Making the Charlotte Mason Method Easy

Review of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling from a large family mom who doesn

 {There are affiliate links in this post because Cindy West’s books are fantastic and I am honored to be affiliated with her products.} Very few homeschoolers start their journey with
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The Perfect Housewife

Are you the perfect housewife? |

Most women have an ideal of what their home should look like. It tends to resemble something out of the pages of a magazine or off my Home Decorating Ideas
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1 Month Old Aspen

Aspen 1mon_1

The photos above were taken by my 14 year old daughter.  She hopes to someday be a professional photographer.  I think she’s well on her way!

Table Chores

Table Chores {our newest version since the move and new baby} |

A couple of days ago, Ty’s mom was down for a visit, so Ty and I took the opportunity to go out for dinner with Miss Aspen.  When we arrived
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The Shape I’m In

When Your Postpartum Shape is Discouraging |

I’m 4 weeks postpartum.  I gained more weight this pregnancy than I ever have.  I am down over 30 pounds, but when you’ve gained 60, that feels like a drop
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Homemaking Podcasts

Need encouragement?  Need motivation?  Need a fresh perspective?  Here are some great FREE podcasts and mp3 downloads just for the homemaker! |

A lot of women consider homekeeping drudgery.  It is something that must be done over and over.  It’s not like a project that has a beginning and ending point.  It
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