Church Listening Pages

Church Listening Pages are printables for children aimed at helping them learn to listen quietly in church services.  This project is a collaboration between Raising Arrows and Mama’s Learning Corner.  You will find the older (readers) children’s version of printables on this page and the younger (non-readers) children’s printables on Mama’s site.

Church Listening Pages - help your little ones stay quiet in church |

Listening Page #1

Listening Page #2

Listening Page #3

Listening Page #4

Non-readers Listening Pages at Mama’s Learning Corner

~Holiday Listening Pages~

Christmas Listening Pages (5 listening pages in 1 PDF file) – Reader version
Christmas Listening Pages – Non-reader version

Resurrection Sunday (Easter) – Reader version
Resurrection Sunday (Easter) – Non-reader version


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5 thoughts on “Church Listening Pages

  1. This am at church the power briefly went off and came back on. While some thought it was odd, I knew it was God given me a chance to redirect my children’s behavior. I came home determined to have a plan before the night service, my search for plans brough me to your site. I’m so excited to have the print outs and can’t wait to use these. I showed it to my 16 year old son and he said, “that’s really cool, where was that when I was little”.

  2. Love these! Thank you! We use Sermon Notes for Kids for our older elementary to junior highers, but these will be perfect for the younger set!!