickly I get my housework done or how calm the kids are or how well I homeschool. In fact, I bought the lie that those things really mattered to God. That my sacrifices somehow made me holy before Him.

The truth is, He can’t even see my filthy rags.

The truth is, He wants my heart, not my works.

I was wasting time trying to be everything…trying to get it all right.

Friends, if you are doing the same thing I was, I want to encourage you to lay that burden down right now.  It’s not yours.  Jesus didn’t ask you to be somebody, He asked you to be HIS.

How I Became the Perfect Everything (stop wasting time!) | RaisingArrows.netHe wants your every day, every moment.  He covers the mess ups, the gaps, the craziness.  And He gives you JOY!

What your children need is a mom totally sold out to Christ.  They need a mom who isn’t wasting time being perfect, but who perseveres through it all because she knows where her strength comes from and she knows she can’t do it without Jesus.

You know how I became the perfect everything?
I gave up.

I can’t mess this up if my heart is focused on Jesus.  I can’t mess this up if I ask the Lord with a contrite heart for daily provisions in my parenting, homeschool, and homemaking.  I can’t mess this up if I am loving Him and pouring that full heart into my children’s lives, my husband’s life, and beyond.

I’m not going to get this all right.  There is no formula or method that will make any of us the perfect parent, homeschooler, mom, wife, friend.  We are wasting time if we think there is and we go chasing after everything that tells us so.

You can be the perfect everything not because of ANYTHING YOU DO, but because JESUS ALREADY IS.  Every step you make is covered.  Just walk it with your heart mind and soul focused on Him.


Homeschooling Bereans

We need to be homeschooling Bereans and stop following men | RaisingArrows.netThe homeschool world is experiencing a major rift, and it saddens me to see so many people in such pain.  There is a lot of bitterness and difficulty coming from “methods” of parenting typically associated with the homeschooling world, and prominent homeschooling leaders who espoused these “methods” are falling from their pedestals right and left, leaving the homeschool world scratching their heads and wondering, “What next?”

Yet, I am hopeful that from all of this will come a greater understanding of the TRUE GOSPEL.  We must stop relying on “methods”, learn to forgive our own hurts, and start afresh discipling our children in God’s Holy Word!

As Christian homeschoolers, we should not need to be told what is meat and what is bones.  We need to be Bereans.  We need to study the Word for ourselves and let the Holy Spirit guide our lives and our homeschools.  It is not up to a homeschool convention to spoon feed us.  It is not the responsibility of homeschool speakers or homeschooling websites to tell us what to think.  We can learn from others without being exactly like them.  We must be diligent not to become sheep, following every new thing that comes along.

The “methods” that have been called into question, and the leaders who have resigned their positions are not all wrong and all bad.  There was meat amongst the bones, but as with everything outside of the Bible, there ARE bones, and there are people who misread and misconstrue Scripture.  If we know our Bible, we know that beating children to death is never right.  If we know our Bible, we know that fathers ruling families with iron fists is not the example God gives us.  If we know our Bible, we know the clothes we wear and the music we listen to are not salvation issues.  If we know our Bible, we know that not every Christian looks the same, nor do they have the same function within the Body of Christ.

Satan is about the business of dividing Christians.  He is about the business of distracting us from what is really important.  Homeschooling is NOT a cure-all, safe haven from sin.  We can’t homeschool because it is THE “method” that will guarantee us Christian children.  We can’t check our brains at the doors of our homes.  We have to be thinking Christians.  We have to be homeschooling our children because we are leading and guiding, not because we are pushing and creating arbitrary rules.  Everything must be tested and tried by Scripture.

When I go to the Teach Them Diligently Conventions, I am not only a speaker, but also an attendee.  I go to help further their mission of leading families to Christ, and I go to listen to other speakers who have the same mission.  However, if you come to one of my sessions (or another speaker’s session), I pray you bring your discernment.  Homeschoolers are not carbon copies of each other.  Christianity is not a method.  Homeschooling is not a method.  The Gospel of Christ must be our number one priority.

