Church Listening Pages

Church Listening Pages are printables for children aimed at helping them learn to listen quietly in church services.  This project is a collaboration between Raising Arrows and Mama’s Learning Corner.  You will find the older (readers) children’s version of printables on this page and the younger (non-readers) children’s printables on Mama’s site.

Church Listening Pages - help your little ones stay quiet in church |

Listening Page #1

Listening Page #2

Listening Page #3

Listening Page #4

Non-readers Listening Pages at Mama’s Learning Corner

~Holiday Listening Pages~

Christmas Listening Pages (5 listening pages in 1 PDF file) – Reader version
Christmas Listening Pages – Non-reader version

Resurrection Sunday (Easter) – Reader version
Resurrection Sunday (Easter) – Non-reader version

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6 thoughts on “Church Listening Pages

  1. This am at church the power briefly went off and came back on. While some thought it was odd, I knew it was God given me a chance to redirect my children’s behavior. I came home determined to have a plan before the night service, my search for plans brough me to your site. I’m so excited to have the print outs and can’t wait to use these. I showed it to my 16 year old son and he said, “that’s really cool, where was that when I was little”.

  2. Love these! Thank you! We use Sermon Notes for Kids for our older elementary to junior highers, but these will be perfect for the younger set!!

  3. We use several different items for our “ministry bags”. I have found unused Sunday School wordbook pages very helpful also. However, these are wonderful listening tools. Thanks for sharing!