What We Are Reading – August 2015

The books our family is reading in August | RaisingArrows.net

I’m pretty proud of myself!  I am doing another of these posts only 3 months after the last one!  That is a huge accomplishment!  I love these kinds of posts,
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50% Off ALL Downloads from my Favorite Lapbook Company!

AJTL Lapbooks

I thought I had missed this sale — but a little birdie told me it was extended, so I didn’t actually miss out!  Yippee! {AJTL is one of my affiliates} My favorite Lapbook
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Large Family Laundry Solutions

Large Family Laundry Solutions {mega post} | RaisingArrows.net

Several months ago, I asked on my Facebook page what one thing my readers found extremely difficult about homemaking. Laundry made the top 3.  Not surprising. In a large family, laundry
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How I Do Tapestry of Grace {Large Family, Loose Schedule}

You don

I feel it’s important I begin this post with a disclaimer:  I use Tapestry of Grace as a GUIDE with other things thrown in.  I do not follow it to
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A Day of Raising Arrows {Episode #2}

You may have noticed Raising Arrows has slowed down a bit.  It’s been very peaceful here in my neck of the woods, and part of that is a slower attitude all
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Stressed, Overwhelmed, & Anxious – But What Do We Do About It?

Americans are some of the most stress, anxious and overwhelmed people on the planet. Homemakers and homeschoolers are no exception. But, what can we do about it? Let's discuss! | RaisingArrows.net

The other night I was contemplating the WHY behind so many people feeling anxious and overwhelmed when we’ve been doing the same things other people have been doing for hundreds
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