Get Your DrinkBands in Time for the Holidays! {GIVEAWAY}

DrinkBands Giveaway!

If you read Raising Arrows regularly, you know how important DrinkBands are in our house.  In fact, just the other day, I mentioned them in my post on having a
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Week 34 Pregnancy Update

baby development

6 weeks to go!  That feels a bit surreal.  I’m excited to meet this little one.  With the upcoming move and holidays, I don’t have a lot of time to
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Preparing for a Peaceful Christmas – Week 6

Preparing for a Peaceful Christmas:  Week 6 - Shopping Week #1 |

Follow along with the series! CLICK HERE How did you do with the Week 5 To Do List? Hopefully all the items have been completed and you are now ready
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Minimalist Kitchen Tour Part 2

Can a Large Family Have a Minimalist Kitchen? Part 2 |

In some ways, this seems a bit silly to post Part 2 of our minimalist kitchen with us moving.  Every time I move, I have to reconfigure my new kitchen.  So, the new
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Leaving the Big House on the Prairie

Leaving the Big House on the Prairie |

Last week, I mentioned there were some major changes going on around here.  Not sure if any of you guessed what those might be, but now that we have told
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Are you Ready for Thanksgiving? {Thanksgiving Resources from Raising Arrows}

Thanksgiving Resources from to help you get ready for Thanksgiving!

It’s November! We’ve had unseasonably warm weather here that finally took a definite turn toward Autumn this past week.  I was finally in the mood to plan for Thanksgiving (thankfully, my
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