Teens and Money – Transitioning from Childhood to Adulthood Finances

Learn how to make the transition from childhood finances to adulthood with your teen | RaisingArrows.net

Several years ago, I wrote a post about how we handle money with our children.  I spelled out our philosophy on allowances, paying for chores, and what jobs our children could
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The Blessing of Homeschooling – Traveling

Homeschooling allows you to travel off-season and get great deals on accommodations | RaisingArrows.net

In my previous post, I wrote about how homeschooling gives you the opportunity to serve others in a way that would be difficult to do if your family was not
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Last Day to Get the Best Homemaking Resources of the Year!

This sale is over. Well, this is it…the last day of The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! I was asked on my Facebook page if I really thought this bundle was worth
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The Mission Field in Your Home

The Mission Field In Your Home - "Living and Ordinary Life in the Name of an Extraordinary Savior" | RaisingArrows.net

One thing I often hear from stay at home moms is that they feel they aren’t reaching out with the Gospel of Christ.  They are so busy running a household, they
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How to Make the Most of a Day Out with Your Husband

Sometimes the only "dates" you get with your husband are days you have some place to be. Learn to make the most of them! | RaisingArrows.net

This coming week, Ty and I will be going to a homeschool conference and a wedding.  Most of our “dates” are like this.  We have something we need to do, some
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Postpartum Anxiety – How I am Coping

Postpartum Anxiety - it

Last month, in my post Allowing Myself to Shop, I told you I was planning to write about some of the struggles I have had since Aspen’s birth 4 months
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