Diastasis Recti From a Mom’s Perspective

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Disclaimer:  I am a mom and not a medical professional.

You’ve probably landed on this page because you have a condition that few people know about and you just want help and understanding.  Well, I definitely understand, and hopefully, I can help too!

My name is Amy and I have had a diastasis of the recti muscles since the birth of my 4th child back in 2006.

The ever-present diastasis recti “pooch.”

There are some great diastasis resources out there, but few address what it is really like to be the woman behind the diastasis.

The honest truth is:
It hurts.

Not just physically, but emotionally.

Knowing you always look pregnant.  Knowing the size of clothes you have to buy are not your real size.  Knowing your muscles aren’t holding anything in anymore.  Being pregnant and worrying that the diastasis will cause you issues that could lead to anything from horrible back aches to unwanted c-sections.

I understand.  I’ve been there.  I am there.

And I’m on a quest.

A quest to find the best programs, products, and advice for moms who are more than just a collection of flimsy muscles, but rather hurting, yet hopeful women looking for a shoulder to cry on and answers to a little-understood problem.


Posts I’ve written on Diastasis Recti:
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Pregnancy Support Garments
The Perfect Brace Outside of Pregnancy
The Tummy Chronicles (series chronicling my experience w/ the Tupler Technique)

How to check for Diastasis Recti

Resources to heal diastasis recti without surgery:
(note: some of these I have tried, some have been shared with me by readers)

Braces/Splints Inside and Outside of Pregnancy

My favorite brace is one I purchased from The Tummy Team:

The Tummy Team 3 panel brace

I purchased the 3-Panel Abdominal Splint because I am short-waisted.  It is super simple to use and it does a really great job.

The Tummy Team also does Physical Therapy and Online Consulting to help heal DR.  I have not personally used their services, but I do feel they are a good choice.

The Tupler Technique Book
Lose Your Mummy Tummy

The Tupler Technique resource package
Includes:  DVD, splint, & record book
from BellyButtonBoutique.com

(NOTE: This is the package I used for the Tummy Chronicles;
however, the splint is different.)

Slendertone EMS Belt
(NOTE:  I have not used this myself, but I have a friend who says it has taken her 8+ finger-width DR down to a 1)


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149 thoughts on “Diastasis Recti From a Mom’s Perspective

  1. Wow! I can’t believe I found this! Just followed a link over to your blog and then discovered these posts on Diastasis Recti. I just “accidentally” discovered Julie Tupler’s website yesterday! I think I may have stumbled onto something life-changing! I’m pretty sure I have this . . . but I can’t seem to be able to find my muscles. I’m sure they are separated though! I think I recall a midwife mentioning that to me many babies ago . . . not sure which one now! :) i have had ten BIG babies (largest was 9 lbs. 12 oz) plus miscarriages. I’ve done sit ups/crunches to no avail and carried car seats with baby in it plus carried HEAVY babies on my hip while big pregnant. I’ve probably done everything I shouldn’t have! :) I’ve also had a hysterectomy for severe uterine prolapse and had extensive anterior and posterior repairs. :( I am excited to learn about this condition and a possible cure! Now praying for God to provide the funds so I can order the book/DVD and splint!!!!!!! thanks for being vulnerable and posting about this!

        • Well, I’m currently pregnant, and every pregnancy sets you back again. My OB feels it is a full blown hernia and will require surgery, and I agree with her. Until then, I will do the exercises and wear the brace. It really does help many, many women, but mine is well over 10 finger-widths. :(

  2. Is having a sore lower back for a few days normal? I started on Monday and my lower back is sore! I am only doing the exercises once a day. I just want to make sure I am doing them right. I would ask on the forum but it isn’t showing up right for me and the right side is cut off, so I can’t push a sent button!

  3. I delivered twin boys Oct 2009, and I just couldnt understnd 3 months after delivery,why my belly was still so high, as if am 6 months prego. On consulting with a Hernia specialist I was told (after he viewed a CD of a cat scan my doctor had done on my abdomen after delivery) he told me i had diass recti, I was like WHATTT! WHATS THAT!! it was only then he explain in regular terms, ‘Abdominal Separation…his solution only a Tummy tuck can tighten back my muscles together, the thought of a tummy tuck, a nother surgery freak me out, not to mentioned the non-insurance covered cost! So now my handsome boys are 27 months old and whenever i go to the mall ppl (mainly women) still asks me if am prego because I have a pouch!! My hubby loves my belly, but honestly I don’t!! I’ve had x 3 pregos all c-sections, and i dont want to go back under the knife again if i dont have to, especially after the twins i bleed prefusely and had to do x 2 blood transfusions. I need some help i tried yoga, and zumba but nothing seems to shrink the bulge :(

    • I ran into a woman who recounted for me the tummy tuck procedure she had to repair hers. It sounded awful! You can heal this or at least make it much better! Keep reading!

  4. I just read abt the Julie Tupler, OMG I didnt know that there were so many other mommies ot there in the same boat as I am. I order the ‘Woman Package one from Tupler, hopeing it’ll help me out, as I have a cruise to go on for my 5th anniversay :)

  5. Hi Amy,
    I got my Diastasis Rehab package (Splint, guidebook and LYMT DVD) on Tuesday,
    I was so excited I watched the DVD the same day. I am a bit overwhelmed by the task 10 sets each day! OMG…but am committed to seeing it through. I did my first 10 sets today Wednesday 2/8/12 and my back and arms hurts, should this be happening so soon?
    Looking fwd to doing another 10 set tomorrow….a quick question, my Splint tends to cringle up (looks crushed up) did yours do this?

  6. May I make a suggestion? This is a subject near and dear to me!!!!!!! It is a (free) exercise that works amazing and that you can add to your Tupler routine. It’s call Organs in Place & Half Frogs.
    Kayla (mom of 3)

  7. I’ve known I’ve had this for years. After baby #2, it became worse, but my sister in law, who is a doctor, said it wasn’t bad and that it was normal. So I tried to ignore it, even when I was pushing my organs back in after sneezing. We have had no health insurance for almost 9 years, so I couldn’t even have the surgery if I wanted to. Baby #3 is 16 months old and I finally decided that I needed to do something. Last week, I bought a copy of the book and it arrived yesterday. I don’t have the splint and can’t buy one now, but I will try to make one. I am afraid to start the exercises, because I am afraid I won’t do them everyday. Your site will help me stay motivated. Thanks.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Amy! I’ve been so concerned about my bulging belly and wondering why on earth it looks like a 5-month pregnancy years after my second baby exited. This explains so much, and I’ll be trying the techniques and letting you know how I got on.

    Thanks again!

  9. Never been diagnosed with this but have all of the symptoms you describe. After 7 babies I suppose it’s possible. I don’t have a GP and only go to my midwife when I’m pregnant. How can I tell if I have this condition. I suppose buying the book and doing the exercises can’t hurt. I just feel I’d be more dedicated to following through if there was a medical reason and not that I’m 20 lbs overweight and have had my stomach stretched out 7 times.

    • Yes, that is what I want to know. How do you know if you have it? Besides a bulging tummy, are there other symptoms. I have a high buldge and often get sore stomach muscles and back pain, but I have no idea if it is this! (Four babies in quick succession, all c-sections) And no, I’ve never “worked” on my tummy.

