Homeschooling With Purpose

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  • Are you wanting to start homeschooling, but feel overwhelmed by all the choices?
  • Do you currently homeschool, but feel like you are doing a disastrous job?
  • Are you a veteran homeschooler, but feel worn out and off track?

If you are looking for refreshment and purpose for your homeschool, then
Homeschooling with Purpose
is for you!

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In this ebook, you will find the steps and resources to help you refocus your homeschool through:

A Purposeful You

A Purposeful Home

A Purposeful Day

Purposeful Children

A Purposeful Worldview

all for only

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Get your copy today and start enjoying a more peaceful, purposeful homeschool!

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11 thoughts on “Homeschooling With Purpose

  1. Interesting… I will keep it in mind. Currently I am hopingto take a non-credit college course “homeschooling with success!” I would rather a credit course as then I could claim it on my taxes…

  2. I purchased but it didnt upload to my nook……help?.?.! Thanks… are such an inspiration! My angels are 3, 3, and 2!

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  4. I would like to buy “Homeschooling WIth Purpose” for my Kindle. Is it available? Thank you! Also, I am giving a talk to brand new homeschool moms Aug 10th. I will be referring them to your site :) Thank you for sharing your God given experience and wisdom.

  5. HI, I’m a new homeschooling mom and i have lots of questions!!! How do you pick a curriculum? How do you know what to teach? How do you set up a portfolio? How do you make a schedule? How long do you spend on each subject? Basically just everything. I feel so lost. I have one going into kindergarten and i have no idea how to teach her to read! Any help would be great!