Fruit of the Spirit for Marriage Printable {FREE}

Fruit of t he Spirit {for married couples} FREE Printable! |

Last week, I mentioned exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit in your marriage as an important way to be a wife when the kids are taking a lot of your
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Finish Your BYB Shopping Today!

The BIGGEST Sale of the Year has been EXTENDED ONE DAY!

This sale is now over. Guess what!  You just *thought* you missed the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale! TODAY, is the final day of the sale. (If you already ordered, you
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The Eclectic Homeschool – Bible Resources

Eclectic Homeschooling - Bible Resources |

Let’s start at the top breaking down this eclectic homeschooling thing! Bible should be the first “subject” we teach.  Now, you know I’m not a big fan of Bible being
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Being a Wife When the Kids Take All Your Energy

wife graphic

The day started with a bang.  Literally.  My glass mixing bowl in pieces all over the tile floor.  Next came a whiny child who was certain the multiplication tables were
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$5 Off Your Build Your Bundle Purchase!

This sale is now over. One of the gals who put together the Build Your Bundle Sale is having a birthday today (Happy Birthday, Carrie!). I wasn’t going to post
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Large Family Hacks – Homemade Toothbrush Holder for Traveling

Homemade Toothbrush Holder - great large family hack for traveling families! |

Our family travels a lot.  A couple of weeks ago we were in Arkansas visiting friends, and I was reminded just how handy our homemade travel toothbrush holder has been.
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