      • There is a link on Tupler’s site where she shows you how to check. That would be the best way to see for sure since my explaining here would not be sufficient. Sounds very much like this is what you have.

    • You lay down on your. back with your knees raised, then lift only your head and plce your. first to fingers firmly on your belly button. if you feel a space bigger then a finger wide you have diastasis recti

  10. Thank you again for encouraging me to help myself, this is the beginning of week 3 with the How to lose your Mummy Tummy :) and I have lost 2 fingers in width and two inches around my middle, I am so excited!! I was told by a few different dr’s I was broken and couldn’t be healed but I knew they were wrong, thank you for pointing me in the right direction!!! I’m a cloud nine today :)

  11. I am so happy I have found this page. After my pregnancies I struggled with this a small amount, but things went back to normal after about a year. After my son died, and then I had 5 miscarraiges and then my youngest son was born after a placenta abruption … well … I had my tubes tied. Almost immediately I knew I had made a mistake. So, we began saving up to have it reversed. In November of 2011 I had my tubal ligation reversal. I was so excited! But, I noticed right there as the doctor was showing me my incision and how to care for it that something was wrong. I thought it was just swelling and wuold go down … but it has been months and has not gone down at all. I had lost about 40lbs prior to the surgery, and have been very discouraged and not keeping up on that and so have gained some back. Not to mention, when most of your friends know you had your tubes “untied” and then you look pregnant the next time you see them it makes for very awkward conversation when you aren’t yet …

    I’m going to buy the book today, and read through all your posts. :) Thanks!!

  12. I have a diastasis recti as well and agree that it hurts emotionally and physically. I am so discouraged with what my body is able to do, as far as exercise. I have a herniated disk located in my cervical spine which means I have to be careful of what exercises I do or I risk flare ups. I am a size 7/8, 5 foot 3 inches, 137 pounds but even though I have a medium frame, my shirt size need to be extra-large. I can’t afford to have repairs surgically because my insurance views this is as cosmetic surgery. I am beginning to wonder if my herniated disc is due to the diastasis recti totally throwing my entire frame off track. I have had three children but after my first born was when I noticed an umbilical hernia which I had repaired. Everyday I stare into the mirror and see that I look about five months pregnant. If there is help out there for me, please help!

  13. I had my first 10 years ago and I jumped back into shape quickly after.. Where it wasn’t even noticed that I had a child.. Then I had my second baby three months after being born I was pregnant with my third and it was then post-op I noticed something was different. I’m guessing having them back to back caused lots of wear and tear on me physically. People still think I’m pregnant and it sucks to be told that. I can’t seem to tell how many finger widths I am. When I lay down the only way I could describe it, it’s like a big flub of loose skin, moves like jello, I’m 29 but my Stomach looks like 89; it’s so wrinkle looking. I love my kids. Ur miss my old body especially being still young. I don’t want another surgery. I’m hesitate to spend money on something I’m not sure if it will work.

  14. I am 44 yrs old and i have had 3 children i am just under 5 fet tall and my stomache was not as big as it is now it seems to me that there is something wrong i am a small women evrything about my body is small accept my stomache and idk why it keeps getting bigger i’m not a big eater so i know thats not the problem. this saddens me because i hate really going out in public this way i really wished i knew what to do about it because it’s embarrassing for me. if anyone has some advice to give me on how to not look this way anymore please do so i’ll take what i can for answers.

  15. After three good sized babies (largest was 9’15”, 23″ long), I had a mommy belly. I developed low back pain and always felt “FAT.” I opted to have a tummy tuck down. It wasn’t until I was in surgery that the plastic surgeon discovered my diastasis recti. He repaired it as part of the procedure. What an incredible difference this repair made in my life. I am now 55 years old and have the flattest belly of ALL my friends. I no longer suffer from low back pain. I feel great. Yes there was a period of recovery from the surgery, but it was more than worth it. I was SO HAPPY with my tummy tuck that I went on to have a breast lift and reduction and a vaginoplasty done. Both of these procedures were done in Brasil at 1/10th the cost here in the USA. (FYI: My tummy tuck was done in the USA. Very expensive.) For those of you who are not familiar with a vaginoplasty, this procedure rebuilt my vagina, re-suspending my bladder, and correcting separations in my vaginal and rectal wall muscles. I no longer “pee when I laugh, cough, or sneeze.” To those moms who have bladder problems as well as the mommy belly: DO IT. Get the surgery. We are worth it!!! It’s not only for your health but also for your self-esteem and well being. I’ve never regretted my decision for a minute!!!

    • Hey I was wondering if you had more info about the surgery you had in Brazil? I am interested. Not sure if hubby would go for something out of the country but I think I would prefer it! lol my email is
      abct at dnet dot net
      if you want to contact me off list . Thanks!

    • This is an old comment, but all of what you had fixed by surgery is also fixable with proper exercises. Just don’t want anyone to think that they have to pay thousands of dollars and have major surgery to fix things.

  16. Hello! I’m so glad I found this, there is so little info “out there.” I just discovered Julie Tupler. I have diastasis after only one child. I just found out I’m pregnant with number two and haven’t been able to correct it from child number one. I’m really upset about this. Any tips or suggestions? Has anyone done the “perfect pushing” by Julie – is it helpful to heal while pregnant? Thanks!

    • I have not done the perfect pushing, but her method does help tremendously…as long as you stick with it. That’s my trouble. 😉

  17. I have a diastisis recti and I’m very self conscious of it. Talked to a surgeon and he said I don’t need to do anything, it’s harmless but it really bothers me. I wear an abdominal binder and that’s exactly what it is. It binds mainly because I’m not very tall and my diastisis is huge. I need a really good brace or binder. thanks for reading

  18. I am SO glad I found your site! I couldn’t help but cry reading your story as I’ve felt so alone in this. No one else I know has my “pregnant looking” tummy. I am so tired of telling people I am not expecting another…so awkward, and am still baffled @ amount of people that ask, especially women! It’s been 3 years, but now I have some hope. Even if I can reduce in 1/2, that would be awesome!

    Thank you for sharing your story! Your site should be given to all pregnant women out there.

    • Your story sounds like mine! My daughter is 3.5 years old and I have people ask me all the time when I’m expecting. I hate having to buy shirts that make me look like I’m wearing a bag just to avoid the stares and questions. Today I got up the nerve to wear a new cute shirt and a lady walked by me and said “Oh what a nice little bump you have!” uggghhhh… I’ve had people say that so many times that I’ve stopped crying but it still hurts. :(

  19. Hi Its so nice to see that other women are in my shoes! After twins 7’3 and 7’2 followed 18 months later by my 10 1/2 pounder my belly looks like i swallowed a stick of dynomite! My skin was literally hanging in flaps with a huge diastasis. Who new, because I sure didn’t. I want to either find or create a support group so women with this condition can find the best methods for fixing this condition and dealing with stretch marks. It’s no fun to be told surgery is the only answer. I have bought a julie tupler dvd and splint however i find that the splint is a bit to short for me (i’m 6 ‘3) so I’m in the process of developing an alternative front closer corset which I will be custom making and selling on my website biscuitsngravyco.com I find this works better for taller women! I’m developing a clothing line and my site is not dedicated to this condition but I will soon be selling these under garmet corsets with my line of clothes. check back in October for products. Big thanks to Amy for sharing her story and showing pics of progress!

