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Beware of Stigmatizing Your Child Based on Learning Pace

Your child

Over a cup of coffee, I listened to a mother of 4 systematically tell me how each of her children were slow learners.  One child was behind 2 grade levels
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Bacon Gravy {A Trim Healthy Mama S Alternative to Biscuits and Gravy}

Bacon Gravy - a Trim Healthy Mama biscuits & gravy alternative the entire family will love! |

I’m going to be completely honest with you.  Any “diet”, Trim Healthy Mama included, loses it’s luster pretty quickly if you have to make separate meals all the time. {affiliate
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Week 28 Pregnancy Update

baby development

Hello 3rd Trimester! Yesterday, we met our Taco Friends for lunch and fellowship.  (They are called our “Taco Friends” because when we get together every few months, we always meet
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Bottombumpers Winner & Don’t Forget All the Coupon Codes!

Coupons and Clearance from Sweet Little Blessings Diapers |

Congratulations to our Bottombumpers winner – Audrey Elliot! Don’t forget the great discounts Sweet Little Blessings is offering to Raising Arrows readers through September 30: Save 10% off any size order
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Receive a Free Book from Gospel for Asia {and focus your heart on missions}

Receive a Free Book from Gospel for Asia {and open your heart to missions}

The other day, Ty and I went shopping for groceries.  I always fill 2 carts and barely have enough cloth bags to pack it all into my 15 passenger van.
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How I Flagged My Trim Healthy Mama Book

How I Flagged my Trim Healthy Mama Book |

Not long after I purchased my copy of Trim Healthy Mama {affiliate link} a friend of mine who was also “on plan” came over to visit and shared with me
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