My Trim Healthy Mama Refresher

At 2 weeks from delivery our newest blessing, I decided to refresh my memory on all things Trim Healthy Mama.  It was this same gestation 2 years ago, I got my book for the first time.  Here are a few things I learned reading the book for a second time |

A little over 2 years ago, at 38 weeks gestation with our 8th child, I sat down and started reading my brand new copy of Trim Healthy Mama. {affiliate link}
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When Baby Isn’t the Gender You Had Hoped For

What do you do when baby doesn

Perhaps you’ve had your hopes and dreams set on having a little girl, but God hasn’t given you one.  Or maybe He’s given you girls, followed by a string of
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38 Week Pregnancy Update

baby development

Most of the time my due date is pretty close to the date I deliver. I’ve had 2 babies go rather overdue, but there were extenuating circumstances that I firmly
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Preparing for Peaceful Christmas – Week 10

Preparing for a Peaceful Christmas:  Week 10 - Meal Making & Decorating Week |

Follow along with the series! CLICK HERE How did you do with the Week 9 To Do List? Hopefully all the items have been completed and you are now ready
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Winner of the WishBin Giveaway!

WishBin Winner!

The WishBin Giveaway is closed, and the winner is… Patti Pierce Congratulations!

Grocery University Half Off Sale!

If one of your goals for 2015 is to save money, here is a great place to start! Grocery University 50% Off Sale! affiliate link I was introduced to this
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