      • I feel like I just read about my pregnancies: no preolbms after #1, but worse after #2 and disgusting after #3…and I just can’t seem to get rid of it!! I hate it. I know babies are worth everything and image shouldn’t be so self-consuming; but sometimes, it’s really hard not to focus on it when you feel like you can’t wear normal clothes without worrying somebody will think I’m pregnant again. I don’t know that we could afford that kind of $, but if I could, I’d do it in a heartbeat just to feel like I’m not carrying around this pouch anymore. Thank you for sharing. You’ve helped me realize that the problem isn’t just that I’m not working as hard as everybody else!! What a relief.

  20. what do you think anout the mombodfitness fit splint? it looks better than the tupler splint… thanks for your anawer and opinion, andrea

      • have you learned more about this alternative splint yet?
        since no insurance, the GP at clinic’s 6 wk postpartum exam was to ask if i feel fine, never touched my abdomen! 4 mos after my first baby, id lost the baby weight, but still had baby tummy, even tho my waist had returned. then felt a lump in the bulge over my belly button. since no insurance, watched it for 2 months before seeing dr. the dr. told me it was my aorta visible bc i was thin! i told her that made no sense, and asked for 2nd opinion. her coworker immediately diagnosed minor hernia, said i can do whatever exercises i like, go to hospital if gets worse or im nauseus. next day when i called to ask if i can get pregnant he’d left for 6 wk vaca! the 1st dr still didnt know anythng, told me to ask OB. ob wont see me unless pregnant, and wont talk w non-patient. FINALLY midwife at birth center would discuss w me, she feels it’s DRecti w hernia, told me about tupler website, and fit me into her closed sched. i have exam w her tomorrow to confirm diagnosis and treatment. fingers crossed good news! this blog gives me hope and support, thank you!!

        • Hi, update, the Midwife diagnosed DR, only 2 fingers (makes me thankful reading this page!) going to order dvds and splint since want to get pregnant again this year. have you heard of the MuTu System? what have you heard about the various splints avail? I’m pretty short, with only a 3cm DR, and live in Hawaii, want a pretty comfortable one that still does a proper job! b/c shipping so expensive, returning one not really an option!
          (btw, I called the 1st docs w/ wrong diagnosis, and told them they should look into this as it is surprisingly common, so many women don’t realize they have it, and typical ab workouts just make it worse!)
          thank you again!!

    • Hi, there! I have used that splint. I still do, sometimes. It holds everything in but it doesn’t heal anything. :( I have just used it when I exercised to keep things from getting worse.

  21. Hi there, i am soo encouraged and enlightened by your blog that i came across accidentally as i searched for answers for my diastasis. i never knew there is something like diastasis recti, all i knew was that since i gave birth to my first child, and even my second child, my tummy still looks pregnant despite all the exercises i do. so this time i decided to search on internet and that is how i found out about diastasis recti. i think mine is 4 fingers, i live in africa in a country called sudan and i have no idea how i can get Julie’s help. i have been googling and trying to do exercises as recommended but would love to hear more about the program you are doing. otherwise thanks alot for the blog and encouragement and keep on!!

  22. Does anyone know if you can do the Mummy Tummy exercises after hernia repair surgery? I have had mesh inserted laproscopically.

  23. Finally someone who knows what I am living with! I went to see a plastic surgeon who said my stomach was the worst he had ever seen. (Thanks a lot, doc!)
    No, I did not have it surgically repaired. I was just shopping around for a solution.

  24. I have disastis recti and did not know that this is what it was for 14 years now. I have talked to plastic surgeons more than once and now I can say they were telling me the truth. A tummy tuck is probably my only hope to get rid of this horrible looking stomach. So, now I know that I’m stuck with it, because I cannot afford to have this done. I’ve been depressed over the way my stomach looks, because I have worked out hard and see no difference. It is devasting to my emotional state, but no one that I know can understand. I’m a single mother, 41 years old and have a gross stomach that will never go away. I’m going to try new stomach exercises for the next few months to see if it helps any, because I guess all this time I’ve been doing exercises that make my stomach bigger! I’m sorry to be such a downer, but I have felt this way for a long time. I just want a flat stomach is that alot to ask?

  25. Hello, I had a baby a little over a month ago…beautiful baby girl 8lbs. 8oz. I ended up having a c-section after 24 hrs. of labor. For me, she was a big baby and stretched my belly a lot, especially since I am 5’3″. I have my postpartum appt. in a week, but I did find out that I have a hernia, and from what I can tell…diastasis recti. My belly sticks out like I am still 5 months pregnant but when I lay down it flattens out a bit. Also, when I sit up, the center of my stomach bulges up like a mountain in the center. I’m guessing this is my intestines pushing out, but I’m not certain. I really want to heal it, especially without surgery. I will be getting hernia surgery in the future, but I don’t know how much of that will help the diastasis recti. I am glad I stumbled upon this site. I have been obsessing over my belly ever since I noticed something wasn’t right because I’ve always had a fit body and now I feel that it is ruined forever and I won’t be able to do anything about it. I am hoping that someone can help me and motivate me with suggestions, advice, excercieses…anything. I don’t want to be ashamed of my body. I try to stay positive because I got a wonderful and beautiful little girl out of it, I would just like to know what I can do to help this. :)

  26. Hi, I highly recommend getting some abdominal massage work, Maya Abdominal massage if possible but any work to address the scar tissue that form from pregnancy, and birthing process (especially C-section scars). They can impact the placement and function of internal organs, cause back pain and a variety of other issues if not addressed. If the surrounding muscles aren’t functioning properly losing weight becomes more difficult. Or you lose it in some areas but still have the accumulation in areas like above/below scars because the scar tissue is impacting freedom of movement. However, with massage techniques the scar tissue can be broken up and properly function restored and overall appearance will change as a result. Also you can learn basic massage techniques to do on your own belly. It can be very valuable if you do daily if possible.

  27. I really like your perspective, Raising Arrows! I am a fitness professional who had diastasis recti following pregnancy. I did the Tupler technique, which helped a little, and I became certified in post natal fitness, which also helped a little. I found out that I had a umbilical hernia in the diastasis, which meant that surgery was the only real fix. I had the surgery 2 years ago. It’s no cake walk, I tell you, but I’m glad I had it done. Everyone’s choices have to depend on their own experience and prognosis. But, I like to help others going through this. Please see my website for more, and check with us at Facebook. We have a pretty large support group for DR sufferers. Thanks so much! Carrie

  28. I have severe diastasis recti, i look over 10 months pregnant, im crying as i write this, im also about to tell my fiance to find someone else that can make him happy because i cant give him what he needs. I will never feel sexy again. I cant walk very fast and my stomach hangs over my private. I think its wrong that we cant get this covered by insurance because it is medically necassary.

    • Heidi;
      I hear and understand your frustration. Your DR is not YOU. Please don’t get wrapped up in a physical limitation/injury and let it define you and your character. I will also say that you need a diagnosis from your OB, and a referral to a surgeon. Keep a paper trail and see what insurance can do. For me, insurance covered the part of the surgery that included the umbilical hernia. I paid the rest out of pocket. For me, it was the right choice. Please join the Diastasis Recti group on Facebook. It definitely helps.