You will get lost occasionally.  You will get too focused on curriculum.  You will find yourself dividing with other Christians over issues that are bones and not meat.  You are human.  You are fallible.  But if you are diligent to fill yourself and your children with Scripture, it will not return void.  Do not use Scripture to push and divide, but rather lead and love.

(If you interested in learning more of what Teach Them Diligently is all about, read here.)

How Something Simple Can Brighten Someone’s Day {Faith That Sticks Review & Givewaway}

How Something Simple Can Brighten Someone's Day {review & giveaway of Faith That Sticks} | RaisingArrows.net

One of my favorite things as a kid was stickers. I had stickers all over my bedroom mirror.  I put stickers all over my notebooks.  Oh, how I loved stickers. Judging by my children’s similar actions, I’m going to guess they inherited my love of stickers.  And I’m okay with that because I still love stickers!

When Tyndale asked me to check out their new line of stickers called Faith That Sticks, I couldn’t help myself!  And you should have seen my kids!  They were occupied for hours combing through the pile, finding their favorites, finding things to stick them on (more on that in a moment…)

Faith That Sticks Stickers! (Win a HUGE set!) | RaisingArrows.net Faith that Sticks stickers (+giveaway)

Now, if you are like me, you are wondering why bother ordering stickers?  And is there really a good purpose for stickers or are they just fun?  It was my 9 year old who showed me how stickers are way more than just fun…

Using stickers as a ministry (+giveaway) | RaisingArrows.netShe promptly wrote a letter to her friend and sealed it with a sticker.  That reminded me of how we had helped make cards for a card ministry and used stickers to embellish the cards.  Then, I remembered how every year we put stickers in our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Stickers don’t just brighten my day or my children’s day, they brighten everyone’s day!  Stickers just seem to be one of those universal happy things that bring smiles to faces no matter how young or old you are.

Faith That Sticks (review & giveaway) | RaisingArrows.net

See those God Made Everything stickers?  Use them to create your own Days of Creation book!

Choose stickers with Scripture to add to everything from receipts you hand to restaurant staff to bags you hand out to the homeless on the corner.  It’s a ready-made evangelism tool!

Print off corresponding downloadable pages from Faith That Sticks and include a set in your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this year!  A great one of these is the Farmyard Animals set!

Put a smile on someone’s face today!  In fact, put a smile on your own face today and then go bless someone else because you could win a

Faith That Sticks Variety Pack
worth $100!

Enter to win below or click here if reading via email!

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Titus 2 IRL – Is that what you really want?

