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  1. Wow, I am so glad to hear that someone else has lived/is living this!! I’m *constantly* stressed as I look around my home and see all the disorganization… I’m not going to end up on an episode of Hoarders or anything, but we have too much stuff and not enough places to put it all. I can’t figure out how to find time to whittle it down. I’m very much a “place for everything and everything in its place” type of gal, and I want to teach my children to be organized… but right now, I’m overwhelmed.

    Due to medical circumstances, we are just now officially starting homeschool this year (our first year). I feel way behind, know that we can catch up, but I want it to already have happened. Plus, God has put some other leadership roles on my plate, and the learning curve is STEEP. 😉

    Can’t wait to read what else you have to say about it!

  2. No matter how hard I try to “keep it together,” something happens and my house falls apart. Then the stress sets in and I start all over. I then want to stay in bed and never come out. I know the only way to get this done is just to attack it, but honestly I’m tired. I’m really looking forward to this.

  3. Hi! I’m new here and thought I’d say hello! We haven’t started homeschooling but are hoping to when the time comes. Perhaps homeschooling changes everything like babies change everything? Baby #2 is 5 months old and I feel like things will never “normalize”…whatever that means!

    In that vein, I’ve shared a confession – that I constantly fail at meal planning! I have good intentions but never follow it 100%. And I’ve decided that it’s okay!


  4. Oh my word! You just described me perfectly! I’m very much looking forward to this series! I just printed my homework. 🙂 Thank you for doing this!

  5. I love this Amy!
    Homeschooling truly does change everything! I had a friend come and organize me years ago. I wish I could say I keep it together, but I might be struck by lightning!
    Lol. Homeschooling is quite the adventure, isn’t it?
    I asked my readers recently to fill in the blank.
    “I would be a better hoemschooler if…”
    One of my friends ( a dear sweet sister in Christ, blessed with a “crack me up sense of humor) replied… If I didn’t have kids.
    Truth is, being surrounded by our children 24/7 carries the challenge of not having enough time to be Wonder Woman.

  6. Oh, my. Thank you, thank you! Last week I had baby #5 so we’ve got a couple weeks off school right now. It’s the perfect time to readjust our schedule and this will help soooo much! I printed the homework and am looking forward to getting started (somehow)! :o) Thanks for being such a blessing to our family!

  7. Amy,
    I really want to “Thank You” for the time you take away from your family and yourself to write your blog and now doing a workshop! This is coming at a perfect time in my life. I have a small, small home, baby #3 on the way and have no room to invision organization! With a hubby on shift work (nights right now), first time homeschooling, a toddler to entertain while teaching my 5 yr old, animals to tend to, chickens to tend to…. life can get crazy. I don’t make time for myself but if I can get somewhat organized, maybe there’s hope for me! LOL God Bless you and your family. Thank you again!!!!

    • I’m so glad you’re here and I really do pray there is at least a little every person can take away from this series that will help. 🙂

  8. This is an exciting series for me. I’ve always struggled with maintaining the immaculate home that I always thought I “should” have, but since adding 3 young kids to the mix and beginning homeschooling it’s become a constant source of guilt! How do I get it all done?! I just don’t know!

  9. This should be interesting. We are homeschooling casually right now. We read with the kids, do some music lessons, crafts, and take them to children’s museums a couple times a month. (The oldest is not yet 5.) We are hoping to move in the next few months and then we’ll create a whole new system for organizing our play and school items and our day. We are also expecting baby #4 and rapidly watching child #3 get in the middle of everything (he’s 14 months) so there will be a lot of changes coming up. New ideas are always appreciated!

  10. Thank you for taking your time to do this!! I have been reading your site for a long time, and I love how real you are. I feel like what you have to say will be a realistic challenge for me. We’re homeschooling three children 10, 9, and 7, and expecting baby #4 (after several miscarriages). So now I’m in the throws of exhaustion and morning sickness, trying to keep up with homeschool and church (hubby is the pastor), homeschooling and homemaking. Just thinking about meal planning makes me gag. But I know this is the season the Lord has me in, and it’s not my strength that’s going to accomplish it anyway! Just this morning in the the shower, I let the Lord know that the only way I was going to get through this day was if He got me through it!! So with His help and some ideas from you, maybe I can get organized! 🙂 Looking forward to it!!

    • You are welcome! And as for meal planning…I have my husband write up a few easy meals he and the kids can make and then he doubles what he needs and grocery shops for me. I just cannot deal with food in early pregnancy, so this is a life saver!

  11. I think this will be a great series for me, too, even though I’m not a homeschooler. (My children are not old enough yet.) I have always struggled with being organized and committed to keeping my house well, and things became crazy when I had an out-of-the-house, demanding teaching job – and then more when we were blessed with our first baby. Now that I’m at home full time and with 2 children under 3, I’m struggling with the same old bad habits, but it’s compounded (more laundry, more people to feed, etc.). I sometimes feel like I’m caught in the current of endless “firefighting” (what we called it in the manufacturing industry) instead of being organized, strategic, and intentional, and I’m not sure how to make the change I see such a need for.

    And you must know, I do love homework! 😀 (For those who many not know, I have a serious addiction to learning.) Thanks!

  12. It’s not so much that homeschooling has changed things, but I find that it’s our floor plan.
    I see all these moms getting everything done and then they post pictures and I can see that their school is either run in the basement which also is home to the washer/dryer
    or right off or in the kitchen in a house with an open floor plan–where one can keep track of everything going on and fold laundry while supervising hands on activities.

    Our “school” is in the basement. The rest of life is on the main floor.

    • I purposely quit doing school in the basement for this very reason. I have to be more diligent about cleaning up the homeschool mess, but at least I don’t feel disconnected from life.