  29. Hi! I’m so glad that I found this blog. I have suffered with DR since my first pregnancy. After my oldest, it wasn’t that bad but I never went back to the nice flatness that I had prior to that pregnancy. After I became pregnant with my twins, which was my third pregnancy, the DR got worse and I’ve gone down hill since then. I suffer both while pregnant and when I’m not. I always have back pain and abdominal heaviness but it’s worse during pregnancy. I had an old doctor tell me that I had the worse case of DR for a women my age (then 33) that he’s seen in ten years. He suggested that I go straight to a surgeon. Well, I knew that I wasn’t finished so I never did but I’m glad because I had another baby after that. I am now 23 weeks along with my seventh and I’m think I’m done. I love having children but the pregnancies are becoming harder and unbearable. I think I’m ready to work on me. I’m tired of the way I look and feel. I don’t enjoy shopping like I used to and I hate girdles. I’m tired of being asked how far along I am when I’m not pregnant. Once in the supermarket, an employee was giving out samples of food and she said to me, “One for you and one for the baby!” I just took both and walked away completely crushed. I had given birth eight months prior to that incident. Amy, thank you for reaching out to us moms suffering from DR in silence. I look forward to spending more time on the site. Best wishes to you and yours. God bless all, ladies!

  30. Hello Ive been told I have Diastasis Recti with hernia I am getting surgery in Jan 2013 I’m a little scared however like everyone else having DR is very emotionally and physically draining I have had 3 c-sections so thats where I think I got it from i find myself very depressed because I still look 6 months pregnant and all the walking and exercising isnt working at all I guess I wonder has anyone else had surgery I’m reading about it though I had its very painful its worth it because to get most of your shape back I’ve had c-sections and my dr said If I could take that than i should be fine any suggestion sor help will be galdly appreciated

    • Vanity,
      I had to undergo the surgery as well. It is not a cakewalk. Ask your doctor very specific questions, including how long it will be with your drains and other recovery garments. Also ask when you will be able to hold your children again. Make sure your doctor will let you stay in the hospital an appropriate amount of time. Unless you are just doing a hernia repair, I recommend staying at least one night. I stayed 2. If you have any questions or comments, let me know. I chronicled my journey quite a bit on carriefit.com.

  31. I’m having surgery for my diastasis recti and hernia in Jan 2013 im a little nervous my dr told me since I already had 3 c-sections I should be ok but still having surgery is serious.. but Ive been depressed because I still look 6 months pregnant any suggestion or thoughts will be appreciated

    • I have a friend who had this done and I am hoping to have her guest post at some point. It is a major surgery and won’t be a walk in the park, but she has told me she is very glad she had it done. (HUGS)

      • I hava a 14 year old and a 4 year old. After I had my daughter, I got right back to my size 3 pants. Ten years later after having my son, I noticed that something was different. I thought I had a hernia, but was distatis recti. I am seriously thinking about having the surgery, Do you know about ball park figure how much it cost?

        • I cannot remember for sure, but I know it was over $3000. We didn’t pursue it very far because the plastic surgeon was saw was so flabbergasted.

  32. Thank you so much for your website. I have had 2 c-sections and am pregnant with my third child. I discovered my diastasis after my first pregnancy when I saw this huge mysterious ridge down the middle of my stomach when ever I raised up from a lying position. I didn’t know what it was until tons of research following the second baby and it was even bigger. As a result of my discovery I questioned why a doctor, midwife or pregnancy book I came across never mentioned this. I started looking around and noticed many pregnant looking women of varying ages and wondered if they were pregnant or perhaps dealing with my same issue. I realized why people are sometimes hesitant to ask if someone is expecting. Then I was overcome with the determination and set out to overcome the challenge. I did some trials and tests on myself which lead me to develop a movement to support mommy’s with “pregnant looking tummy’s”. I have been amazed by how many are out there hurting, including myself. I had a five finger gap before I learned about closing the gap which I started working on about a year ago.

    I did all kinds of ab work before learning what’s helpful and what’s not. Then I discovered the importance of a strong TVA, training the muscles to stay in as opposed to protrude and bracing myself to help create muscle memory. It made a world of difference for me. I’m very athletic and have always been thin and since my first child I have looked 3-4 months pregnant. My oldest is 5 so for the last 5 years I have looked perpetually pregnant. Now I am actually pregnant again, 6 months. I’m HUGE and have been since about my 6th week. People are curious if I’m having twins. I suspect the diastasis is even more severe now. Even so, with everything I have learned and am continuing to learn I am confident that following this pregnancy I will have the ability to reduce my pregnant looking tummy. I’m actually excited to see how things will turn out and not loathing how I plan to hide my non baby belly bump. I’m going to keep spreading the word and sharing websites like yours because I think it’s such a support to know there are answers and lots of women (and men) don’t even know there is a true condition.

    We want mommies to share their struggles and triumphs over the issue. We would love you to visit the website or Friend us on Facebook. Thanks for listening. It felt good to get that out.

    Happy Girl Abs

  33. wow i am inspired!!! i believe in you, and i am also starting my journey with the tupler technique. YOU CAN DO IT! when was this posted??? hows your belly now? please keep us posted. :)

  34. Hi Amy. congratulations on the birth of Creed! I was interested to note in your summary of your birth experience that they had to push the baby externally into position. I have a severe recti diastisis after having twins in March last year. I am due to have a singleton in March this year and at my last visit my OB stressed the importance of wearing my belly support brace so that the baby didn’t get in, and stay in, an awkward position. As it is, the baby keeps moving into a transverse position, in which case a C-section would be the only option. Was creed transverse at any point? And when they manipulated his position was it because he wasn’t in line with the pelvis? I’m just wondering what I can do to avoid a C-section and ensure my bub lines up properly for exit! (I’m 33weeks). thanks! Bron.

    • My first couple of babies after the diastasis happened were transverse (we did an external version with both of them to avoid a c-section, which actually turned out to be quite an easy procedure). The last 2 babies have stayed head down like they should, but Creed was in an awkward position to come down anymore, so that is why we basically “pushed and pulled” him into place from the outside. It really depends on your doctor and what he/she is willing to do. My OBs have all been very supportive of helping me avoid a c-section.

  35. I have had 2 abdominal surgeries in the last 12 months to correct diastasis recti and ventral hernia. I have a 2 year old and 3 year old boy( both by C-section). My first surgeon was an m.d, my second surgeon was a plastic surgeon. Huge difference, but I still have a pouch. Both doctors stated my abdominal wall is paper thin, whether due to pregnancy or genetics, they don’t know. Can’t lift more than a gallon of milk, and still look a little bit pregnant. Any advice?

    • Thank you, but I must tell you it isn’t mine but simply one that used to be free on the internet years ago, but is no longer available. :) Chastisement would be whatever form of discipline you feel is your most serious and would be reserved for only the most extreme of cases. Individual families must decide what that means.

  36. I totally know what you mean. My 4th pregnancy was awful, my husband and I were farming at the time (by hand!). I ended up on bed rest, huge and felt like I was weakening by the moment. Afterwards I tried the Tupler technique but couldn’t really stick with it. I still felt so weak and not motivated, then it was summer and we were harvesting again and it was hot! With my 5th pregnancy (my current youngest child) I felt weak and tired all the time and I think alot of that was due to my weak core. So I am back on Tupler again and sticking with it this time. I feel so much better. I am also trying fit2b. It is wonderful. Like all wounds, physical and emotional there is healing.

