How We Teach Homeschool Economics

Even if our state didn

Even if the state we live in didn’t require us to teach economics, we would.  It is THAT important.  I’m not teaching it the way the public school would, but
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Doing Trim Healthy Mama Without Stevia

Doing Trim Healthy Mama Without the Stevia |

I wanted to go back to Trim Healthy Mama after my latest birth, but one thing about it has always made me a little uncomfortable – the stevia. First of
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Chocolate Strawberry Fat Stripping Frappe (no stevia)

Chocolate Strawberry Fat Stripping Frappe (no stevia) |

I’m on a mission – a mission to prove you CAN do Trim Healthy Mama WITHOUT using stevia. {affiliate links included} My husband and I have decided to avoid using stevia to
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Swedish Skorpor {Rusks}

Swedish Skorpor (also known as Rusks) are a delightfully rich tea time treat! They are baked twice, leaving them hard like a biscotti, but once you dip them in your tea of coffee, you won't be able to eat just one! |

When Ty and I were first married, we worked as night managers at a Bed & Breakfast in a small Swedish-influenced community.  Every day, the kitchen help would replenish the
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Sometimes You Just Need to Take a Walk

Clear your head, take it slow, pay attention - sometimes all you need is a walk |

I grew up in rural America, complete with brick streets, a single stoplight, and a 30 mile drive to the nearest WalMart.  When I was a teenager, I would take walks
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HUGE Homeschool Curriculum Giveaway!


Have you checked out the Top Picks 2015 Homeschool Curriculum Guide? It’s organized by subject and FULL of some of the very BEST homeschool curriculum choices! We love these companies
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