See the Light Art Offers a Unique Way to Integrate Art Into Your Homeschool

See the Light Sunflowers Unit Study |

Art is always a difficult thing to integrate into your homeschool.  Unless you were an art major or really work hard to keep art in your weekly lineup, it isn’t
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Week 20 Pregnancy Update

baby development

I know this update is going to seem like it came on the heels of last week’s update since I waited until my mid-week sonogram, but hey, 20 weeks is
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Raising Children With a Strong Spiritual Foundation (+Free Resources!)

Raising Children with a Strong Spiritual Foundation - New book + FREE Resources! |

Raising children is hard work.  There are so many things to consider, analyze, learn, and look for.  But, as Christians, we are not left to our own devices.  We have
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Week 19 Pregnancy Update

Baby #9 Week 19 |

I waited a bit to do this week’s pregnancy update, so I could include this… I love sonogram week!  I get a glimpse of that little person living inside of me,
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How We Feed Our Family of 9 with 2 pounds of Hamburger

How We Feed Our Family of 9 with 2 pounds of Hamburger + Unstuffed Cabbage Roll recipe |

When I wrote about my bulk taco seasoning recipe, I mentioned we only use 2 pounds of ground beef for our family of 9, and that I only started using
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Don’t Forget Tonight’s FREE Homeschooling Workshop

{FREE WORKSHOP} Approaches to Homeschooling -

I wanted to remind you that tonight, July 29, Kerry Beck will be presenting her Approaches to Christian Homeschooling online workshop.  I’m sure you’ll learn something, whether you are new to
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