  37. Hi, fellow DR mama! I’m so glad you’re raising awareness of this medial problem. So many women (men too) have a diastasis, and so few know about it… Check into the MomBod Fit Splint, too. There’s also The Tummy Team, I think that’s Kelly Dean’s outfit, and Fit2B Studio, run by Bethany Learn. Please look into these resources, and add them to your arsenal of hope! We can heal! We can stop hurting, both emotionally and physically.

  38. Hi Amy! I have read you article before in the past on my quest to find more information on diastasis for myself…thank you for sharing your plight. May I point you in the direction of two ladies who are helping me to make a difference in my body? One is Beth over at Fit2b.us, and the other is Wendy at MuTuSystem.com Their info, techniques, and programs are sound (I do some from both) and I feel like I am getting my body back and getting stronger!

  39. Hi Amy,

    I didn’t know! I just checked myself today, and I do have a sizeable diastasis, 5.5 fingers in the middle and at least 4 fingers top and bottom. My last two babies were both over 11 lbs, so I don’t think that has helped. How is it going for you? I’m thinking of buying the Tuppler set.

    • I am getting ready to start back up with the exercises, but I am also looking into some other things as well so I can make sure I am offering other ideas to my readers. :)

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  41. Hello!

    My son is 5 years old now, and I’m just putting 2+2 together that I have Diastasis Recti. Well, at least 3 fingers worth! LOL. I’ve ignored the obvious symptoms…the ridge down my stomach when I lean back a little….a slightly protruding belly button that used to be an innie. My OBGYN had checked my tummy after birth, but all seemed fine. Well, now that I’ve done “the test”, I’m glad to have found this blog! I have a question: which support belt out there is the BEST? I don’t want to waste money on trying different ones. I believe I need the “full coverage”. Any recommendations?

    I can’t wait to start the exercises, so I can stop looking like I’m still pregnant!

    Wishing all mothers out there the best,


    • Hi Lori! Support belts are such a difficult thing to figure out. The Tupler program suggests their splint, but for full coverage, you need 2. Support belts that are recommended for post-c-section are good too. The support belt I used to recommend is no longer available. :( Try to find something that is strong enough to pull your muscles into place. It might be a good idea to go to a hospital supply store so you can try on the belt. :)

  42. I was diagnosed with DR when I was pregnant with my second child. The nurse practitioner made it sound like there was nothing you could do about it, but I read up on abdominal exercises you could do and wore a belly bandit after delivering for about 6 weeks. It was still there a little but made a huge difference. Then I had another child 18 months after my 2nd, and was given the same story during my prenatal appointments – “You have DR, and there’s nothing you can do to repair it short of surgery.” I wore the belly bandit again and did the stomach exercises (pulling in toward my spine as if there were a string connected to my belly button). Now my 3rd child is 2 years old, and my waist has gone back to its original size before I had #1 – I can still feel a bit of separation there, but no discomfort or visible sign of stomach protrusion. I don’t think my DR was ever as severe as some of the others, but I did want to share it to encourage others that the exercises do make a difference.

  43. .Had my first when I was 23 years old. Had an easy, natural birth. No tummy problems. 7 years down the line, had my second bundle of joy. Baby was in distress so had an emergency C section. I guess that must have been the problem. Kept waiting and waiting for my tummy to flatten out, but to no avail. 14 months after the pregnancy, I realized that something is not right. Started imagining all kind of things, like that maybe my uterus never shrank after the birth or I have a tumor etc. Then I came across the Tupler website and everything made sense. The bulging tummy and the lower back ache. Checked my tummy for a diastasis. To my relieve it wasn’t as large as I was afraid it would be. 2 ½ to 3 fingers. Started doing the Tupler exercises. Never followed through with the whole program , but ended up doing it for about 4 weeks…. My lower back pain was completely gone. I felt stronger and more flexible. My boy is 3 years old now, my gap is still about 1 to 1 ½ wide, but I feel great. Still sometimes feel that my tummy is not as flat as it used to be before the second pregnancy. But I think it’s a lot better than before and I can finally wear tight fitting tops. I try to always tuck in my tummy and keep a proper posture; I think that’s very important. I hope to start with the Tupler technique again soon and close the diastasis for good. Ladies please do yourselves a favor and try the Tupler exercises, even if only for a few weeks. They will teach you the correct posture and I can guarantee you that your back aches will diminish, you will feel stronger and more in control of your bulge 😉

  44. I feel your pain! I developed diastasis recti (2 fingers below the belly button) after my second baby. After my third it had gone further up the midline to be a three finger diastasis above & below the belly button. I also developed a cystocele. This was all extremely hard on me because I was an athlete and had always considered myself active and fit. A bit of a total betrayal by my body. Frankly, I was pretty afraid of getting pregnant again and what that would mean for my body.

    I did the Tuppler technique and it helped a lot. As did belly binding for about 4 months post-partum. However, the thing that has gone the farthest to healing both problems is T-Tapp. I’ll let you look up the website rather than linking in your comments section, but I LOVE this workout system. I was a total skeptic but was also desperate so I went ahead and bought the book (smallest financial commitment possible). This was good, but I couldn’t figure out the exercises. After getting the Basic Workout and finally seeing how everything went together, I started working out. I went from a size 16 to an 8 in about 4 months. Which was awesome, really! But the best parts were the energy, the strength in my core, and not feeling like anything was going to, umm, “fall out”. I get absolutely nothing for endorsing this system. I just know how desperate I was and what a huge difference it has made in my life, so I’m pretty glad to share with anyone else who might be looking for help in regaining core strength and healing from both diastasis recti and cystocele.

  45. I’ve suspected there was damage to my abdominal muscles since my last pregnancy but nobody ever took me seriously. I am thin and within the last few months have really buckled down and watched my eating and worked out religously. My legs are toned, my arms are toned and even my upper abs and obliques are toned. I am completely happy with my body except for the bulge in the center of my belly that makes me look pregnant. I feel so vain but I’ve worked so hard to be in the best shape that I can and It makes me sad that I can’t flatten this area…..I dreamed of a six pack which clearly will never happen. I finally figured out that I have a diastisis recti and confirmed with my ob/gyn yesterday at my checkup. I’ve ordered the Tupler Technique and pray it gives me some relief. I just feel like nobody understands and thinks I am being vain b/c the rest of me is skinny I should just be happy with that.

  46. Have you heard of Beth Learn and Fit 2 B Studio? She has a fabulous website with entirely tummy safe workouts, and great knowledge about diastasis recti. I first used Tupler, but I find Beth to be so much more helpful, and she is so kind! I thought of you when I found her, because I found Tupler to be more discouraging than anything.

