Getting My Household Back on Track

Girls Room

I’m going to share something that is pretty raw.  Something I really don’t like people to see…at least not like this.  These are photos of our house just a few
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Week 22 Pregnancy Update

baby development

So…. Is anyone else ready for Autumn? It has been a HOT week here and it seems more of the same is to come.  August is always hot here, so
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Brand New DrinkBands & You Could Win!

Win the Brand New DrinkBands on!

Guess what came in the mail the other day?!  Some fun new goodies from DrinkBands!  DrinkBands now has PERSONALIZED bands, so your family members can have their name AND their favorite
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Homeschooling Omnibus Sale – Tons of Resources for $25!

2014 Omnibus Homeschooling Sale - 105 Resources + FREEBIES & COUPONS for only $25! |

THIS SALE IS NOW OVER The 3rd annual Homeschooling Omnibus Sale is this week – AUGUST 18 – AUGUST 24!  You get a ton of resources for only $25, plus,
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You Don’t Need to Win the Argument

You don

When you start homeschooling, you may find yourself in an uphill battle with people who do not agree with your decision.  I find this tends to come most often from
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The Ultimate Guide to Morning Sickness Resources

morning sickness

Before I became pregnant with my first child, I could count on one hand the number of times I had thrown up.  Now, I am quite familiar with the nausea
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