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Fit Mom of Many

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How I Lost All My Pregnancy Weight in 6 Weeks


weight loss 20 pounds below prepregnancy weight:

20 pounds

I got “stuck” at the above weight.  I wrote about that plateau HERE and then wrote about How I Got Off The Weight Loss Plateau

25 pounds down

My current weight loss:
75 pounds below top pregnancy weight
35 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight

I am no longer going to Weight Watchers.  It served the purpose I needed it to, but I missed my Trim Healthy Mama friends.  So, while I do not follow Trim Healthy Mama to a tee, I do use a lot of the principles it teaches.

My Weight Loss & Fitness Pinterest Board
Fitness board

Mom of many, Jamie, shares how she lost 85 pounds!

Jamie before after

Resources for you to
Be the healthiest you can be AS you raise your family!

SETTING CAPTIVES FREE WEBSITE – fantastic Bible study!

Trim Healthy Mama helped to balance my blood sugars.
I do not follow it to a tee, but there is a lot of good information in it!

T-Tapp is a favorite among moms of many because you can easily fit it into your day and it isn’t strenuous!

MyFitnessPal LogoMyFitnessPal is a site that can be accessed online or via an app for your phone or tablet.  This is how my husband has lost all of his weight (66 pounds!).  I use it to log…when I remember!

Ty with torch


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19 thoughts on “Fit Mom of Many

  1. thank you for doing this post, I am a mom of 7 children and have the same kind of figure as you. I also struggled with the sugars during pregancy. I just recently after having my 7th baby who was 12.8 pounds when he was born, got a herniated disk and had to have two back surgeries on the L5 S1 area, two surgeries because the first one right after surgery reherniated again, but the second one is doing much better, but still healing. Anyway I really need to get more excersize in, but like you said it’s not easy with 7 children and homeschooling there are not too many people who would be willing to watch 7 children while I go excersize so this has to be a team effort. I am really looking forward to see your ideas and others who struggle in this area of life.

    • Amber: Iam also a mom of 9, and just had a L5 herniated disk, and the back surgery.( beginning of Feb 2013) I homeschool my kids. And, I have not lost any on my last pregnancy weight.

      Walking is about the only Exercise I have been given permission to so far. It is hard to get it in. I used to do step aerobics , but I don’t think that is going to be an option for a while. So I am. Interested in what you have found might work for you post surgery.

  2. I am excited to join you on this journey!!! I am expecting baby #6 in about 9 weeks and I’m gaining weight quickly in this final stretch :( I want to be fit for delivery and lose the baby weight soon afterward. I’ve successfully lost ALL my baby weight PLUS about 5 lbs after each child (I was a bit overweight before the first baby) so I’m not terribly overweight now. But I know I’m going to need to eat healthier and have more energy to chase 6 kids around!
    I’m also excited to see how you plan to workout with all those kids around. I can’t do it, nobody to watch them :(

  3. Hi, Amy! Thank you for humbling yourself in this area of your life that so many of us struggle with. I am momma of 6 and have hard time staying motivated and always looking for cheap, healthy quick meals. Do those exist? I’m looking forward to your posts. Sweet Blessings, Christa

  4. I am a mom of 4 and recently started using It has really helped me to keep track of my daily food intact and exercise. I also don’t have to pay an diet company to use their program and/or food…might look into it and see if it is something you would like!

    • To get the pregnancy weight off I did stay pretty strict with THM. Now, I follow their suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and most snacks, but allow myself to eat carbs and fats together the rest of the time, just in moderation.

  5. Yay for you Amy ! That is quite an accomplishment. I still struggle with late night eating, knowing it’s not healthy and causes poor sleeping due to indigestion, but not often anymore. I follow ” Spark People” a little bit, and always find that reading the blogs to be very encouraging. I just read one that said instead of focusing on losing 25 lbs, just try to lose 5 lbs at a time. That seems a lot more ” doable” without putting too much pressure on myself to succeed – much gentler and kinder. God bless you and your family. Kahllie’s ( 1-15-13 ) great granma.

  6. I have just ordered THM, and I am wondering if you use the glucomannan powder or the stevia. And if you do what are your thoughts on them. I am doing a low carb eating plan now and I have lost 20lbs, which is very encouraging but I have quite a few more to loose. I am so encouraged by your story and I thank you so much for sharing with us!!

    • I do use stevia in a few things. I own gluco powder, but rarely use it. In my opinion, it’s not worth the purchase. I’ve heard really great things about SweetLeaf pure stevia tasting better than anything else, so I’ll probably purchase that after my current pure extract runs out.

  7. There is a great site that has daily workouts also geared for homeschool moms. As a mom of 6 she understands how important health and fitness can be. But also, how to make it fit into life without such a drastic change that you fail. There is also weekly challenges to keep you making simple changes to get you healthy and fit along with real life stories of a mom to 6. With all these great resources available online, it is great to have options for all mom. No matter what season of life you are in.

    • What is the site? I’d be really interested as I am due with baby #6 in leas than 10 weeks…especially to fit it in with home education! What a blessing that would be. 😀