  47. Amy…thank you for your posts on this subject, and especially your pictures. I am currently 9 months pregnant and counting down the days. This is my sixth pregnancy, and my first boy! I carry very large babies (largest 10 lbs. 6 oz.), and I get HUGE when I am pregnant…I mean HUGE! With every pregnancy I survive severe nausea and dehydration due to vomiting…I usually become functional around my sixth month. However, I have never experienced in my third trimester what I am experiencing with this pregnancy. I am very, very large and my hip, pelvis, and belly hurt so bad that I am again non-functional. It is so bad that I will be going to my brother’s wedding this weekend in a wheelchair. I spend the whole day and night in a recliner. I know that you cannot fix me, I guess I just needed to know if you have experienced anything like this. I too have been diagnosed with DR. I feel very weak and tired and I hurt alot. I also get charlie horse pain in my lower abdomen quite often. Did you experience any pain in your third trimesters? My family has had to care for me so much in this pregnancy that I cry writing this. I feel very vulnerable. Thank you for your posts again, they are very helpful.

    • Hi Amanda! I’m so sorry you’re feeling so poorly. I have not dealt with this, and the only person I know who had something like this happen was actually pregnant with twins and didn’t know it! I’ll be praying for you!

  48. Amy, I have been reading your blog for awhile and I had stumbled on this subject but didn’t think much of it. I have five kids and I checked myself for a diastasis and it didn’t seem like much. However, I’ve been going to physical therapy for a few months for chronic, debilitating back pain. I seriously (at 33) decided I was just getting older and the pain and lack of function were a part of life because I had been going to physical therapy and doing the exercises and I had gotten a lot better but still had a long way to be “normal.”

    I wanted to thank you heartily for posting this information. I brought it up to my physical therapist and she said I do in fact have the gap in my abs. She used some kind of super tape to go across my tummy. Within hours (no lie) I was able to bend over which I haven’t been able to do since before my last pregnancy. It is nothing less than miraculous 😉

  49. Amy, do you have any updates on this with your working on it??? I finally had a CT scan done and I have a two inch tear… they called it a Ventricle Hernia. I was told not to work out my abs for hey will tear more. Live with it or get a consult by a surgeon. I am not loosing weight, I have been working out… and at wits end! Have you found something to help your tummy?

    • Right now, I’m concentrating on losing weight. I’m about 30 lbs below pre-pregnancy weight. I still believe in the Tupler method, but I just do not have the time to commit to it. (lame excuse, I know)

  50. I just learned about diastasis recti after the birth of our fourth two years ago… I looked huge like your other pic by 7 months with every one. At last I’m fed up with the “when are you due?” questions and physical ailments increasing (including worsening pelvic organ prolapse, nightmarish gas pains two days at start of my cycle, chronic constipation…..).

    I educated hubby a few nights ago about this and pretty much admitted that due to years of mounting depression, I know I won’t follow through on anything I’ve found unless he tells me to… So I’m thankful that he encouraged me to find a splint and figure out what else I need to do (like search for the specialized doctor recommended, start a fitness program).

    I’ve not been able to determine the safety of using a splint if a 3rd degree cystocele is present, and know that naturally displacement will force things up and down [cringe]…but am going to try it in conjunction with one of two programs that are more favored than Tupler. One is called “Fit2b” with streaming videos that are regularly updated, the other is called “Mutu Focus” or “Mutu System”, DVD or download series. Our library also has a book called “Core Program” that I just put on hold. Amazon makes it look like it may be ideal for my situation with both a huge ab separation and internal things sinking. Since we don’t have insurance, I’m trying to figure this stuff out on my own and praying for strength to follow through and healing.

      • My grand daughter was born last week by c-section and I noticed her mother’s abdomen looks to be five to six months pregnant and is very firm and a little tender when I felt it yesterday. I was so concerned thinking perhaps there’s something wrong although there were no other physical signs of anything wrong, like infection or bleeding but I still had trouble sleeping last night so I got online to look into what to expect and found this website.
        Before the pregnancy she weighed about 115 and is 5/3 and gained about 50 lbs. She frequently comments about the size and appearance of her belly. She has horrible stretch marks and yes, she was HUGE but the baby only weighed 7-4, and BTW is gorgeous.

        What a relief to see that there is a reason for what she’s experiencing and I can share this information with her.

        I’ve appreciated reading all of the posts. this has been very informative!
        Thank you all!

  51. I believe this is what fit2b.us workouts are supposed to help with, I know they have “tummy safe” exercises and explain how to tell if your muscles are separated. I just did my first workout with them this morning (although I’ve had membership for awhile :(

  52. Hi Amy,

    How did you go with your DR? I just gave birth to twins and have a four finger width split and still look I am pregnant. people think I am and congratulate me. I am definitely hurting emotionally and its really getting me down. this was my first time pregnant and i was expecting bodily changes but not this! i really want to fix this! I feel like i will never get rid of it and will look like ihave a pot belly forever. its battering my self esteem a lot.


    • I’ve lost a lot of weight recently and that has helped with how it looks, but I also wear a support garment. It’s hard to get used to, but it helps me to keep my stomach in and not feel so self-conscious. I just purchased mine at WalMart.

  53. Hi! I just found out that I have this same problem. I’ve tried dieting and even starving myself but nothing was getting rid of this issue around my middle! Due to not healing well after having my child, then falling on my hip I haven’t been able to excercise the way I wanted to to get rid of my “pooch”. Now I have a herniated disc and its pinching my sciatic nerve. I just learned a few weeks ago that I now have diastasis recti and found some excercises that help a little. But I’ve been doing them for 3 weeks now with not much change. So I changed it up a little and have started to learn how belly dance. The movement required to belly dance are all surrounding the area that needs the excercise. In the last week alone I’ve found that there is a positive change! HALLELUJAH!!!!! I’m still watching what I eat of course but if belly dancing helps and doesn’t hurt my back I’m. all for it.

  54. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with baby number 3, and also have a severe abdominal separation. My separation has been decent-sized since my firstborn. I wanted to share a couple of things that have helped me.
    #1. Physical therapy. There are physical therapists that specialize in women’s health issues. If you can find a therapist that specializes in this, it really does make a difference. I didn’t start PT until 6 months post partum with my first. Had I known, I would have started sooner, but my midwife had little knowledge of severe diastasis recti. I asked for PT, because my stomach still just didn’t look right. With my second child, I started PT at 1 WEEK post partum. Gentle exercises with the help of an abdominal binder. My therapist fit the entire palm of her hand into my separation when I started, and I was able to recover to a 3-4 finger width separation–a much better recovery than I had hoped for.
    #2. I am currently using an abdominal support called the Baby Hugger. My physical therapist introduced it to me. It’s a little ridiculous looking with elastic straps which go over the shoulders, but I am more mobile at this point of my pregnancy than I was at this point in my second pregnancy. The belt-type braces I used in the past were only helpful when I was standing and would put just enough upward pressure on my stomach that my skin would hurt (my skin was already bearing extra weight and being stretched extra, since my muscles were in the wrong place to do that). This brace relieves the weight differently, and I am so thankful for it. I also have a flared rib bone due to my diastasis (which healed after my second pregnancy, but has reoccurred with this pregnancy). The discomfort it causes with this brace is so far much less than what I had with my other pregnancy. I’m not aware of other possible factors for why I am hurting less than with my previous pregnancy. I just know these things have helped me, and I hope they can help someone else. Unfortunately, you cannot expect your OB or midwife to know more than you about severe cases of DR. Take the initiative to ask for these things yourself. My current midwife is knowledgable, but I believe she is the exception.

