Homeschool Information Overload – Advice From the Finish Line

Homeschool Information Overload Advice from a 24 year homeschooling veteran.  Guest post on

Share with a friend!Seeing how much my readers needed this series on Homeschool Information Overload, I decided to ask my friend, Linda of Apron Strings and Other Things to share
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What I Need You to Know About Being a Mom of Many Littles

Life is different when you have a lot of little ones.  Here are a few of the things you need to know about my life. |

Share with a friend!This past week my older children were attending an event that ran all day for 4 days.  I was transported back to the years of no helpers as
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How to Tame the Homeschool Information Monster


Share with a friend!It would be all sorts of wrong for me to tell you that the sea of homeschool information is overwhelming and then fail to offer you a life
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Good and Bad Reasons to Change Curriculum

There is no perfect curriculum.  It

Share with a friend!Homeschool moms don’t seem very content, do they? We are constantly changing things, buying things, and begging approval from others.  I wonder if somewhere, deep down, we homeschool
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Why Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices are Stressing Us Out

Homeschool Information Overload Series - Why Our Curriculum Choices are Stressing Us Out |

Share with a friend!We can all agree that there is a massive amount of homeschooling information out there, but as we explore the reasons and solutions to paralyzing information overload, we have
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Homeschool Information Overload

Homeschool Information Overload |

Share with a friend!A few weeks ago, a friend confided in me that she felt she had lost herself in all the homeschooling information out there, and that because of all
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