The charts, schedules and posts listed on this page are a conglomeration of things we have used over the years and not reflective of what we are currently using.  Managing your home is an ever-changing thing because your circumstances and situations change regularly.  What you see below is meant to give you ideas and a starting point to creating something that works for you and for your household.
Blessings, Amy

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Home Management using Binders
How I use binders to organize my household.

Morning Chores
These are the chores required of each child (and mom) prior to breakfast.

Weekly Chore List
This is a list of the household chores we do Monday-Friday.

One Day Home Blessing
Our new method of cleaning in one day!

Table Chores
Chores that are to be done after each meal.

Age Appropriate Chore List

Habit Chart
We use these charts whenever the children are learning a new task or schedule.

School Schedule Template
Template that goes along with Part 1 of the series on How to Set Up a School Schedule.

Monthly Menu Planning Calendar

Once a Month Shopping Master Grocery List
Read the OAMS Shopping Series!

Our 2011 Daily Schedule
{in case you need a little guidance}

Greet the Morning Checklist
for Mom

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2 thoughts on “Homemaking

  1. Wow ! Your inspiring , I was reading over your day to day schedule . I have only 4 2,10,8 & 9 mths and it gets so stressful, I’m learning now how to deal with stress with the guidance of the LORD .How do you do it?