  55. I’m wondering about how you said it hurts. I keep reading that diastasis isn’t supposed to hurt. At the same time, I have been trying to figure out the source of my pain since my baby was born over a year ago. One thing I keep wondering is if it could be partly caused by diastasis recti. But everywhere I read says it shouldn’t hurt. So, did it physically hurt you?

      • Hi Amy,
        I am so sorry to hear of your troubles and know EXACTLY what you are going through. I suffered from Diastasis Recti for 10 years. I have had four large babies over that period of time. After the first two I was able to close the gap myself with exercises, biking and swimming mostly, honestly I did not know it was D.R. – but I knew I had something wrong w/ me – All the doctors kept saying was for me to loose more weight and to stop being so hard on myself, it takes time to return to loose the post pregnancy belly. Yeah, ummm, it’s been a year! I knew they were wrong. After baby #3, the gap was back and this time it was not closing. Looking 5 months pregnant I went on a mission to find out what I had, and when I did – I cried, both from relief that I was not crazy and that the only way to fix this was w/ surgery, a surgery that insurance will not cover! So I suffered, and like you say it was not just physical but emotional (honestly this was worse then the pain and I had pain – back, intestinal and abdominal). See, In 2004 I had had 2 back surgeries, and now the huge belly budge w/ no core support killed my already weak lower back. If I stood or walked too long my abdomen hurt so bad I walked hunched. And we wont even talk about my bowels. When I got pregnant w/ baby #4, I was secretly happy that I could blame my belly on the baby (even though I was only 3 mo. Haha…sick, but true. After baby #4, I continued to look pregnant and had come to be known to those at church (who didn’t know my name) as the women who is always pregnant. Sad. Finally God has answered my years of prayer, crying out to him to fix me. God answers prayers 3 ways – yes, no, and not now – well the not now finally became yes. I am not wealthy, and could never never afford this surgery, nor would I have ever gone into debt over it, Jesus knew this. This past June everything changed. I was having my annual doc visit and I showed him my stomach (never having my D.R. diagnosed) – and he confirmed it – I knew I was right! Then he asked – are you ready to fix this? Yes, yes I am. With no doubts, no “I can’t afford it”, Just a yes and trust in God. I am now 3 weeks post op. And I feel so many emotions, but grateful is #1. I did not have to pay out of pocket. I have a core again! And I do not look pregnant :) I feel good about my body and it’s future…and I am starting to feel frisky again – which my husband is loving! 😉

      • Hi, I also have diastis recti along with what looks like abdominal protrusion. I have had two big babies 8.14 & 10.6. They are all worth it but It’s making me depressed seeing my stomach like this. I can’t even see my feet. It’s been 10 months since my last child and my gap is only 2 fingers but the protrusion is hard and large and after I eat anything it’s even bigger. I look about 5-6 months pregnant. Is there anything out there to help with the abdominal protrusion to? It’s so hard I worry it will never go away…

        • I would be concerned with the gap only being a 2 and having that much of a protrusion. I’d encourage you to go get checked and make sure you don’t have a true hernia.

  56. Hi Amy!
    I have 2 girls, ages 9 and 6, respectively, and a little boy due any day now. I “accidentally” came across an online core training program called The Tummy Team that is supposed to cause the rectus abdominus muscle to heal on it’s own through specific strenthening excercises, if I understand correctly. I’ve not checked it out real well since I know it will be a while yet before I will have the time or energy to work on this issue. However, I thought you might wish to look into it and possibly post it on this page along with the other resources you’ve mentioned. Who knows, they may even have an affiliate program. Their website is http://www.thetummyteam.com. Best wishes!

  57. Thank you so much for this link. I was actually checking out homemade laundry soap and noticed this link. I have what I call an alien stomach. When I lay down and bring my head up my stomach pops out. I probably got it after my 3rd child. I have the mummy tummy video but only looked into it briefly. I would love to find a support group and will look into the things you listed.

    Do you know if having this issue can cause a sore lower back? If I try and sleep in my bed for more than a few hours I wake up with a very sore lower back. Sitting to long causes it as well.

  58. My diastasis starts about 2 fingers above my bellybutton. Is that unusual? What are your suggestions? Would the Slendertone EMS Belt be helpful for that? I have a big family and watch a couple of kids for a friend so I often don’t find time to really work on exercise but thinking having a belt on would help me stimulate those muscles.

    • I’ve found it difficult to find the time to use the belt, honestly. My understanding is that a DR has about 3 places where you check and all 3 can be different – upper, middle, and lower. My upper split is much larger than the lower.

      • Oh I thought with the belt you just strap it on so while you are running errands, reading to the kids, doing dishes or chores you could be having it stimulate your stomach muscles.

        That’s the impression the commercial gives. I didn’t know you have to set a side time to use it.

          • Looks like you just wear it for about 20 minutes once or twice a day. I’m trying to find more info. A therapist said that it can help strengthen weak muscles.

            If you can hold your muscles in while using it it would be perfect for those card rides of picking kids up.

  59. I don’t know if I left a comment on this site or not! I have been researching DR and it lead me to you. :)
    Are you still interested in giving/receiving support for healing DR?
    I am just starting to research ways to heal DR other than surgery and I am nervous that I will not be able to stay motivated to do the exercises without some support from someone who is going through or has gone through the same thing.
    So, basically, I am looking for a support person and wonder if you are willing?
    I live in AZ and I am a mother of 5. Ages 11-15months.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Jennifer! I am currently pregnant with our 9th child so the exercises are not really going to help me right now. I plan to get back at after baby is born. I would also encourage you to look at The Tummy Team and Fit2Be Studio. There might be support there like you need. :)

  60. So glad I came across this I feel so low about myself I have a 3 yr old and a 5 week old both babies was big 10 and 10.9 I had the seperation with my first and it has got worse with my second. U can nearly get two whole fists in the gap it is painful I also have a large hernia due to the seperation my back ache is horrendous and I get a lot of pain in my pelvis and groin doctors said I need surgery waiting to hear back Tuesday for my results. I hate getting dressed as I wear oversized garments to hide myself behind I am 27 so young I do not want this for the rest of my life. I have a wedding to go to on sat my mind is in over drive already to comments that are going to be said as I will be drinking I get VERY upset when people comment r u pregnant how long do u have left I think boy/girl etc info try to hide it in front of people but then cry be hide doors I hate my husband looking at me I love my children to death and they are well worth everything but I hate looking like this I was a size 8/10 before my children now a 12/14 which I’m happy with but not the bulgy belly .
    It’s nice to be able to talk to people that understand it all. I feel I go on about it all the time and people’s comments r u just had a baby it will go down. I feel like screaming I’m not bothered I’m bigger then before or flabby or stretch marks putting weight on I look pregnant still and in so much pain x

  61. What is the difference between diastasis and ventral hernia? Can either cause miscarriages. My ventral hernia (what the OBGYN called it) was discovered during my 12th week of pregnancy in 2010. It was also discovered that our babies heart stopped beating. We have had 5 more miscarriages since that one, and wondered if there is a correlation. I am now waiting on a missed miscarriage to pass. During this pregnancy my EO’s were high (something to do with white blood count being low). I have 6 healthy normal children all with my husband. He is 51 and I am 47. I realize age has much to do with our losses. Yet I can’t help but wonder if the diastasis or hernia is causing toxicity and is something is being released into my system to give me the miscarriages.