Titus 2 IRL - Is that what you really want? | RaisingArrows.netOften, I receive emails from young moms crying out for an older woman to be a Titus 2 mentor to them.  Years ago, I wrote about how you should not be so caught up in looking, you forget to be a Titus 2 woman to someone else because there is always someone who could use what wisdom you have gleaned thus far.  But today, I want to address another aspect of this search for the Titus 2 woman. Because we have a shortage of Titus 2 women in our real lives, we tend to turn to Facebook and blogs and forums to find our Titus 2 help.  I’m sure many of you have mulled over the question of whether or not today’s young wife and mother really needs a real life mentor?  Could these blogs and forums and connections on social media be the Titus 2 of today? Before I answer this, let’s go back in time… In yesteryear, your Titus 2 women were a part of the local congregation.  You knew if an older woman was someone you wanted teaching you because she had proven herself.  The entire community could see that fact.  Young mothers knew they could count on her advice because they had seen her run her household day in and day out and they were able to observe the fruit of her labor.  It was obvious she was for real. Likewise, the older women could see the needs of the younger women.  They saw these woman with their husbands and children out and about and could readily ascertain many of the issues they were having. Now before you tell me those were the “good ole days”, I want you to consider how much you would welcome an older woman’s advice?   Would you really be all ears or do you think maybe, just maybe, you might end up feeling cornered?  Would that older woman come off as helpful or presumptuous and meddling?  Would you only want her advice if you sought it?  Would you be irritated if she kept a watchful eye on your progress? It’s tough to take criticism.  It’s tough to be told something in your life needs to change.  And it is beyond tough to be held accountable for the lessons you’ve been taught.  When we do our Titus 2-ing online, we can lie about how we are doing or hide behind a passive-agressive Facebook status.  We can even unfriend and walk away. The reason I think having In Real Life Titus 2 mentors is important isn’t because of the sweet and precious moments of fellowship we might have with an older woman, but because of the hard stuff no one can really manage from an online platform. There is no online substitute for accountability and tough love. Do you want someone to be real with you?  Are you willing to be real with them?  I wonder if we lack Titus 2 women in our communities because we aren’t willing to have someone meddling in our lives and/or we are afraid of meddling in the lives of others? Can we have online Titus 2 women?  Yes – but they have to be women who aren’t afraid to check up on us and ask the hard questions.  And most importantly, we need to truly see the fruit in their lives.  This doesn’t necessarily mean all their adult children are Christians (because God doesn’t have grandchildren and people make their own choices) nor does it mean they do everything right all the time.  But it does mean you know what their home life is like and you know if they truly are striving on a daily basis to live for Christ and serve their families in His name.  It will be difficult to find this type of relationship online, but not completely impossible. Should we have IRL Titus 2 women?  Yes – but be prepared to listen and potentially get your feelings stepped on.  If you want those real relationships, you have to be willing to be real and raw and teachable.  Iron sharpens iron and sharpening hurts.  Be aware that Titus 2 relationships are going to be this kind of hurt from time to time. So, Titus 2 seekers, let me leave you with this final question that each of you must answer on your own – Is that what you really want?   If so, then it is time to put yourself out there and let older women know how much you need them and how you are willing to hear what they have to say and how you are willing to be held accountable.  Stop looking for an older woman to have a cup of coffee with, and start looking for one who has proven herself and has wisdom to share!

Scripture Memory for Children Through Stories (+Giveaway!)

Wherever people get together, there are often stories to be shared, and usually the stories have relevance to the conversation and the message we are trying to get across.

Scripture Memory for Children Through Stories (+Giveaway!) | RaisingArrows.net

We read and tell stories to our children for various reasons.  Sometimes it is to spend quality time with them, sometimes it is to broaden their knowledge and vocabulary, sometimes it is to teach them an important lesson…just as Jesus did for His followers while He walked this earth!

So, if children (and adults!) can learn important lessons through stories, why not use stories to teach Scripture memory verses?!
{affiliate links included}

This is precisely what Moore Family Films has done with their latest DVD, “ABC Say It With Me Bible Memory Verses.”

Moore Family Films are a staple in our household.  My children enjoy them so much, and the films have sparked many conversations.  ABC Say It With Me is no different.

Scripture Memory Through Stories +Giveaway! | RaisingArrows.netmy boys can’t get enough!

Each letter of the alphabet has a memory verse that corresponds with it.  The Moore children say the verse and Scripture reference which is followed by a short “story” that helps to illustrate and explain the text.  At the end, the Scripture and reference are repeated again.

The “stories” include things like a clip of the children looking for a lost sheep, a silent film sketch showing what happens when greed gets a hold of you, and a funny skit of a patient family and a very clumsy waiter.

The film is a favorite of my little boys (ages 1, 3, & 5), but it was enjoyed by my 8 & 9 year olds as well.  They can say many of the verses right along with the Moore children!

Scripture Memory Through Stories +Giveaway | RaisingArrows.net

Scripture needs to permeate our children’s lives.  It needs to be living and breathing.  They need to see it in action.  ABC Say It With Me gives understanding to your child’s memorization of Scripture without compromising the message.  It digs deep, and I appreciate that immensely!

This week, I’m giving away a copy of ABC Say It With Me!  See the giveaway widget below:

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