    623 986 0764

    • Michele – First of all, I am so sorry. I know how hard that is. :( I do not know what a ventral hernia is, but I do know diastasis does NOT cause miscarriages.

      • Thank you Amy. I wish I had confirmation if it is indeed due to our aging bodies, or if I should consider some type of repair on this bulge- whatever it is. It is much larger when I gain weight.

  62. Hi , I am 52 and I had my two daughters over 20 years ago.
    I was told after the youngest was born that I had split my
    stomach muscles. I tried exercising but nothing helped.
    A stranger recently assumed I was expecting, so I felt like
    hiding, as not only do I have the bulging stomach but I
    also can’t have any more children after undergoing a total
    Hysterectomy almost three years ago.
    I am going to try the Tupler programme and I have ordered
    the book to try to put right the damage to my body.
    Has anyone else tried the Tupler programme after so many years ,
    and with what results?

    • Christine, how have you been liking the program? Honestly, I did try that program, as well as others, many many times and didn’t have much success. I just started blogging about my journey at http://motherfigure.com if you are interested. Also, something to keep in mind with any program that stresses binding and repetitive TvA activation is the downward pressure on your pelvic floor. If you have any problems with continence or suffer from pelvic organ prolapse, I would actually recommend finding a different type of program (disclaimer, I’m not a medical professional and don’t want to give the impression I am).

  63. hi, i just wanted to recommend http://www.pregnancyexercise.co.nz – lorraine has a few downloadable programs to choose from, including one for closing diastasis during pregnancy. i’ve been doing the “birth-to-fit” for 2 weeks now and have noticed a large improvement already. good luck to everybody!

    • I agree. Her exercises are good. Sometimes no amount of exercise will close a DR, and I am firmly against excessive splinting and repetitive TvA activation because the evidence is not there, but some exercises do help and I’ve found Lorraines to be fun. I’m not associate with her, just wanted to agree. Just started blogging about my own journey with DR as well because the advice out there is so confusing: http://motherfigure.com

  64. Why am I just learning about this! I’ve borne 2 babies and I didn’t get a thorough talking to about this! I’ll never forget how frustrating and painful it was to be unable to sweep a floor without my navel popping out all painful and tender-like. My baby was well past the magical age of 6 weeks, I wasn’t doing any heavy lifting, (it was a stinking BROOM ) — why was this former Soldier who’s used to a military level of fitness and strength feeling all weak and flabby? And the back problems…yikes! I’ve no time for that with 2 children under 4! Going to read your tummy chronicles now. Thanks for sharing all this!

  65. I had two big babies.
    I have a large stomach bulge. I look pregnant eventhough my youngest is 3 months.
    Ive been seen my ob and a surgeon. Ive done an ultrasound to check for hernias.
    They know I have a belly button hernia. But the Nurses who did ultrasound wasnt very clear with me. They were like yeah this bulge theres intestines and bowel in there. So looks like possibly theres some hernias in there.
    I was scheduled for umbellical hernia repair and tie my tubes Then they were to do ultrasound and see if there were more hernias. And all I was told was Yeah there could be hernias.
    Then theyll just check you when you do ur surgery and fix them Id they need to be fixed.
    Im like ok. Sounds like they dont even know what there doing. I have read into dai recti and it can be repaired with exercises. Now I personally believe this is what I have. But have not gotten a doc diagnose on it. I believe mine is big like 8 fingers wide. I don’t have any pain. No where.
    Anyways I canceled my surgery because It’s like there telling me will just cut u open and if we see something that needs repair. They’ll just do it. Like if they see stretched muscles. They’ll just surgically fix them. Then I’ll wake up with way more done than I wanted.
    I don’t want this and had a fear that was the surgeons plan.
    I would much rather try to exercise and see if it helps to see if it’s not a huge hernia.
    How can I have a stomach bulge hernia with intestines and then have a belly button hernia on top of that. That’s like telling me Inhave a hernia on a hernia and it don’t really make sense to me.
    Any advice is appreciated.
    Has anyone mistaken you to have a huge hernia when it wasn’t.
    Thanks for reading

    • Hi Novelle, just saw your comment and wanted to say, although internet advice suggests exercise can correct diastasis recti, in extreme cases, exercise just can’t. If the linea alba can’t generate force, no amount of exercise will help. Your baby is young and it sounds like you aren’t getting the answers you need from your medical professionals. I’ve had a long history with DR, have tried every online program multiple times, have seen physical therapists, and now have a functional DR. Mine wasn’t as big as yours though. Try exercise, yes, but be aware the evidence for how to close a DR is very very sparse. Although many online professionals claim to know how to do it, these claims are usually unsubstantiated. Hate to be the bearer of inconclusive news, but do talk with your doctors and if you don’t like your doctors, find new ones. I just started writing about my journey if you are interested: http://motherfigure.com

  66. The important thing is to know that Diastasis recti can be treated and there is hope. However you also have to be careful the exercise you do for Diastasis, some exercises can make the condition worse. Sit-ups and crunches are a no no.


  67. Hi, Amy!
    I commented a couple of years ago, as I was working out my own Diastasis Recti system to help people heal and re-engage their core. My test group was about a year ago now, and they did great. My product is now on the market, and I’m proud to say, helping hundreds from all over the world. I would LOVE to visit with you about it and help your readers! You can see what I’m doing at http://www.carriefit.com/flat-belly/
    Thanks so much!

  68. hi,

    My tummy looks exactly the way you have shown in the picture. my tummy circumference on the belly button comes 46″…Too big… I look 9 months pregnant. please help that how did you fix yours.I hope you can understand my pain.

  69. I haven’t tried either of the programs mentioned, so I’m not vouching for or against them, but I have 6 kids and working on fixing DR again… I just skimmed comments, so sorry if this has been mentioned, but with DR it’s very important to do therapy that is designed for DR rehab. Regular ab workouts with lots of situps/crunches will probably make it worse because they focus more on the exterior abdominals. If you try to strengthen exterior muscles without the core being strong and healthy, you will put more strain on the interiors and actually cause them to tear further apart.

    To rehab from DR you need to fix it from the inside out, which is why core exercise programs, like pilates, can be so helpful. However, all exercises should be done slowly and progressively to suit the person – some people have a 3 finger split, and some have 7+; some people will repair quickly, others will need more time – everyone needs to go at their own pace. Also, a lot of DR core strengthening actually looks like leg workouts rather than abs, but that is what strengthens the lower interior abdominal muscles. Wearing a belt/splint while doing the exercises can also help reduce the strain.

    Remember, this is actually an injury – it takes time to repair tissue and build strength. Even if you choose a program and you can’t do all the sets/reps they tell you – some is better than none. It’s more important to be doing a few exercises properly, then to be doing lots of reps wrong. (Not trying to lecture, but the first time I had it, I didn’t realize that the ab workouts I was trying were actually putting me further behind, and I wish someone had told me that the first time around!) Also, some instructors/therapists are not very familiar with DR – make sure if you’re taking a class that they understand the injury so they can adjust the activity to your level, then progress when you’re ready.

    And thanks for this site – you speak to a lot of issues that are hard to find information about!

  70. I have a bulge at midline stomach thought it was a hernia it is not it is Diastasis, I am 78 years old, what causes this and what can be done for it ?